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Running a website or an eCommerce store in 2021 should be an experience that’s smoother than butter. 

Your buyer’s journey should be seamless, from the user experience to customer support to payment gateways. 

Keep reading to discover how Bare Bakery set up a solid eCommerce website and doubled its traffic with the help of Bluehost.

Bare Bakery: The Background

Bare Bakery is Kelly Bare’s baking establishment. She uses recipes free of gluten, grains, and refined sugars to create high-quality desserts customers can enjoy without harming their health. 

Instead of traditional baking ingredients, Kelly uses grain-free flours, such as almond and coconut, and natural sweeteners, like honey and coconut sugar.

Kelly runs Bare Bakery with a passion for offering healthier dessert options that taste delicious.

Kelly’s Challenges With Running Bare Bakery

As a small business owner, Kelly encountered a few problems that she needed help solving:

Challenge #1: Kelly found it difficult to manage the different aspects of her customers and business, from ordering to reviewing, scheduling, marketing, and accounting. 

Challenge #2: She wanted a reliable website improvement for Bare Bakery. She knew her customer experience and support could be better.

Challenge #3: Kelly wanted a quick and straightforward way to attend to her customers’ needs and orders without feeling stressed or bothering them.

The Solution: How Bluehost Helped Solve Bare Bakery’s Challenges

Here at Bluehost, we were able to help Kelly improve her online ordering system and website management using two of our services: WooCommerce and Blue Sky


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps eCommerce retailers create streamlined online stores. 

WooCommerce empowers users with 100% ownership of their storefront content. It also provides built-in tools and popular integrations, so that store owners can efficiently manage their business operations.

Blue Sky 

Blue Sky is a hands-on service from Bluehost that lets users build, manage, and customize their website.

Blue Sky helps users unleash their website’s potential because knowing how to manage a website and its settings can ultimately lead to brand growth. 

With Blue Sky, users have access to expert advice and one-on-one guidance throughout their website’s development and maintenance.

Kelly’s Website Experience With Bluehost

Kelly was able to vastly improve her website and ordering experience using Blue Sky and WooCommerce. 

The best part?

Bare Bakery has since doubled its traffic.

Support From Blue Sky

With the help of Mario, a Blue Sky support rep, Kelly was able to develop and set up Bare Bakery’s storefront with ease. 

According to Kelly, “Development of the site with Mario has been fantastic. He’s great to work with and is helping me with all of the steps to get this thing up and running!”

Saving Time With Plugins

With Mario’s guidance, Kelly feels comfortable exploring new plugins and customization options to further improve her website’s experience.

With the Order Delivery Date Pro for WooCommerce plugin, she streamlined and automated Bare Bakery’s cart flow and scheduling process. Her customers can now schedule their order pick-up times and locations.

“Normally, I’d be spending hours a day corresponding with customers about orders, sending invoices, and answering specific questions about the menu,” says Kelly. 

“Now, all of the answers are right at my customers’ fingertips, and they can order, pay, and schedule a pickup in about five minutes or less, and all without my help!”

And with the WooCommerce Customer/Order/Coupon Export extension, Kelly can export new orders to a CSV Excel spreadsheet. 

She can now view, manage, and edit her daily orders and share them with her staff, who don’t have direct access to Bare Bakery’s WordPress Dashboard backend. 

Furthermore, Kelly can review new orders in minutes, compared to the five to seven hours a week she used to spend going over them.

On average, Kelly used to spend 10-30 minutes completing a single customer order. Now, it takes her only zero to five minutes. “Yes, ZERO MINUTES!” she says.

Bare Bakery: A Sweet Success 

Bare Bakery now has a solid build, and Kelly doesn’t need to spend hours each week running her website. 

She says, “I probably spend a couple hours a month tweaking things on the site to better communicate with customers and help them understand our business and our products.”

Kelly says business marketing for Bare Bakery is now simpler with better results because her product links are shareable and readily accessible 24/7.

And Kelly’s not the only one who loves her new website:

“My experience ordering on the new Bare Bakery website was great. The options were presented in a way that made logical sense to me, and check-out was as easy as I am used to online transactions being. What a great step for Kelly’s business!” says Aubrey, a customer at Bare Bakery.

Another customer, Christa, says, “The new ordering system worked very well. It was very intuitive, convenient, and easy to use!”

Previously, the Bare Bakery website experience was less than smooth. Kelly’s customers would order by filling out a form, and she would then need to call every single one of them to confirm their orders.

Ordering, reviewing, and delivery were all over the place, and Kelly struggled to manage each aspect of her business. 

Using two Bluehost solutions, WooCommerce and Blue Sky, Kelly made tremendous improvements to her website by streamlining her cart flow and automating her scheduling, which has made reviewing and delivery much easier to handle. Ready to set up an efficient online store with streamlined and automated processes? Get started with Bluehost today.

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