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Thanks to a new partnership with PrestaShop, Bluehost users can now take advantage of a great open-source solution to create a great Ecommerce website. PrestaShop is one of the most reliable and flexible ways to sell online. A leader in e-commerce software, PrestaShop allows you to easily install, build, and maintain a secure, professional shopping experience.
Following the open source model, PrestaShop is a free solution designed to assist business owners in creating online stores and increasing sales with very little effort. PrestaShop already powers more than 125,000 active online stores globally and is available in 43 languages. It comes fully equipped with 300+ features including catalog management, product display tools, site management, client accounts, translations, advanced security options, and so much more!
To learn how to install PrestaShop into a new or existing site, watch our new video tutorial!


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