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With 92 million websites in the U.S. relying on web hosting providers in 2024, choosing the right web hosting service for your business can feel like a major chore. In an interview with DesignRush, Newfold Digital VP Satish Hemachandran shares his insights on the importance of choosing the right hosting solution. Read the full interview on DesignRush. 

Who Is Satish Hemachandran? 

Satish is the Senior VP at Newfold Digital, leading commercial strategies for WordPress hosting brands such as Bluehost and HostGator. With a rich background in product development and operations across SaaS, cloud, and hosting, Satish’s career includes significant stints at Netscape and Sun Microsystems in enterprise software management. 

What key message did you want to convey in your interview with DesignRush? 

Satish Hemachandran: “The web hosting industry is driven by the demand for scalable, secure, and efficient online platforms. It’s essential to choose a hosting service that not only grows with your business but is also tailored to the needs of your digital footprint.  

Moreover, achieving sustainable growth is a primary objective for any successful business. Hence, a hosting service that grows with you is an important foundation for the long-term success of your business.” 

Why is it important to identify your business’s specific needs before choosing a hosting provider? 

Satish Hemachandran: “Not all websites indeed are the same. The type of website often determines the level of performance needed. This is especially important for agencies that build high-quality websites for their clients. Understanding your goals for your business’s website is crucial for planning from the beginning.” 

What questions should businesses ask themselves before choosing a web hosting provider? 

Satish Hemachandran: “Before choosing your web hosting provider, ask yourself questions like: 

  • What are the website’s performance and scalability needs? 
  • How will the website be optimized for SEO? 
  • What is your budget? 
  • How will the website’s success be measured?” 

These questions will ensure that the hosting solution aligns with the business’s goals and can effectively support its growth. 

What are the core benefits a great hosting provider should offer? 

Satish Hemachandran: “A great hosting provider offers: 

  • Scalability: The ability to easily upscale or downscale resources in response to business needs. 
  • Performance: A reliable hosting service ensures your website is always up and running, ideally with a 99.9% uptime. 
  • Customization: A hosting service that offers flexible customization options allows businesses to tailor their digital environment to their specific requirements. Most hosting services include plans or packages that can be easily upgraded to get more of the resources your website needs.” 

How does Newfold Digital ensure growth and stability for businesses using its services? 

Satish Hemachandran: “Your hosting provider needs to offer scalability for your website. In this context, scalability means that as your website gets more visitors and content, your hosting can handle it without any problems.  

If your hosting is scalable, it can grow with your site, making everything run smoothly. If it’s not, your website might become slow or even stop working when lots of people visit. 

A cloud of any kind will scale to the needs of any business, highlighting the adaptability of cloud solutions in meeting the varied demands of growing businesses.” 

What advantages do cloud-based hosting solutions offer over traditional hosting models? 

Satish Hemachandran: “Unlike traditional hosting models, cloud services offer on-demand resources. This is an advantage for businesses plotting their growth and require hosting solutions that can pivot quickly to meet changing demands. 

Cloud-based hosting ensures flexibility and on-demand resources, provides strategic growth planning, and offers tailored resource allocation. 

Suppose a business expects that there will be periods of rapid growth or traffic spikes due to seasonality or promotions. In that case, choosing a solution that can meet that demand in real time becomes more critical.” 

How does cloud hosting help businesses with pre-emptive resource allocation? 

Satish Hemachandran: “Cloud hosting excels in pre-emptive resource allocation. Businesses with foreseeable growth patterns can easily use cloud hosting to set their computing and storage resources in advance, tailored to their website’s needs. Cloud-based technology is transforming every industry.” 

How does a good hosting provider impact website speed and performance? 

Satish Hemachandran: “Website speed is another important factor for keeping a business’s web visitors happy and helps their site do well in search engine rankings.  

If a website takes even a second longer to load, people are more likely to leave, and this could affect sales and engagement. A good web hosting provider can make your website that much faster. Reliability has many components to it. 

Brands that fall under Newfold Digital ensure high reliability with a 100% uptime SLA and active measures to keep sites online during data center issues.” 

What should businesses look for in terms of reliability and customization in a hosting provider? 

Satish Hemachandran: “When you’re picking a hosting provider, the ability to customize your services and features can make a massive difference in how your website runs and fits your needs. 

Most hosting providers make their visitors pick a plan that best fits their needs. There’s nothing wrong with that approach, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ that works for all businesses. 

A comprehensive hosting solution should offer flexible server options, a choice of operating systems, control panel options, custom resource allocation, and easy integrations with other software. 

With these integration options, businesses can maximize their website’s potential by seamlessly connecting it with other essential platforms, streamlining operations, and driving growth.” 

What are your final thoughts and future vision for Newfold Digital? 

Satish Hemachandran: “With the web hosting market expected to grow four times in revenue by 2030, now is the time to get your business up and running by migrating to the cloud.  

We want potential customers to know that with Newfold Digital, they’re not just getting a hosting provider—they’re gaining a partner committed to their success, offering the tools, support, and services they need to thrive in the digital world.” 

For more insights from Satish Hemachandran, read the full interview on DesignRush.

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