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It’s almost that time of the year when you see everyone in Santa hats, share Christmas cards, and enjoy the festive holidays.

While households are getting prepared, you as a business owner can take advantage of this period and do some holiday branding to prepare your e-commerce website for more sales, revenue, and customer acquisition.

Several Christmas website ideas are available online, but we’ve compiled the best designs you need for holiday marketing.

Keep reading to learn:

Why You Should Design Your Website for the Holidays

Christmas Website Ideas

Things To Consider Before Doing Holiday Branding

Final Thoughts: The Top 10 Christmas Website Ideas for Every Business

Why You Should Design Your Website for the Holidays

Doing your website’s holiday branding presents you as a savvy website owner who understands:

  • The importance of giving your existing and potential customers a good holiday experience
  • Design trends and staying updated with them

Either way, you should give your website a holiday design for the fun of it. It gives your website a new outlook during such a festive period. Decorations are fun and signify excitement, newness, and positivity.

By positioning yourself as someone current with trends through Christmas website ideas, you’ll drive traffic to your website and increase your conversion rates and holiday sales.

Google understands the importance of custom branding for events. That’s why it temporarily changes its logo on its homepage to fit specific events, holidays, and achievements. Google calls these temporary alterations Google Doodles.

For example, Google has changed its logo to celebrate Easter, Pride, Turkana Human, Halloween, and several other occasions and significant events.

Similarly, the VLC media player icon wears a Santa hat to give users a festive feeling during the holiday season.

Holiday branding will make your visitors feel comfortable and excited to make a purchase when they visit your website.

Christmas website ideas Designing your website for the holidays
Image Source

A few changes to your website before the holiday might not seem like a big deal. However, it will surely pass on the message to your visitors that you care.

Christmas Website Ideas

  1. Share a Christmas welcome message
  2. Add fun Christmas games
  3. Change your website colors
  4. Pin Christmas graphics to your website
  5. Use a Christmas-themed background
  6. Change your logo
  7. Customize your social profile buttons
  8. Let it snow
  9. Change your website fonts
  10. Decorate your newsletter

It’s the countdown to Christmas, and we’ve made a list of 10 effective Christmas website ideas for the happy holidays.

Now that you know why you need holiday branding, let’s discuss using these 10 Christmas website ideas to hype your business.

1. Share a Christmas Welcome Message

What could beat a warm welcome for the cold Christmas?

You can create a message with stunning festive graphics wishing your customers a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year in advance.

Schedule your Christmas message to pop up when visitors arrive on your website’s landing page. This Christmas website idea will make your website visitors feel appreciated and valued.

2. Add Fun Holiday Games

Set up an interesting holiday game on your website. Your visitors may not be looking for the real Santa Claus, but a little fun game won’t hurt. To get game ideas, you can check out:

Although this might require shuffling through a series of CSS, Javascript, HTML, and some tutorials, adventure games are an excellent Christmas website idea to increase average sessions and engagement on your website.

To get people to play the game, you can announce on your social media profiles that Santa is somewhere on your website, and their task is to fish him out.

To encourage participation, you could even throw in some gift cards, bonus rewards, or discounts.

Christmas Website Ideas Screenshot of Google’s Santa Search for holiday branding

While a Christmas game may sound like just another form of holiday branding, it can help new visitors learn about your products as they navigate your website.

3. Change Your Website Colors

Consider changing the colors on your website for the holidays. You can use colors like:

  • Red
  • Green
  • White
  • Gold
  • Blue

The holiday colors can appear on your website sidebar, titles, image descriptions, or in the content body.

For instance, you can highlight important information in red boxes to quickly catch visitors’ attention and make an outstanding holiday branding.

4. Pin Christmas Graphics to Your Website

Putting Christmas graphics on your website is another relevant holiday branding idea.

There are many options for this Christmas website idea. You can add a Christmas tree, socks, candies, Christmas lights, golden bells, and Santa hats.

Pin these graphics to your footer, hero section, or a corner of your website.

5. Use a Christmas-Themed Background

A next-level holiday branding idea is to change your website background.

Using a Christmas-themed background is a web design idea that can transform your website into an accommodating and cozy avenue.

Take your time to select an eye-catching Christmas-themed background. You can customize it to fit your preferences and website layout.

6. Change Your Logo

Another idea is to customize your website logo for the holiday season.

You can do that by adding a Christmas element or making a brand new logo for the festivities. If you have a lettered logo, you can modify the letters to celebrate the Christmas spirit.

7. Customize Your Social Profile Buttons

Make fancy Christmas designs for your social media buttons.

Do so by decorating your social buttons in Christmas ornaments to remind visitors and customers of the holiday.

8. Let It Snow

Christmas website ideas Snow on your website as a holiday branding design
Image Source

Snow gives a special touch to the holidays. It’s a Christmas website idea most people will love.

You can use a plugin like WP Snow to add snow to your WordPress website.

So, when a customer purchases a product, you can accompany your usual Thank You page with lightly falling snowflakes.

9. Change Your Website Fonts

Another Christmas website idea is to change the fonts you use on your website.

You could change fonts on only part of your website, such as the header, your special offers, Black Friday deals, or the freebies section. Use Christmas-related fonts to enhance your website’s holiday branding and aesthetics.

10. Decorate Your Newsletter

The festive period is one of the best times to get serious with email marketing.

To boost your email marketing campaign’s performance, you can design your newsletter to reflect the festive season. Besides using Christmas newsletter templates, you can tune your message in line with the holidays.

Also, you can send beautifully designed e-cards filled with lovely wishes to your subscribers, which shows you value your audience. More so, it’s an easy way to turn prospects into customers.

Things To Consider Before Doing Holiday Branding

Before you start filling your website with Christmas trees, bells, whistles, and any other holiday branding design you choose to go with, there are certain factors you need to consider.

Here are three important things to do before adding holiday flair to your website:

Analyze the Design Process

First, evaluate your website’s holiday branding process.

Here are some questions you should answer before you get started with your Christmas website ideas:

  • How much money will your Christmas website ideas cost?
  • What is your holiday design budget?
  • How long will the design take?
  • Are there any special skills that you’ll need?
  • Do you have enough time for the holiday branding?
Evaluate your Christmas website ideas
Image Source

If your holiday branding design will take up more resources than necessary, consider scaling it down or dropping it entirely.

Investigate Your Competitors

To create effective holiday branding, you need to study your market’s design trends.

Start your Christmas website idea by investigating your competitors’ pages. That doesn’t mean copying their ideas — you’re only looking for inspiration and insights into what your audience finds appealing.

Ensure that you take account of changes your competitors have made. Then, gauge how much time and other resources these designs and modifications will take.

Figure Out Your Sales System

The Christmas holidays are when business owners often give away prizes and discounts to increase sales before the new year.

However, before joining the discount trends, you should plan your process:

  • Take inventory to see what you have in stock
  • Estimate the profits you will make to prevent running at a loss
  • Streamline your sales funnel

You shouldn’t focus too much on Christmas website ideas that you forget the whole point of your branding — making sales.

Final Thoughts: The Top 10 Christmas Website Ideas for Every Business

What your website needs to brace up for the festive period is stunning holiday branding.

To prepare your website for the holidays, you can get exciting design inspiration from our list of the 10 best Christmas website ideas.

These ideas are helpful for every business to help increase conversions, engagements, sales, and revenue.

Are you looking to build a business website to get ready for the holidays? Check out Bluehost’s hosting packages today.

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