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The size, capacity, and possibilities of the Internet are infinite. But with such a vast medium, it’s becoming more and more difficult to track of everything being said about your business. It’s even more difficult to control how and where your information is displayed. So how do you tackle this problem? Keep reading to find out!
A quick Google search for your business will likely return results that you didn’t know existed, is out-of-date, or flat out inaccurate. This happens because “data aggregators” pull information through numerous directory or local search engines to get information for their listings. Typically there is little control over how these aggregators operate. In his article, “A Closer Look at the Local Search Data Providers,” David Mihm, provided a great illustration of how this all happens.

Looks complicated, doesn’t it? This where Yext can help. Yext gives their customers control over the information displayed about their business on the Internet. They simplify the process, allowing business owners to tell them what information they want displayed online and then Yext does the rest. The results go from a convoluted messy process to something more like this:

Much less and intimidating, right? Yext is a great tool for businesses to control how their information is displayed online. The best part? Yext is offering a free business scan to all Bluehost Customers! This free scan shows you where your business stands on the world wide web.
To get your free business scan, visit and answer a few short questions about your business. No obligation, no purchase necessary.
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