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At East Dallas CrossFit, fitness is for everyone. In 2011, Ryan Savard, Chase Heckendorn and Ben Odeski founded East Dallas CrossFit—functional strength and conditioning gym that challenges people to crush their #fitnessgoals. As a CrossFit gym, members partake in functional movements that are performed at a high intensity for an optimal fitness regime. East Dallas CrossFit provides qualified coaches, quality programming like 30 and 60-minute classes, personal training, nutrition coaching, and a quality experience that will challenge people to reach new heights. Bluehost sat down with co-owner Ryan Savard to discuss his road to entrepreneurship and fitness.

Thank you for sitting down to speak with us Ryan, can you tell me how you got involved in the fitness world?

“I went to grad school at the University of Texas and my initial goal was to pursue a career in physical therapy. About midway through my college experience, I discovered I wanted to be on the front end of fitness, health, and wellness versus the back end. I started working and interning at a few local gyms in Austin where I was able to learn more about CrossFit. After I graduated, I opened up the East Dallas CrossFit gym here in Dallas with my co-owner Ben.”

That’s awesome! As a co-owner, how do you and your partners split the responsibilities?

“I have two partners and we all have different roles. I do more day-to-day actions and fill a general management position as I work within the gym.”

It’s always important to find a role that fits with your entrepreneurial goals, what do you love most about owning a gym?

“It’s very meaningful to know that my job is to wake up every day at 4 am and help change people’s lives. It keeps me motivated to be making a positive impact on the people who attend our gym.”

We noticed on the website that you have specialized offerings like Private Prep Courses and Master Classes for ages 60+, how does this differentiate you from other CrossFit gyms?

“The Masters Classes started with my parents and it’s an age group that doesn’t always get sufficient support in the fitness world. We want to provide as many opportunities as we can for all of our members to reach their fitness goals.”

How many trainers do you have working right now?

“We have 2 full-time coaches and 4 part-time coaches who make up our excellent staff. Our coaches specialize in different areas of fitness and are committed to helping our members live a more confident and healthy lifestyle one step at a time.”

It was a pleasure speaking with you Ryan!

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