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WordPress has the ability to transform your site using a dynamic collection of themes that assist in making website building easier and more versatile. Themes are the bread and butter of your WordPress website because they construct the layout for how your site’s design is displayed. When you create your WordPress website you are provided with a default theme for your site before you customize your site with the free, paid, or premium options. Check out the Twenty Nineteen theme.

Themes can be installed from the WordPress theme directory or purchased and downloaded from a long and growing list of developers worldwide. Most of these offer some options for customization right from the site’s Admin dashboard.

Here are the differences between the types of themes that are available for you to install when you create your WordPress site.


After you install WordPress, the first theme you will encounter is the default theme that displays on the front-end of the website. The default theme is essential for any WordPress user who is building their site because it introduces you to classic WordPress features and doubles as a fallback theme. Having an automatic default theme helps if your WordPress theme gets deleted or if there’s any site issues.

The default theme can be replaced with a free, paid, or premium theme or you can customize it in your WordPress dashboard.


If you are building your site on a budget, then using a free theme can save you money while adding some flair to your website. While the default theme is also free, there are also thousands of free themes that can be used for business, eCommerce, or blogging. These themes appeal to users who are just beginning their WordPress journey because they are simple and easy to use.

Make sure to read the reviews and ratings before installing any themes so you can learn how the theme has been interacting with other user sites.


If you are looking for a design with more features and customization options, a premium or paid theme is an upgrade you may want to add to your site. You can purchase a theme from a third-party WordPress theme shop, marketplace, or developer where you’ll get ongoing support and theme upgrades. Premium features can provide users with additional theme options like shortcodes, unlimited color choices, and multiple layouts or templates. Users who are looking to build a business website or eCommerce site will want to invest in upgrading to a premium theme because of the added security and support for their site.

Look for a theme that is mobile responsive to give your visitors the best possible experience on your site.

WordPress themes offer thousands of options for beginners and advanced users who want to enrich their site design for visitors. Whether you keep your default theme, install a free selection, or invest in a premium or paid theme, the theme directory has options for everyone.

What’s your favorite theme? Let us know in the comments!

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