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Website owners and developers are constantly seeking the fastest WordPress themes to improve their website’s SEO

The fastest WordPress theme not only enhances the user experience but also plays a crucial role in search engine rankings. 

With countless options available, you might want to ask what is the fastest WordPress theme that is suitable for your needs? 

This article aims to simplify your goals by highlighting the fastest WordPress theme that caters to various niches.

Top 10 free fastest WordPress themes

  1. Astra

Astra stands out as one of the speediest WordPress themes available, boasting over a million downloads and an impeccable 5-star rating.

According to GTMetrix, it has a full site load time of 1.4 seconds and an impressive 98% performance score. With a mere 43.6KB total page size and eight HTTP requests, it’s no wonder the theme loads so quickly.

Additionally, Astra excelled in PageSpeed Insights for mobile pages, earning a score of 99 and a speed index of 2.8 seconds. This confirms Astra as a highly responsive and fast-loading WordPress theme.

The Astra theme is versatile and suitable for various websites, including eCommerce, freelancing, and online courses. It’s compatible with WooCommerce, making it ideal for building fast online stores. Astra offers extensive customization features, including over 700 Google Fonts and unlimited color choices, allowing users to perfectly match their site’s design with their brand.

Ratings: 5/5

Best for: All types of websites.

  1. Neve

Neve is a versatile and lightweight WordPress theme that boasts a GTMetrix performance score of 98%, loading the site in a mere one second. With its minimal 32.4KB total page size, this theme is truly lightweight.

In the PageSpeed test, Neve achieved an outstanding score of 100, along with a 1.8-second speed index, making it the most rapidly loading WordPress theme on our list.

With over 30 pre-built starter templates available, Neve allows you to quickly set up your website. The theme’s customization is a breeze, as it supports the Gutenberg block editor and five renowned page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi.

Ratings: 4.8/5

Best for: All types of websites.

  1. Sydney

Sydney is a free WordPress theme aimed at business websites. It features a light design, weighing just under 90KB, and loads in 1.1 seconds, according to GTMetrix tests. While not the quickest, Sydney performs reliably, including on mobile devices where it scores 95 on PageSpeed Insights and has a load time of 3.4 seconds.

This theme includes three pre-designed templates and a parallax background effect. It also works well with various page-builder plugins. With access to over 600 Google Fonts and choices between a static or slider header, Sydney offers extensive customization options.

Ratings: 5/5

Best for: Company websites.

  1. OceanWP

OceanWP is a speedy and versatile free WordPress theme designed for optimal performance and features WooCommerce integration.

GTMetrix test results show a load time of 1.6 seconds and a commendable 95% performance score despite the theme’s total page size exceeding 200KB.

However, its mobile performance is somewhat limited, with a speed index of 4.2 seconds and an overall score of 87. Nonetheless, OceanWP remains a strong contender for building an eCommerce store.

With built-in WooCommerce support, features such as native cart pop-ups and floating add-to-cart bars can enhance conversion rates. Additionally, a quick view function enables users to access product information without navigating to a new page.

For those seeking further advanced features, OceanWP offers a range of individual extensions or a bundled premium version of the theme.

Ratings: 4.9/5

Best for: eCommerce sites.

  1. Writee

Writee ranks among the speediest WordPress themes designed for blog or magazine websites. GTMetrix testing reveals a total page size of 182KB and 16 HTTP requests, yet the site manages to load completely in just 1.6 seconds. As a result, it achieves a notable 97% performance score for the desktop version.

With an 89 score on PageSpeed, a four-second speed index, and a 2.8-second time to interactivity, Writee remains a considerably fast theme.

This theme offers over 600 Google Fonts, social media sharing buttons, pagination options, and numerous layout customizations. The free version provides nine pre-configured templates, each showcasing a distinct layout style.

Ratings: 4.8/5

Best for: Sites with a blog or magazine theme

  1. Twenty Twenty

Twenty Twenty is a default theme included with every WordPress installation. Although it may not be the most striking, it ranks among the fastest WordPress themes currently available.

According to GTMetrix, it achieves a commendable 94% overall performance score and a full loading time of 1.9 seconds, even with a total page size of 273KB.

This theme is compatible with the block editor, allowing for dynamic landing pages and customized site designs.

While Twenty Twenty may not be feature-rich and has a larger page size, its convenience as a pre-installed, fast WordPress theme is undeniable. For those seeking to create a straightforward website or blog, there’s no need to look far for an appropriate theme.

Ratings: 4.3/5

Best for: Basic webpages.

  1. Airi

Airi is a fast and flexible WordPress theme that scores 97% on GTMetrix, loading fully in 1.6 seconds despite its 300KB size and 19 HTTP requests. However, it performs less impressively on mobile devices, with an 85 PageSpeed score, a 4.1-second speed index, and a 3.3-second time to interactivity.

The free version of Airi provides various demo options suitable for different websites and is compatible with Elementor and WooCommerce, enhancing its capability for eCommerce site development.

Ratings: 4.9/5

Best for: All types of websites.

  1. Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor ranks among the quickest WordPress themes available. With a minimal page size of 21KB, it fully optimizes for the Elementor page builder.

This theme boasts an impressive fully loaded time of 0.9 seconds and a GTMetrix performance score of 99%. Its mobile version is equally outstanding, achieving a perfect score in PageSpeed Insights with a 2.1-second speed index.

With its compatibility with WooCommerce and remarkable speed and performance, Hello Elementor serves as an excellent choice for constructing a thriving eCommerce store.

Ratings: 4.7/5

Best for: Creating a WordPress site with Elementor.

  1. Zakra

Zakra is a fast and versatile WordPress theme developed by ThemeGrill, featuring over 40 demos to help create a unique website look. It is available for free and offers substantial features, but the premium version provides more customization options, including advanced headers, WooCommerce tools, and enhanced blogging capabilities.

What sets Zakra apart is its excellent documentation and support, which includes numerous tutorials and access to customer support—services not commonly found in free themes.

Ratings: 5/5

Best for: Creating professional websites.

  1. Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas is a complimentary, minimalist theme designed for single-page websites. As a child theme of Seedlet, another free offering by Automattic, it presents an entirely blank slate for post and page layouts. This means there are no headers, navigation menus, or widgets by default. The design crafted within the WordPress editor accurately reflects the frontend appearance, making this theme devoid of any demos.

Ratings: 5/5

Best for: Single-page websites.

Top 10 premium fastest WordPress themes

Premium WordPress themes generally provide more features and customization options than free themes. They include additional templates, better security, and customer support, as well as receive regular updates to ensure compatibility with the latest technologies. 

Free themes are suitable for basic websites but often lack the advanced functionalities and support required for professional use, which can impact their effectiveness and security. Check out these premium WordPress themes to help with your website’s speed:

  1. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is a high-speed premium WordPress theme that includes 50 pre-built demo sites for a quick and seamless start to your project.

This theme is WooCommerce-compatible, featuring a dedicated module for additional customization options for your online store. Using an eCommerce demo site, you can easily create a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing online store.

You can also integrate premium elements like dynamic hero images and an advanced hook system. For blog creators, the infinite scroll function and masonry layout are available.

GeneratePress is translation-ready and supports right-to-left (RTL) languages. The theme is priced at $59/year or $129 for a lifetime license. With the ability to use the theme on up to 500 websites, you’ll have access to updates and support for one year.

Ratings: 5/5

Best for: Several types of websites.

  1. Bimber

Bimber stands out as a high-speed WordPress theme, offering over 20 pre-configured demo sites that enable the creation of a viral marketing website in under 24 hours. To facilitate this, the theme includes sharing buttons and categories for trending topics.

Optimized for fast performance, Bimber features minified and modular CSS and JavaScript code to minimize file size. Bimber’s smart plugin integration makes sure it loads only the necessary plugins when needed.

Additionally, this WordPress theme is compatible with various caching plugins for enhanced page speed. An advanced lazy loading feature ensures that images and videos load only when the corresponding page section comes into view for visitors.

Moreover, Bimber is compatible with WooCommerce and includes a front-end product submission feature, making it easy for users to submit their listings.

Ratings: 4.8/5

Best for: Magazine websites.

  1. Divi

Divi stands out as a top-notch, multipurpose WordPress theme that prioritizes speed. This fully responsive theme offers an abundance of customization options, featuring the unique Divi drag-and-drop builder and animation support to enhance your website’s interactivity.

Customization is Divi’s forte, as its page builder enables you to tweak every aspect of the website. With over 40 elements available for integration, you can incorporate sliders, call-to-action buttons, blogs, forms, and more into your site.

Additionally, Divi provides more than 100 comprehensive website templates and over 800 pre-designed website layouts. The theme also includes a built-in split testing feature, allowing you to test various designs and identify the one that delivers the best user experience.

While not the fastest WordPress theme, it strikes an impressive balance between speed and customization capabilities.

Ratings: 5/5

Best for: Several types of websites.

  1. Page Builder Framework

Page Builder Framework is a streamlined WordPress theme designed for optimal speed and responsiveness, with a size of under 50KB.

The theme’s premium version includes built-in performance enhancements that clean up your WordPress site and disable features such as embeds, emojis, and RSS, resulting in faster load times.

Seamlessly integrating with various drag-and-drop page builders like Divi, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and Visual Composer, Page Builder Framework is also compatible with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Download for creating eCommerce sites.

An array of premium customization options is available, including mega menus, custom sections, hover effects, and more. The theme also features a responsive breakpoints customizer, enabling users to adjust website responsiveness.

As a versatile WordPress theme, Page Builder Framework is translation-ready and compatible with multilingual plugins. It also provides a child theme generator tool for creating custom, white-labeled themes while retaining the framework’s core functionalities.

Ratings: 5/5

Best for: All types of websites.

  1. Customify

Customify is designed with lightweight optimization and adhering to top coding practices, this theme is also SEO-friendly.

The user-friendly interface accompanying the theme allows for effortless customization of headers and footers to align with your site’s overarching design.

With an array of pre-built templates available for rapid setup, this versatile theme is compatible with eight distinct page builders, providing extensive customization options.

Ratings: 4.8/5

Best for: All types of websites.

  1. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is a fast WordPress theme due to its optimized, lightweight coding. It also supports popular caching and minification plugins, which help further improve your website’s loading speed.

Creating a website with Hestia Pro is a breeze due to its compatibility with Gutenberg and numerous prominent WordPress drag-and-drop page builders. With a wide array of starter templates catering to various needs, you can effortlessly build a fast-loading WordPress site in no time.

Featuring a fully customizable homepage, Hestia Pro allows you to easily rearrange it according to your preferences. It also includes front-page sections for portfolios and pricing, perfect for displaying your work or promoting your products.

In case you encounter any issues, Hestia Pro provides lifetime support, even with its basic plan. Plus, an extensive collection of video tutorials is available to help guide you through the website-building process.

Ratings: 4.8/5

Best for: Several sites.

  1. Wanium

Wanium is an affordable multipurpose WordPress theme, priced at just $16 per regular license, making it a more cost-effective choice compared to other premium alternatives.

With 18 pre-built demo starter sites at your disposal, Wanium allows you to mix and match features from each site using the WPBakery page builder. This gives you access to 18 header layout options and eight-footer layout variations, available in both light and dark versions. The color preset feature makes it easy to modify the color of every element.

Designed to be compatible with WooCommerce, Wanium also features a custom pricing table builder, making it an ideal choice for eCommerce websites.

Additional features include a one-page layout, parallax scrolling, and a countdown timer module, adding to its versatility.

Ratings: 5/5

Best for: Any kind of website.

  1. The7

The7 is fully responsive and SEO-friendly, ensuring your website’s optimal performance and high search engine rankings.

Compatible with both Elementor and WPBakery page builders, The7 enables effortless customization. A standout feature is The7 Elements, which introduces numerous new components to these page builders, such as advanced integration with Elementor Pro Theme Builder, additional post types, and enhanced WooCommerce support.

With over 60 pre-built starter demo sites, The7 offers various design options, including one-page layouts, e-commerce templates, and exclusive templates for Elementor and WPBakery. Utilize The7’s one-click installer to swiftly set up your selected demo site and jumpstart your project.

Ratings: 4.7/5

Best for: All websites.

  1. PopularFX

PopularFX is a versatile and robust theme suitable for creating a wide range of websites. Equipped with a page builder, it enables rapid and straightforward website construction through visual design.

This fully responsive theme incorporates Google Fonts and sophisticated typography features. Their website offers an array of templates to facilitate quick exploration and setup of diverse websites.

Ratings: 4.5

Best for: Multiple sites.

  1. Responsive

The Responsive theme is suitable for constructing websites across various industries. Its blogging capabilities are particularly noteworthy, and with over 40 demo site files available, you can easily install comprehensive website features, such as travel sites, small business displays, and portfolios. These demos cater to Gutenberg and Elementor, both of which perform smoothly on mobile devices and possess clean code and unobtrusive files that avoid plugin conflicts. The core Responsive theme is entirely free, including most demos.

However, a Pro Version is available, with the Personal plan priced at $47 per year for a single website. The Business Plan costs $67 per year, while the Pro version is $97 per year. Additional features include auto-updates, interactive carousels, video tutorials, pricing tables, and portfolio widgets.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Best for: All types of websites.

How we measure speed

To measure a website’s speed, we used a variety of methods and indicators to get exact and comprehensive results. The first tool utilized was GTMetrix, which provided us with the following performance indicators:

  • GTMetrix performance number: This number combines PageSpeed and YSlow values to reflect the website’s overall efficiency and optimization. A higher score indicates a better performance.
  • Fully loaded time: This statistic estimates the time necessary for a webpage to load all of its components, including pictures, scripts, and stylesheets. A shorter complete loading time indicates faster website performance.
  • Total page size: This is the combined file size of all elements on a webpage, including pictures, text, and scripts. Generally, reduced page sizes result in faster loading times.
  • Requests: This statistic calculates how many individual files the server needs to retrieve in order to render a webpage. A reduced number of queries typically leads to faster load times since the browser has less work to do.

Another tool used to assess website speed is Google’s PageSpeed Insights, which provides the following performance metrics:

  • Overall number: This number, which goes from 0 to 100, evaluates a website’s performance using criteria such as load time, responsiveness, and optimization. A higher score indicates a more efficient website.
  • Speed index: This statistic measures the speed with which a page’s material is graphically delivered, with a lower speed index signifying a faster display of content.
  • Time to interactivity: This statistic represents the amount of time it takes for a webpage to become completely interactive, allowing visitors to interact with the site’s features. A shorter period of interactivity indicates a more responsive website.

Benefits of having a fast website

  1. Enhanced user experience: A fast-loading website allows visitors to obtain the material they want quickly and seamlessly. This provides a favorable image, keeps people interested, and encourages them to explore your website more, increasing the probability that they willtake part ine the necessary activities.
  2. Improved search engine results: Search engines such as Google prioritize fast websites when deciding search result results. A fast website may improve exposure in search results, resulting in more organic visitors and prospective clients.
  3. Higher conversion rates: Faster websites provide a better user experience, increasing the likelihood that visitors will act, such as by making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or completing a contact form. Improved conversion rates can lead to better revenue and corporate growth.
  4. Lower bounce rates: Slow-loading websites sometimes have high bounce rates, as consumers tend to abandon sites that take too long to load. By improving the performance of your website, you may minimize bounce rates and retain more users, opening up additional potential for interaction and conversions.
  5. Better mobile experience: With an increasing number of users accessing websites on mobile devices, it is essential to ensure a fast and responsive website for mobile users. A quick-loading website performs well across different devices and platforms, providing an optimal experience for all users.

Tips to improve website speed

Improving your website’s speed is essential for delivering a superior user experience and achieving online success. Here are five tips to enhance your website’s speed:

  1. Compress files: Large files can slow down your website’s load time. Use file compression tools like Gzip to compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files larger than 150 bytes. By compressing files, you can reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred and speed up your website’s loading time.
  2. Optimize image sizes: Large, high-resolution images can significantly affect your website’s speed. Compress image sizes without losing quality using tools like TinyPNG or JPEGmini. Additionally, consider using responsive images that adapt to different screen sizes and provide the user with the most appropriate image size.
  3. Use Content Delivery Network (CDN): A CDN is a network of servers distributed across various locations that store and deliver your website’s content to users. By utilizing a CDN, you can reduce the time it takes to load your site, as users will access your content from the server closest to them, resulting in faster load times.
  4. Use cache plugins: Caching plugins store a static version of your website’s content, reducing the need for the server to process requests each time a user visits your site. This can significantly improve your website’s speed. Popular caching plugins for WordPress include WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and WP Rocket.
  5. Reduce URL redirects: Redirecting a URL results in an additional HTTP request, which in turn increases your website’s load time. Minimize the number of URL redirects on your site by carefully reviewing your website’s structure and removing any unnecessary redirects.


Choosing the fastest WordPress themes is crucial for enhancing the user experience, boosting search engine rankings, and ultimately improving a website’s SEO. 

By selecting the fastest WordPress themes available, you can create a strong foundation for a high-performing website that will excel in the increasingly competitive digital landscape of 2024 and beyond.

Fastest WordPress theme FAQ

What is the most lightweight WordPress theme?

The most lightweight WordPress theme varies based on individual preferences and requirements. However, popular lightweight themes include Astra, GeneratePress, and Schema Lite, known for their minimalistic design, clean code, and fast loading times.

Does a WordPress theme affect speed?

Yes, a WordPress theme can affect your website’s speed. Bulky themes with excessive features, large images, and poorly optimized code can slow down your site. Therefore, it is essential to choose a well-optimized, lightweight theme to ensure optimal performance.

How can I make my WordPress theme faster?

To make your WordPress theme faster, consider the following steps: choose a lightweight theme, optimize images, use a caching plugin, minimize the use of plugins and widgets, enable lazy loading, and leverage a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve loading times. Regularly updating your theme and plugins can also contribute to better performance.

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