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The internet can seem vast and wide, but the WordPress community narrows the gap by supporting and empowering each other every day. Whether you have just created your site or are a long-term member, getting involved with the community is an excellent way to engage with users who are dedicated to improving all aspects of WordPress. The diverse and enriching people that encompass the WordPress community provide an inclusive atmosphere that allows any user to contribute their talents to the platform.

Are you ready to feel the love? Here are 3 ways you can get involved with WordPress community that will make you swoon. Whether you are contributing to a team, heading to WordCamp, or using social media,there is never a shortage of love for WordPress.

1.) Build WordPress With The Core Development Team

If you have ever wanted to learn how WordPress works, getting involved with the core team is a great start. You can assist by creating a ticket for any bugs you encounter, testing new features, and contributing code to improve WordPress. This team also provides a core contributor handbook to get you started on any topic that interests you.

Translate WordPress In Your Language

The translator’s team is dedicated to managing and validating languages for all WordPress users. This team provides an opportunity for you to join a group of volunteers dedicated to translating a specific language. You can find a list of languages available for translating or suggest translations for any language you speak.

Provide Assistance To Users In Support Forums

One of the most helpful resources for users when creating their WordPress site is the support forums. The support team helps answer questions and provide tips and tricks to managing your site. If you love finding the solution to a problem, this is the perfect team to challenge your knowledge of WordPress.

Review New Plugins Submitted To WordPress

Plugins are very important to in assisting with essential functions a user may need on their site. The plugin team keeps a close eye on all newly submitted plugins and teaches contributors how to review plugins. If you are interested in developing a plugin to be added to the WordPress directory, this is an excellent way to understand the best practices for submission, guidelines, and workflow processes.

Market WordPress To The World

There’s no better way to share your love of WordPress than to join the marketing team. The team is made up of passionate WordPress users that create marketing strategies and strives to be the go-to resource for other WordPress teams. The marketing team also helps encourage participation and growth in the WordPress community.

Accessibility Team

Accessibility is very important to the community because it helps improve people’s experience on the WordPress platform. When you join the accessibility team you get the opportunity to test new projects, themes, and existing technology for functionality. This is a great way to contribute your ideas to improving WordPress through coding and documentation.

2.) Attend A WordCamp

WordCamps are made up of designers, developers, bloggers, and users who come together to celebrate all things WordPress. Each camp provides community members the opportunity to collaborate and discuss through interactive workshops and sessions. Keep an eye out for a WordCamp being hosted in your city, and if you’d like a behind-the-scenes experience of the camp process, sign up to be an organizer or volunteer. You can also share your WordPress knowledge by applying to be a speaker at an upcoming camp.

3.) Show Your #Love On Twitter

There is never a shortage of people expressing their sentiments on Twitter and the WordPress community loves to engage with each other through social media. You can show love on Twitter by following, retweeting, commenting, and liking tweets from people in the WordPress community. This is also a great chance to be in the loop for the latest news and features coming to WordPress.

No matter where you are in the world, the WordPress community is always here to encourage and support you. Engaging with the community is an excellent way to get all the tips, tricks, and advice to help improve your site experience. These are just a few teams to join, so if you are interested in contributing your talents to the community, the sky is the limit!

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