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WordPress is everywhere on the internet. It’s the most popular web builder due to its power, flexibility and the community of devoted volunteers that helped build it.

WordPress users (or soon-to-be-users) wanting to make their mark on the web can be sure the WordPress community will always have your back.

And when you need the community’s support, there’s no better way to get it than by attending a WordCamp event.

WordCamps bring together the amazing community that powers WordPress.

What is the WordPress community?

The WordPress community is the collective group of individuals and organizations who actively contribute to developing, supporting and promoting WordPress.

This vibrant community is a big part of why the open-source platform powers more than a third of the internet today.

The devoted community of WordPress users collectively built the platform into what it is today.

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is a group of community-organized real-life events discussing and exploring WordPress.

These events bring together WordPress enthusiasts who want to network, learn and share their experiences with the platform.

Tickets typically cost between $20 and $25 daily, and each WordCamp usually lasts a few days.

Tickets are cheap because WordCamps are non-profit events. The goal is to be inclusive, and the volunteers running them subsidize the cost through sponsorships and donations sent to the community.

History of WordCamp and how it started

The first WordCamp took place in San Francisco in 2006. Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Automattic (the company that launched  WordPress), organized the one-day event. Over 500 people attended.

Today, there are over 1,000 WordCamps in 65 countries and more than 300 cities. And more are happening every year, including flagship events like WordCamp Europe, WordCamp U.S. and WordCamp Asia.

To find a WordCamp in or near your area, visit WordCamp Central’s schedule page.

WordCamp’s importance in the WordPress community

While most WordPress community interactions happen online, behind every WordPress user is a real, breathing person craving face-to-face interactions.

What better way to bring a community together than a real-life event like WordCamp?

When WordPress users have the chance to share knowledge and discuss their shared passion in person, strong friendships are often formed.

This empowers users to do more amazing things with the website builder and fosters a sense of belonging that fuels WordPress’s mission.

What to expect when attending WordCamps

Attending a WordCamp as a first-timer can be nerve-wracking, but it really doesn’t need to be. Let’s dig into what you can expect from your first WordCamp adventure. And don’t forget to plan how to pack for WordCamp.

WordCamp structure

While each WordCamp is unique, they share a similar structure to ensure that everyone gets something valuable from the experience.

  • Presentations: WordCamp’s main draw is the presentations, featuring talented volunteer speakers sharing their unique experiences and expertise with WordPress. All presentations are posted on if you can’t attend in person.
  • Panel discussions, Q&A sessions and panel interviews: Organizers may add these activities into the mix, depending on the volunteers and sponsorships available for the event.
  • Workshop sessions: Attend workshops to get hands-on help and learn new skills. Even if you’re a WordPress beginner, chances are there’s a workshop for your skill level. Each workshop session typically lasts three hours.
  • Contributor Day: This is a one-day event where WordPress users contribute to the open-source WordPress project via various activities.

Networking opportunities and social events

Thanks to WordCamp’s informal approach and focus on inclusivity and diversity, WordCamps provide an ideal environment for making personal and professional connections.

From informal meet-ups to Contribution Day to after-parties, a variety of social event structures provide plenty of opportunities to connect with attendees in a way you are comfortable with.

Notable speakers and topics

WordCamp presents volunteer speakers on stage to share their knowledge and expertise. Speaker lineups are curated to cover all skill levels and a wide range of topics, such as web development, eCommerce and marketing.

WordCamp organizers choose speakers based on strict criteria to ensure all presentations are engaging and insightful.

Resources and attendee support

The WordPress community goes above and beyond to ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your WordCamp experience.

The resources and support available to all WordCamp attendees include:

  • WordCamp Central: As the online hub for WordCamp events, WordCamp Central offers everything from plugin guides to scheduling lists to WordCamp news.
  • Happiness Bar: Every WordCamp also has a designed help desk called the “Happiness Bar.” If you have any questions or need assistance during the event, the volunteers at the bar are ready to help.
  • Swag Stores: Get your hands on some WordPress swag! Items like commemorative t-shirts, stickers and postcards are available at pop-up swag stores throughout the event.

Benefits of attending WordCamps

So WordCamps are fun and have great swag, but there are plenty of other benefits too.

Learning and developing new skills

Attending WordCamps is a fun event where you learn and discover new things at every turn.

Want to dive deeper into specific topics? Attend presentations and talks that spark your interest.

Or maybe you prefer to learn from hands-on experience. In that case, you can participate at the Contributor Day or workshop sessions for tutorials.

Networking and collaboration opportunities

You get a wealth of networking and collaboration opportunities when you bring together an eclectic mix of like-minded people, talents and experts into an informal event,

Engaging with this diverse group of attendees gives you more opportunities to form partnerships, find mentors and connect with potential clients or customers. So don’t forget to take your business cards with you!

Becoming a mentor

With the help of the WordPress community, you’re going to keep learning new things. Give back to the community and share your hard-earned knowledge with other users by becoming a mentor.

Being a mentor at WordCamps positions you as an expert in your field, which opens up new opportunities for growth and partnerships.

The future of WordCamp and the WordPress community

WordCamp events will remain a cornerstone of the WordPress community. Thanks to the collective efforts of speakers, volunteers, sponsors, organizers and attendees who work together to make these events meaningful, the future of WordCamp looks bright.

By actively participating in WordCamp events, whether as a sponsor, speaker, organizer or attendee, you can help shape the future of WordCamp and the WordPress community.

Help shape the future of WordCamp and WordPress by being a volunteer.

You can get information on volunteering through a local Meetup or at the website for your region.

Final thoughts: Seize the WordCamp opportunity

Attending a WordCamp event is an invaluable opportunity to unlock your potential as a WordPress user and make new friends.

Whether you attend as a participant, sponsor, organizer or speaker, being there can impact your career and business.

There’s no better time to be a part of the thriving WordPress community. As you expand your WordPress knowledge, upgrade your web hosting package to support your growing needs better. Check Bluehost’s WordPress hosting options, especially our Managed WordPress plans, today.

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