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Memorial Day is one of the most special holidays in the US which is celebrated by everyone despite their differences in race, religion, and politics. But, it’s not just a regular holiday, it’s also a day that officially marks the beginning of the summer. And you know what that means for businesses: It’s the season for summer sales, deals, and discounts. In fact, most businesses drop their prices by up to 70% and more during the Memorial Day weekend.

If you’re an eCommerce or a SaaS business, there’s no better way to kick off your summer promotions and deals than running a successful email marketing campaign on Memorial Day. In this post, we’ll give you a few tips and ideas on where to start. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Create a special popup campaign

Memorial Day is a great holiday to boost your sales, but it also presents a great opportunity for you to grow your email list. Start by creating a new popup campaign to convert your blog and website visitors into subscribers.
If you’re using OptinMonster, you can choose a great looking email optin form made for promotions and customize it to make an offer for Memorial Day. You can also incorporate a countdown timer for when the sale ends to create urgency. This will allow you to grow a separate list of subscribers to run more targeted promotional campaigns during the holiday. Also, be sure to segment your email list by demographics and interests for running better and more targeted email campaigns.

Show off patriotism in your emails

When crafting your email campaigns for the holiday promotions, avoid using your old and existing email templates. Create a new template especially for Memorial Day promotions. Unlike other seasonal promotions, this holiday is a special one with a specific theme: Patriotism. Make sure that you show it in your emails as well. Use colors that bring out the patriotism in your customers. Red, white, and blue are the most commonly used colors for Memorial Day. But, you can choose a similar color palette to match your branding. And add an American flag in the background if you can.

Remind your customers that “summer is coming”

Memorial Day is the holiday that puts everyone in the mood for summer. It’s everyone’s favorite season, including for businesses. So, start reminding people the summer is coming (Game of Thrones pun intended).
While all businesses are running Memorial Day-themed promotions, if you’d like to take a different approach, try focusing your promotions on the season instead.

There are two steps to use the seasonal theme in your email marketing. First, turn your email optin forms and popup messages on your website to remind your customers about your seasonal offers. Second, you can craft special email campaigns to promote your new deals and discount sales throughout the summer.

Donate to a charity

Everyone appreciates the contributions the armed forces make for the country each and every day. Use your email marketing campaigns to show your appreciation and give your subscribers a chance to contribute as well.
Pick a charity related to armed forces and raise money through your promotional campaign. For example, you can mention in your emails that you’ll donate a certain amount of money to a charity with each sale your make during the Memorial Day weekend. This will give your customers a chance to not only save some money buying your products but also to feel good knowing they are also contributing to a good cause.

Be crafty with the subject lines

The subject line of your email is the most important part of your email campaigns. 33% of your subscriber’s open emails based on the subject line alone. Let’s face it, what’s the point of crafting the perfect email if 33% of your customer never even open it. There are two approaches you can take when crafting an effective subject line for your Memorial Day promotions.

  1. You can choose a summer-themed promo subject line like “Deal Alert: the summer is coming, are you ready?”
  2. Or, you can go with a Memorial Day-themed subject line like “Grill & Shop: our biggest Memorial Day sale ever”

Keep in mind that the Memorial Day holiday is a busy weekend for all businesses. Your customers will receive dozens of offers in their inbox from all kinds of businesses. So, you must think outside the box when crafting your promotional campaigns. Although, don’t feel pressured. You’ll still have plenty of time to create more deals and offers all throughout the summer. Focus on offering the best for your customers and they won’t let you down.

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  1. That’s true, the potential customers are probably getting dozens of emails before various holidays. That’s why when I’m doing my automated bulk mailing with Remail, I always inlcude attractive email topic! That’s one of the most effective keys to a success.

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