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In 2020, events of all kinds have been moved online to avoid the spread of COVID-19. WordCamp is one of many WordPress-related events embracing this new virtual event format.

The beauty of attending an online WordCamp is that you can make connections with WordPress fans all over the world without leaving your home. You can also attend as many of these conferences as your schedule allows. 

But don’t “go” to WordCamp without reading this guide on:

  • How to make the most of virtual WordCamps
  • What online WordCamps are coming up

How to Make the Most of a Virtual WordCamp as an Attendee

Here are some tips for maximizing your online WordCamp experience before, during, and after you attend the event.

Tips for Signing up for a Virtual WordCamp

Sign up for as many WordCamp events as you can handle: Since you no longer have to be physically present, and most of the events are free, you should attend as many WordCamp conferences and sessions as possible.

Prioritize conferences and sessions: Some online WordCamps take place over the weekend, but others take place during the workweek. 

If you want to attend an event during the week, decide whether it’s worth it to take the day off from work. It may make more sense to just block off time on your work calendar to attend the most critical sessions. 

While some WordCamps will make session recordings available, these recordings don’t give you the opportunity to ask questions.

How to Prepare for an Online WordCamp

Test out the tools: Make sure you have the right teleconferencing software downloaded before attending a WordCamp. Also, take some time to practice using it so you can maximize conference time.

Prepare for sessions: Research speakers and check out any materials they send in advance. You’ll know which speakers have the information you want, and you can prepare questions for the Q&A segments of their presentations beforehand.

How to Maximize Your Time During a Virtual WordCamp

Maximize screen size: Watch sessions from a laptop or desktop instead of a mobile device to ensure you can see presentation materials.

Minimize distractions: During the conference, get away from the distracting situations and things that will prevent you from soaking up as much information as possible. These things might include your phone, email, kids, and dogs.

Engage with speakers: Ask questions during their sessions and connect with them on social media.

Connect with fellow attendees: Attend virtual networking sessions and connect with fellow attendees via social media, LinkedIn, and email. 

Visit virtual sponsor booths: Take advantage of sponsor promotions and find out about the best WordPress tools at sponsor booths. Bluehost is a global sponsor, so you’ll see us at many virtual WordCamp events this year.

What to Do After Attending an Online WordCamp

Follow up: Continue relationships with new connections and speakers via email and social media.

Take action: Give yourself a goal to accomplish based on what you learned at WordCamp.

Upcoming Virtual WordCamps

Add these virtual WordCamps to your calendars:

Final Thoughts: How to Make the Most of Virtual WordCamps

Attending a WordCamp conference is the perfect way to increase your WordPress knowledge. Take advantage of the conference’s new online format to learn as much as you can and connect with WordPress lovers all around the world.

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