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Step into the whimsical illustrations of print, pattern, and fashion designer Hanna Tkachenko. She is currently based in Germany and creates print patterns that combine new trends and forecasts with colorful illustrations that can be used for wallpaper and clothing designs. Whether you are visiting the big top with her circus-themed designs or getting spooky with a cup of witches brew, Hannas helping businesses and brands speak to their customers through the power of art.

Bluehost chatted with Hanna about the origins of her business, the services she offers, and what inspires her to create. She describes her website as inspired, personal, and playful.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us! What inspired you to start your business?

I worked as a full-time designer for kids fashion where I had a chance to create beautiful artworks for kids apparel. I fell in love with the process of printed design and it resonated deeply with me that I was creating illustrations that could have an impact on so many little souls. 

It made me so happy to see kids outside wearing clothes with my drawings. Around that time I decided to start my own business and dedicate my time to creating more art. At the end of July 2019, I quit my full-time job to fully focus on my business. 

To go from a full-time designer to starting your own business is amazing. How did you balance the transition from designing to also managing a business?

I am always working and managing my business. It’s a responsibility that I am dedicated to each hour of every day. Even if I’m going to sleep I am thinking about new ideas and projects.

You can never stop an artist from creating, even in their sleep! What do you love most about running your own business?

I like that I get to manage my own time. To create something that comes from my heart I need the freedom to decide when, where, and how I work. Even though I work much more I used to, I love my business, and I’m truly grateful for the versatility that comes with being my own boss.

The amount of dedication you have to your business is reflected in your stunning artwork. What are some of the services or products you provide for your customers and how do they stand out from the crowd?

The services I provide for businesses are to create prints and patterns which have the ability to be placed on clothes, fabrics and more. I am still in the early stages of planning and development of my business but have recently started selling my art directly to customers.

What makes me stand out from the crowd is how much heart and soul I put into each piece of work I create. My illustrations are not just cute pictures, each of them has a story that I constructed in my mind before creating it. They are not just drawings… I put a lot of thought into even the smallest elements, like the “witch pattern” I designed for Halloween.

The “witch pattern,” was right on time for the spooky season, what inspires you to create?

My inspiration comes from children and how they see the world. Everything is interesting, special, and magic to them. I am an auntie and have always been so amazed at how my nephew thinks that everything is alive. He even says “goodbye,” to trains, houses, and cars…how adorable is that?

A child’s imagination is unbelievable. When I’m in the early stages of a new sketch, I try to put myself in their shoes and figure out all the stories behind my illustrations. I like to imagine what a child would think or feel if he or she saw my design.

Your website is fantastic, did you have any assistance with your website and did you experience any challenges building it?

I built my website this August with the help of a theme and the WordPress Bakery plug-in. My current website is actually the second one I’ve built with Bluehost. The first one was the website for Anavidev, small app development company that I founded with my sisters.

The easiest part was figuring out my website name! I think the hardest part was the responsive design. I still have to learn how to adjust my site for other devices properly and am continually working on it.

That’s really cool that you design and illustrate for an app! As a new business owner, where did you learn about website management and optimization? 

I learned about website management through online resources like podcasts, YouTube and blogs. I did not want to limit myself by only learning from professionals in my field. A lot of successful businesses share their experience working with WordPress and their favorite plugins which helped me narrow down the best options for my website.

The internet can definitely be a great wealth of resources when it comes to building a website. How does your website play a role in your business?

My website is the face of my business. It represents who I am as a creative person, my portfolio, my business card and is an online advertisement for my work.

You mentioned earlier that you created your website in August, do you plan to expand your web presence?

I am planning to blog! I want to share more with my community of artists like my work, helpful tips, and tricks. If everything goes smoothly I’ll launch my blog later this year. I also plan to expand my products and services with an online shop.

I’ve recently started building my own shop on Society 6 which sells good and services for independent artists across the globe. While customers can purchase my work thorugh that site, I do plan on integrating it to my current website.

Thank you so much for chatting with Hanna, we look forward to seeing your business continue to succeed!



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