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Bluehost Cloud is a Managed WordPress hosting platform that is designed to provide fast page load times and keep your website up and running 100% of the time. It is scalable to meet the needs of both your website and your clients’ websites. 

Unlike other Managed WordPress providers, Bluehost does not charge extra for traffic spikes, and it does not limit resources as your site grows. Instead, Bluehost has partnered with the brilliant minds behind to create the best Managed WordPress platform available. This platform is built and maintained by highly skilled WordPress experts, and it operates on a robust global server infrastructure. 

Bluehost Cloud is the perfect solution for professionals and agencies who need fast, scalable website resources and advanced management tools. With Bluehost Cloud, you can be confident that your website will have the power and speed it needs to grow. 

Bluehost Cloud can easily handle website traffic spikes and surges

Many people consider increased traffic a sign of a successful website. However, when sudden traffic spikes occur, they can present significant challenges for your website. It can lead to slower page load times, server downtimes, and resource constraints. Ultimately, this hampers the user experience, increases the bounce rate, and damages your brand reputation.  

To mitigate these issues, it’s important to have a reliable and scalable hosting service. In this regard, the Bluehost Cloud solution can be a great option for WordPress users. It offers a cloud-based hosting solution that can handle sudden spikes in traffic, ensuring faster page load time, and better performance, even during peak seasons.  

Challenges faced by WordPress users during a traffic spike 

Most small business owners opt for shared hosting when they start their websites. It’s a budget-friendly option but has its limitations, especially when the website experiences high traffic.  

Traffic spikes occur when the number of users accessing a website suddenly increases over a short period of time. It usually happens because of viral content, marketing campaigns, or unexpected events. If a website on a shared server experiences a traffic spike, it can consume most of the server’s resources, affecting the performance of all other websites on the same server. 

To prevent one website from monopolizing resources, many hosting providers set resource limits on shared hosting accounts. The hosting provider may throttle the website’s performance or temporarily suspend it if the limits are exceeded. In extreme cases, if a website on a shared server receives an exceptionally high volume of traffic, it can lead to server overload, causing downtime for all websites hosted on that server. 

Shared hosting environments can also pose security risks. Compromising one website on the server can significantly impact the security of other websites sharing the same server.  

If your website frequently experiences high traffic, it may outgrow the shared hosting environment, and you may need a more robust hosting solution. To address this issue, we have launched Bluehost Cloud. 

Features and benefits of Bluehost Cloud 

Managed WordPress by WordPress creators 

Bluehost Cloud offers fully managed services to help you stay focused on building your website. You don’t have to worry about managing the details, such as PHP configurations, WordPress Core updates, automatic backups, and security layers.  

The Bluehost Cloud infrastructure is optimized for WordPress websites, and everything is fine-tuned to ensure that plugins, themes, and backups run smoothly without any compatibility issues. 

100% network availability & uptime monitoring 

Bluehost Cloud provides 100% network availability, ensuring that your site is always online for visitors. This is achieved by replicating your site in real-time. As your site grows, Bluehost Cloud will also scale up to meet your performance requirements related to traffic spikes or sustained high traffic. 

A reliable auto-failover system is implemented at the datacenter level to ensure complete DC redundancy. In the unlikely event of any issues arising in the whole data center, your website and all its files will be replicated to a separate location to keep your online presence uninterrupted. 

Maximum site speeds guaranteed 

All our plans come with a built-in CDN that dynamically optimizes images and delivers edge server caching to reduce page load times globally to mere milliseconds. Our optimized cloud infrastructure, with increased CPU frequency and scalable PHP workers, allows your website to handle more requests in less time. 

You can also choose the global datacenter that works best for your original servers to reduce latency and bring your site even closer to your visitors. 

Built-in security and trust  

Bluehost Cloud plans come with automated protection against malicious attacks, which includes DDoS protection, a web application firewall, and backups. In the event of an attack, you can restore your site to a previous state with just one click, minimizing the impact on you or your clients. 

Additionally, all Bluehost Cloud plans include a ‘Let’s Encrypt SSL’ to ensure that the data sent to and from your website is secure and encrypted, protecting it from hackers and scammers. You can also enable 2-factor authentication on your accounts to prevent unauthorized access and enhance protection. 

24/7 priority support direct from WordPress experts  

We offer Real Priority Support, which means that when you call or chat with us, you’ll speak directly to a Level 3 technician trained in all things WordPress. We have a team of trained WordPress experts who have received specialized training in best practices for WordPress websites. They will provide you with instant assistance and guidance for any WordPress-related queries. 

You can reach out to our trained WordPress experts by phone or chat. Chat support is available 24/7, and phone support is available during normal business hours from Monday to Friday. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Bluehost Cloud

Can I upgrade my Bluehost Cloud plan as my website grows? 

Yes, you can. Bluehost offers flexible plans that allow you to easily upgrade your hosting as your website grows. This ensures that your website always runs smoothly and efficiently, without any interruption in service. 

What security measures are in place to protect my website on the Bluehost Cloud?

Bluehost Cloud is a robust web hosting solution that provides top-notch security features to ensure that your website stays safe and secure. This includes protection against DDoS attacks, which can bring down your website by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. Additionally, the WAF feature helps to filter out malicious traffic and prevent attacks on your website. 

Bluehost Cloud also offers automated backups to keep your website’s data safe and easily recoverable. The SSL certification encrypts all data transmitted between your website and its visitors, providing an additional layer of security against interception and data theft. 

To further enhance the security of your website, Bluehost Cloud provides 2-factor authentication, ensuring that only authorized users can access your account.

How does Bluehost Cloud handle traffic spikes without affecting website performance? 

Bluehost Cloud can automatically adjust its resources to handle sudden spikes in website traffic. This means that your website will always run smoothly and quickly, regardless of how many visitors you have. 

Can I get help with WordPress-related queries from Bluehost Cloud experts? 

Absolutely. Bluehost Cloud offers round-the-clock priority support and direct access to Level 3 technicians who specialize in WordPress. Our team of trained WordPress experts is also available by phone or chat during normal business hours, from Monday to Friday. 

What happens in case of a server or datacenter failure? 

Bluehost Cloud provides a reliable data center infrastructure that ensures full redundancy by replicating your website to a separate location in case of any failure. Moreover, its robust auto-failover system keeps your site online in the event of a failure. 

Are there any limitations on the number of websites I can host on the Bluehost Cloud? 

Bluehost Cloud plans offer flexibility, allowing you to host multiple websites based on the plan you choose, ensuring scalability for your projects. Suppose you choose the Cloud 1 plan, then you can host only one website. But if you go with the Cloud 50 plan, you can host about 50 websites. 

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