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CloudFlare is an advanced content delivery network (CDN) that provides optimal performance and security to your website. With over 14 data centers around the world, their CDN automatically caches your static website files. While dynamic content remains on your Bluehost web server, static files are physically closer to visitors. CloudFlare then uses a technology called Anycast to route your visitors to their nearest data center, helping your website load faster for visitors, regardless of where they’re located. On average, websites using CloudFlare has 65% fewer requests and uses 60% less bandwidth.Using their intelligent global network, CloudFlare also blocks threats and limits abusive bots and crawlers from wasting bandwidth and sever sources.


We integrated CloudFlare into our Bluehost systems so that it’s easy for you to install and start using in minutes. Simply log into your Bluehost control panel (cPanel) and click on the “Upgrades” tab. From there, you can decide which CloudFlare plan is best for your site(s) and then click “Install” to get started.
CloudFlare comes in two plans: Basic and Pro. The basic CloudFlare plan is absolutely FREE and includes faster site performance, broad security protection, and basic reporting.
If you’re looking for maximum optimization, CloudFlare also offers a pro plan for $14.99, which includes real time statistic reporting, mobile optimization, advanced site security, advanced reporting, and even greater site performance improvements.
We’re excited to be working with CloudFlare to make your website, even better! If you have any questions regarding CloudFlare or how to get started, leave a comment below or call us anytime, 24/7, at 888-401-4678.
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