25 Great Stocking Stuffers for Small Business Owners

If you know any small business owners, then you also know how busy they are.  All year long, they’re juggling sales, marketing, and customer service — and the list just keeps on going. Do you have one of these tireless, multitasking entrepreneurs on your gift list? Here are 25 great stocking stuffers for small business owners.

Shopping small has a whole new meaning.

The Gift of Learning

Some people are naturally great leaders, and others need a little help understanding how to build strong teams or develop winning habits. So what to get the small business owner who wants to learn? Pick up Tools of Titans or How to Be a Great Boss, both named on Small Biz Trends’ list of the best business books to read in 2017.


The Gift of Hands-Free

Anyone who likes to listen to music or stream movies while working will appreciate the FÖM™ Phone Stand. A suction cup ensure that your phone stays in place and moldable microbeads allow you to adjust it to any position. For less than $10, it’s a great gift.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Fair Trade

Small picture frames for family photos or a snapshot of your business’ grand opening give any office a warm, welcoming feel. These fair-trade photo frames are crafted from recycled aluminum so they’re perfect for associates who patronize eco-friendly firms.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Scents

Believe it or not: aromatherapy has been shown to boost productivity. Research from Takasago, a Japanese fragrance company, showed that aromatherapy led to a 50 percent decrease in simple work mistakes when employees were exposed to a lemon scent. Science aside, many people use scents to relax or boost their mood. This Homasy Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser can easily diffuse stress-relieving lavender or energizing rosemary scents up to 250 square feet.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Time Management

Most new business owners could use some help managing their time more effectively. Help your favorite entrepreneur stay on top of things with one of these nine time-management apps recommended by Kevin Donnelly of Shopify. The gift of time is often the greatest gift you can give.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Reliability

Every business needs a beautiful, fully-functioning website supported by a reliable web hosting service with 24/7 tech support. Bluehost offers full-service plans starting for less than $5 per month the perfect stocking stuffer for the entrepreneur who plans to launch or update a new website in the new year.

stocking stuffers for small business owners


The Gift of Personalization

Very special business associates deserve truly unique stocking stuffers. You’ll find a variety of hand-crafted, monogrammed business card holders like the one in the photo below on Etsy. Many are priced between $10 and $15.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Fitness

The Fitbit Wristband is an excellent fitness tracking device that tracks steps, calories burned, and inactive time. The stylish band syncs wirelessly to your phone or computer and is waterproof. It also has a silent alarm, so this makes a great gift for those who need reminders of upcoming business appointments.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Snacking

Most of us snack at our desk. But here’s the upshot: 65 percent of employees want healthier nosh options in the office. So give the people what they want! SnackNation is an snack delivery company that has a plan for every size of office and changes up half of the snacks every month to prevent boredom.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Smart Travel

Super Smart Tag is the perfect gift for business owners who spend a lot of time traveling. After registering the device, this high-tech luggage tag will give you a unique code. If your bag gets lost at the airport, for example, personnel can look up your code and discover where your suitcase has gone.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Caffeine

‘Entrepreneur’ and ‘caffeine’ seem to go hand-in-hand, so a personalized coffee subscription is a terrific way for your favorite business owner to get his or her fix. And when you place your first order with Driftaway Coffee, you’ll get four samples of different blends to explore tastes from around the world.


The Gift of Networking

Networking is one of the best ways to grow a new small business. Joining industry associations helps business leaders make vital connections with their peers and colleagues. Give the gift of network building with a relevant association membership and subscription to a trade journal or newsletter.


The Gift of Greenery

There’s something very soothing about surrounding your workspace with plants. Check out these crazy cool terrariums from Rodale’s Organic life for inspiration to put together a green gift.


The Gift of Cleanliness

Keeping the break room clean can be challenging in a small office. Fortunately these little crumb catchers keep counters neat and tidy — and cost less than $15 at the Container Store.


The Gift of Convenience

With this USB-loaded Swarovski writing pen, business owners can access up-to-date records on the move or carry a personal music collection in their pocket. This compact pen holds up to 16 GB.


The Gift of Usefulness

If you’re planning to give your favorite SMB owner cash, ditch the wrapping paper. Instead slip those dollar bills into a personalized hand-crafted money clip from Wood U Like.


The Gift of On-the-Go Technology

The Scanmarker Air is for those times when you need to scan some text and you’re on the move. This productivity tool allows you to scan an entire line of text in just one second (or 3,000 characters per minute) and easily upload it to your computer or smartphone via bluetooth. You can also edit it once scanned or translate it into forty languages.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Organization

Some say a neat desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, but for the small business owner on your list who loves a neat-as-a-pin desk, consider a wooden desk organizer that keeps everything in its place.


The Gift of Imagery

There’s no excuse for not using professional-quality images on your business website or blog. A very useful gift for the small business owner in your life is a year’s subscription or even a set amount of credits to a stock photo website. BigStock, Adobe Stock, and Stock Unlimited are three options that offer millions of photos, videos, and vectors with a royalty-free license.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Gift Cards

When you just cannot think of something that the business owner in your life will love, give him or her a gift card to their favorite cafe, bookstore, electronics shop or any other establishment you know that they frequent. Many cards, like these options from Pressed Juicery, are good for online and in-store purchases.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Professionalism

High-quality leather journals, notebooks, or portfolios make a wonderful gift. Cross Corporate Gifts offers branded leather journals with or without integrated pen sleeves and business card pockets. In addition, the brand sells many different pens, luggage tags, and card holders that are ideal gifts for business owners and their clients.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Doggie Deals

Small business owners who bring their pets to work think of their four-legged friends as family members. Pick up a special toy or box of treats for the “extended family” this year. Groupon has weekly specials at PetSmart and other online retailers.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Backing Up

With so much business being conducted on smartphones, it’s a wonder they haven’t invented unlimited batteries yet. But until they do, a portable backup charger is an excellent solution. If you know someone whose phone is always dying, Lumsing’s External Power Bank for Smartphones & Tablets will keep them connected.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Durability

Spilling a cup of coffee or a glass of water on your keyboard can happen in a second, but getting the keyboard repaired or replaced takes a lot longer. And that’s time that busy business owners can’t afford to waste. Logitech’s Washable Keyboard is a basic plug-and-play keyboard (no software required) with ultra-durable keys that you can safely hand wash.

stocking stuffers for small business owners

The Gift of Free Time

Perhaps the greatest gift of all is time to relax and enjoy a day with family or friends. Create a personalized voucher for a day off and offer to fill in the gap (if possible) so the boss can get away and catch up on some sleep, soak up some rays, or get out for a hike.

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