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I write and curate content for Bluehost. I hope this blog post is helpful.
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Did you know more people recommend Bluehost than any other web host in the world? It’s true! There are lots of reasons for this, but we know one big one: our truly amazing technology.
Now, most of our clients probably don’t often think about the servers or software powering their website, and that’s the point. We manage the technology so they don’t have to. This frees them to focus on what matters: creating amazing, successful websites. But for those who are curious about what makes the Bluehost magic happen, here’s an inside look.

100% In-House

Bluehost was built from the ground up to be the absolute best shared hosting platform on the planet. From day one we knew this would only happen if we controlled our own hardware, so from the beginning our data center has been 100% in-house. We do it all, from start to finish. We build our own servers from scratch and operate on our own proprietary Linux kernel.
Our professional 24/7 administrators give our servers more love and attention than any host in the business. They are constantly upgrading and redesigning our platform to utilize the best technology available, making our hosting faster and even more reliable. And our development team creates innovative new ways to make life even easier for our clients. This in-house expertise gives us the freedom to create custom solutions…a flexibility that most other web hosts simply can’t match. For example, we developed CPU resource protection before anyone in the industry and still blow everyone else out of the water.
With a Bluehost hosting account you can trust that you’re operating on the absolute best technology available, period. Simply put, life is better at Bluehost. Hope you enjoy the video!

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