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Since WordPress 5.7 launched in March 2021, WordPress has released two security and maintenance updates and two beta versions for WordPress 5.8. 

Slated for a July 2021 release, WordPress 5.8  will be the second major core release for 2021. It’ll include the initial versions of Full Site Editing (FSE), Template Editor, and support for WebP images.

Read on to learn more about:

The Latest WordPress Version: 5.7.2

The Next Major Release: WordPress 5.8

Final Thoughts: WordPress 5.7.2 — Security Updates + WordPress 5.8 Beta 2

The Latest WordPress Version: 5.7.2

WordPress 5.7.2 is a short-cycle security release that fixes the object injection in PHPMailer, a critical issue affecting WordPress since version 3.7. WordPress released version 5.7.2 in May 2021.

Before that, WordPress released version 5.7.1 in April 2021. It was a security and maintenance update that featured 26 bug fixes on top of two security fixes. 

These fixes include:

  • Data exposure in REST API
  • XML External Eternity (XXE) Injection in the Media Library that only affects PHP 8
  • Minor theme, administration, and block editor issues

Users can use WordPress 5.7.1 to test the new Full Site Editing feature, which will be introduced in 5.8.

The Next Major Release: WordPress 5.8

The next major core update will be 5.8, slated for a July 2021 release. Since the deadline is a few weeks away, the WordPress development team encourages the community to try the second beta version, which is available for testing.

As per usual, WordPress suggests creating a staging site to test the new beta features instead of trying them out on your live website. To start, activate the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (using the Bleeding Edge channel and Beta/RC Only stream) or directly download the latest beta version (ZIP file).

The second beta release includes 26 bug fixes from WordPress 5.8’s first beta test, including:

  • Removal of block patterns to the Block Editor
  • Login and registration improvements
  • Template and widget screen-related fixes

Compared to the second beta, the first beta release introduced more features that we can hope to see in WordPress 5.8, including:

  • Powerful blocks for Page Lists, Site Titles, Logos, and Taglines
  • Query Loop block that offers multiple ways to display lists of posts
  • Duotone block that adds image effects and can be used for media blocks and supported third-party blocks
  • Patterns during block setup that offer powerful flows 

Patterns are the primary building block of the editor. WordPress is exploring pattern transformations that convert one or more blocks to different patterns. It also plans to include a pattern directory on

The pattern directory integrates with features on Gutenberg 10.7, such as:

  • Reusable blocks that improve creation flow and support revisions.
  • List view, a panel that helps navigate complex blocks and patterns. Prior to the update, this feature was only available to the Site Editor. Now it’s also available in the Post Editor.
  • Responsive menus in the Navigation block. They enable additional accessibility by providing a keyboard-navigable menu.

At the time of writing, WordPress released 5.8 beta 3, which includes 38 bug fixes and updates to the Editor and Block Editor. To try it out, follow the instructions above or directly download it (ZIP file).

Final Thoughts: WordPress 5.7.2 — Security Updates + WordPress 5.8 Beta 2

Since its 5.7 “Esperanza” release in March 2021, WordPress has had a busy few months working on security and maintenance fixes for 5.7 and preparing for WordPress 5.8.

The security update of 5.7 included resolving critical security issues to prepare WordPress for the arrival of WordPress 5.8.

With the beta version of 5.8 available for testing, you can start getting excited about the new features, including Full Site Editing, Template Editor, and support for WebP images.
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