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Ease of use

WordPress is all about user experience and ease of use. Its dashboard is the easiest to navigate of all the major CMS’s available. The WordPRess core team focuses on improving this even more with every release. When it comes to your business, time is money and you should be able to accomplish the task at hand as quickly as possible.

Budget Conscious

WordPress is Open Source. That means the source code is available to you free of charge. You still need a place to store and run this code, but the code itself is free, making the overall cost very affordable for the small business looking to get started.

Multi-User and User Roles

WordPress supports multiple users out of the box and users with different roles and permission levels. This is nice because the business owner does not have to do all the site operations and can trust that any user can accomplish the tasks needed with the appropriate role.


WordPress has thousands of free, customizable themes available at that can be tweaked to match thelook and feel like your business. If you are looking for something with more options, many premium themes have additional features that can help. We always recommend using a plugin for functionality, but some premium themes have additional visual features. Check out MOJO Marketplace for top quality premium themes.
Ready to go beyond basic themes and hire a designer to design a custom look and layout for your site? You can build custom themes for WordPress to meet your exact needs. This would going to be more expensive than a pre-built theme but can be built to match your brand exactly.


There are thousands of plugins available on to add additional functionality to your site. Create a simple contact form or a complex ecommerce site by just adding a few plugins. It’s easy to add things that help you accomplish business goals like increasing email capture and mailing lists. If there is a service you need, there is probably a plugin available to help you get it on your WordPress powered website.

Mobile App

There are WordPress apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to update content, publish content, and even manage many aspects of your website on-the-go. You don’t have to be in front of a computer to update your site. The mobile apps make it easier than ever to keep your site up to date for all your visitors.

Ability to Scale

As your sites becomes more popular and starts getting loads of traffic, you will need to look into optimizing it. There are plugins available to help and this is where a custom theme will start to look even more attractive. If your themes and plugins are optimized, you may find yourself ready to make the jump to a larger server. This is a good problem to have as it means your site is popular and growing. Whether you are going from Shared to VPS or Optimized Hosting for WordPress to a Dedicated server, Bluehost is here to help.