How to Maximize Your Publishing Options

WordPress gives users several options to manage any content that is created in the editor. Whether a user is changing the visibility to a selected audience or scheduling post for future publishing, you’re in control over your content creation process. Learning how to manage the several publishing options in the editor can help you develop a better understanding of how content is working on your site.

Adjusting Visibility

Whenever you create a post or page, you have the ability to control who can view the content through the “Visibility,” feature. The default option for posts and pages visibility is set to “Public,” which means that the content will be visible to everyone as soon as it’s published.

When you click the edit button on the visibility tab, you can choose from an expanded set of options that can change who sees your content.

You have the ability to set the visibility to public, private, or password protected based on your individual preference for that page or post.

  • Public,” posts mean that they are visible to everyone who comes to your website.
  • Private,” posts, while maybe not used as often, are only for site admins and editors.
  • “Password Protected,” posts allow anyone with the chosen password to view the page from the website.

Pro Tip: Password protected posts will still show up in your post history; however viewers cannot access the content without the password.

Publishing Options

Congrats, it’s time to publish your page to your WordPress site! WordPress provides several publishing options for users once they are done building their site.

For users seeking to organize content in advance, WordPress gives you the option to schedule your content for automatic publishing. You can schedule
an event to happen at a certain time, such as publishing a post on a specific date. However, it is important to understand how WordPress handles these scheduled events behind the scenes to avoid confusion.

Scheduled events are stored in the database, and the next time you visit the website, WordPress will look to see if any scheduled events are due and
trigger them. Because of this, scheduled events may not occur on the exact date or time you have scheduled them. This is a common issue for sites with low or infrequent traffic.

WordPress allows you to send out a post as soon as it’s completed.

Once you select your preferred method of publishing, it’s time to make your post or page live on your site. You can select “Publish,” and it will be available to be viewed by your audience who will see it on your website. The “Editor Menu,” also offers a few settings to help you tailor your overall editing experience, including fullscreen mode, as well as tools from
plugins like Jetpack and Yoast.

We look forward to seeing everyone flourish with the editor as it provides numerous options to transform the way websites and content is displayed. The use of the editor will assist in creating dynamic content that your audiences will love.

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