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The WordPress editor allows users to build a website that is visually rich and engaging using content blocks. Within the editor, there are hundreds of block combinations a user can create from the block library. Changing and saving reusable blocks is essential for any user’s specific needs.

Within the editor, there are a few options to change the type of block you’d like to use. By clicking the arrows within your current block, you will see the option to change the block type. You also have the option to change the version of your current block.

Below, you see that you can change the heading type to an H2, H3, or H4 within the Heading block.

Reusable Blocks

Reusable Blocks are a great way to save all of the content, styling, and settings you’ve set-up in a block for use in another post or page.

To add a Reusable Block:

  1. Insert a Block
  2. Fill with content and style as desired
  3. Open the Block Menu and click “Add to Reusable Blocks.”

Once made reusable, edits to the Block will show up each place the block is inserted. On a recipe blog, a “Recipe of the Week” block could be inserted at the bottom of each post with a link to that week’s recipe. Weekly updates to that block would show in every post where it’s inserted, without having to edit every post.

Reusable Blocks can be managed and removed by opening the Editor Menu in the top-right corner and clicking “Manage All Reusable Blocks.”

Pro Tip: You can also insert a Reusable Block and convert that copy of the block back to a normal and make changes that apply to only that copy. This makes them a great way to store starter templates with preformatted content for content that looks similar and varies each time you use it.

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