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Mobile has quickly become the best way to grow and nurture consumers as they travel through your sales funnel. Over 70 percent of all media consumed online involves the use of a smartphone or tablet. Marketers can no longer ignore the potential sales and conversions they are missing out on by not mastering their mobile marketing campaign. 

Before we begin, let’s define the term mobile conversion rate. Generally speaking, the mobile conversion rate is the percentage of people who click-through your marketing campaign and sign up for your email list or buy something from your website. For example, if you created a marketing campaign and 1,000 people received the offer, and only 50 followed through, you would have a mobile conversion rate of 5 percent.

Now, let’s dive in and look at 4 ways you can start improving your mobile conversion rate today. 

1.) Create a Responsive Website

There’s a common misconception that the phrases “mobile-friendly,” and “mobile-responsive,” mean the same thing.

Mobile-friendly sites are, as the name implies, friendly for mobile users. However, this is not the best or most effective way to introduce your website to new consumers. If your site is mobile-friendly, consumers will see the same website design, regardless of what device they are using. 

Responsive sites change elements of the website to make it fit for mobile users. For example, a menu may be visible when looking at your home page with a laptop. Mobile users will see a small button that contains the menu, which they can click to show the full list of options. You’ll likely improve website speed and functionality by switching to a responsive design.

When consumers can come to your website on their smartphone and get an experience tailored for their device, they are more likely to sign up for your email list or check out your products and services.

2.) Manage Mobile SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is much more complicated than it was during the infancy of modern-day internet technology. Keyword stuffing was a common practice, and before long, Google introduced their algorithm in an attempt to crack down on business owners that were cheating for their search rank. 

During the past couple of years, Google released mobile-first indexing in an attempt to show mobile consumers relevant results. Instead of ranking and crawling the desktop version of a web page, Google’s focus shifted to mobile-responsive sites and how they use SEO. 

It’s essential to understand the difference between Google’s primary index and its mobile-first system. If you want to see more conversions, you must use trustworthy SEO tactics on the mobile-responsive version of your website.

Your website should still focus on creating valuable content with pillar articles that extend to more niche-specific pieces of content. Before publishing a post, make sure you include accurate and informative metadata, as this is one of the main deciding factors Google examines before ranking a page. All proper SEO techniques apply here, but you have to optimize the mobile version of your website to improve your ranking.

3.) Use Mobile Optins

Mobile versions of websites use different SEO techniques and different styles, so it only makes sense that you would use a different method of marketing. Instead of using large block ads, you can create mobile optins with OptinMonster.

Mobile optins usually contain a lead magnet such as a free ebook, webinar event, or newsletter. If your promotional material isn’t formatted for a mobile device, consumers might get discouraged and click off of your website before they can see your offer.

Below is an example of what kind of lead magnets you can make with OptinMonster’s mobile templates.

Let’s face it; most of us don’t want to read walls of text before we sign up for an offer. Because we are so pressed for time, we will likely back out of an optin process if it seems too complicated. OptinMonster’s mobile templates allow you to create offers that are designed to attract new customers without leaving them overwhelmed. In the example we showed you above, you can tell within seconds what you’re aware of the company, the offer, and the next step. The best part about using these templates is that you can create them even if you have no coding experience.

Mobile users crave this kind of accessibility. If you want to improve your mobile conversion rate, you have to create short, engaging popups for your target audience.

4.) Track Your Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best tools you can use on your website. If you’re using WordPress, MonsterInsights is an excellent plugin that allows you to access your analytics data directly from your website.

There’s a wealth of valuable information in your analytics that can help you convert more mobile customers. You’ll have access to demographics, customer behavior, and device preferences all at your fingertips.

You can use this data to make positive changes to your website and marketing campaigns. For example, if you notice an unusually high bounce rate from mobile consumers during the checkout process, this could mean that there is a glitch making it impossible for consumers to finish their order, or you need to improve the checkout process for mobile customers.

Similarly, you can see what kind of content consumers are reading on your website. If you notice that a majority of your mobile base is researching a specific topic or article, you can create a mobile campaign from that data designed to target customers on smartphones or tablets.

Mobile conversion rates are becoming increasingly crucial for all business owners. When you consider that over half the population uses their smartphone for browsing, it only makes sense that we would target these customers when designing our websites and creating offers.

After you create a mobile-responsive site, keep a careful eye on your analytics, marketing campaigns, and SEO if you want to increase the number of people who convert on your offer from their smart device.

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