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A well-integrated calendar plugin is essential for properly arranging events, appointments, and schedules. The universe of WordPress calendar plugins has expanded, providing a variety of solutions to meet a variety of purposes. 

With so many options ranging from simple event display tools to feature-rich booking systems, choosing the best WordPress calendar plugin may be difficult. This guide will help you explore the newest advancements, user-friendly interfaces, and configurable capabilities these plugins provide. We will go into the intriguing world of the best WordPress calendar plugins in 2024 and assist you in making informed decisions.

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How to choose the best WordPress calendar plugin

  1. Features: When choosing the best WordPress calendar plugin, emphasize features that are relevant to your needs. Look for event display choices that may be customized, user-friendly interfaces, and integration capabilities. Top WordPress calendar plugins provide features such as recurring events, RSVP management, and seamless synchronization with major platforms, which improve the scheduling effectiveness of your site.
  2. Compatibility: Choose a WordPress calendar plugin that works well with your site’s theme and other plugins. Compatibility promotes a pleasant user experience and avoids any problems. To ensure long-term operation, prioritize plugins that support the most recent WordPress upgrades. This method guarantees that your selected calendar plugin works perfectly with your WordPress schedule plugin and other critical components, reducing the possibility of problems.
  3. Credibility: Consider user reviews, ratings, and the developer’s reputation when evaluating the legitimacy of WordPress calendar plugins. Reputable plugins have a history of dependable performance, security, and regular upgrades. Examine forums and community conversations to determine user happiness and any reported difficulties. Prioritize plugins from reputable developers to ensure continuing support, regular updates, and a great user experience.
  4. Support: When selecting a WordPress calendar plugin, adequate support is critical. Choose plugins with responsive support teams that respond quickly to user questions and difficulties. Look for documentation, FAQs, and community forums where users may get help. Consider plugins that provide continuing support, particularly as WordPress changes. This guarantees that your selected calendar plugin stays compatible and functioning, providing a dependable solution for your WordPress event plugin and scheduling requirements.

Top 10 WordPress calendar plugins of 2024

Sugar Calendar

Sugar Calendar is the top pick for the best WordPress calendar plugin for a variety of convincing reasons. It provides extensive filtering capability and has a simple administration interface that is perfectly incorporated into the WordPress dashboard. This plugin offers calendar widgets that allow customers and site administrators to display a full list of previous and forthcoming events that have been intelligently classified.

Furthermore, it allows you to customize event date and time formats based on your preferences. The Visitor Conversion option guarantees that event pages dynamically change to appear in individual visitors’ time zones. This calendar plugin is translation-ready and known for its lightweight design, making it ideal for websites with a worldwide readership.

Integrating a calendar into your WordPress site’s front end becomes a breeze, thanks to the plugin’s shortcode, which allows for additional customization with criteria like category and size. Custom coding is supported by the plugin, giving a versatile and personalized option for individuals wanting further customizing.

Rating: 5/5

Feature: Connection with Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms via free add-ons, recurring events feature, and calendar application connection, including Google Calendar.

Best for: Websites for memberships, events, WooCommerce businesses, and community websites.

Price: $449 for a one-time payment or $49-$199 each year.

The Events Calendar

This WordPress event calendar plugin is a fantastic tool for promoting events, increasing engagement, and increasing attendance. Site visitors may easily subscribe to event updates thanks to seamless connection with iCalendar and Google Calendar. Furthermore, the plugin’s code prioritizes developer-friendly architecture, allowing for sophisticated customization for a personalized experience.

The Events Calendar is a leading WordPress calendar plugin that provides full event management for both real and virtual meetings. While the Free plan has Month, List, and Day views, the Pro plan includes Week, Photo, Map, and Summary views.

The Events Calendar’s styles are fully responsive and effortlessly compatible with popular themes such as Divi and Avada. AJAX loading, a keyword search option, Google Maps integration, and time zone compatibility are notable features that improve the overall user experience.

Rating: 4.7/5

Features: The ability to schedule recurring occurrences, blocks, and shortcodes, widgets with advanced functionality, such as a small calendar events grid view, forthcoming events, and event countdowns.

Best for: Websites for events, fundraisers, businesses, and communities.

Price: Freemium starting at $99/year/license.

Timely All-in-one Events Calendar

Timely’s Comprehensive Events Calendar is a fantastic free WordPress calendar plugin that is ideal for a wide range of website kinds. It’s especially user-friendly for newbies because it’s lightweight, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized.

This plugin makes it easier to create and publish events, whether they are one-time occurrences, regular gatherings, or ongoing occurrences. Users benefit from quick event filtering options based on tags, categories, organizers, and locations, which is especially useful for websites that hold a mix of virtual and in-person events.

The versatility extends to the ability to import and export events, including support for major calendar programs such as Google Calendar and iCalendar. Event organizers can also display activities in their time zones or meet guests’ time choices.

Rating: 4.7/5

Features: Dashboard in many languages, calendar and event themes that can be customized, views of the week, month and agenda, and duplication of events.

Best for: Websites for events, businesses, and communities.

Price: Freemium starting at @98/year.

Modern Events Calender

Modern Events Calendar stands out as a highly customizable WordPress plugin, with over 50 professionally designed templates. With an emphasis on responsiveness and mobile friendliness, this plugin provides a variety of display modes adapted to specific needs.

The calendar plugin extends its functionality by incorporating booking and ticketing capabilities, as well as a date-based pricing system suitable for websites selling event tickets or lodging. Notably, it has a QR code module and a geolocation function, which improves participants’ access to event information.

Use the shortcode generating tool to smoothly display events across web pages, then track them using the complete reporting dashboard.

Rating: 4.6/5

Feature: Front-end event registration, reservation and ticketing systems, import Facebook events, integration of Google Calendar with Google Maps.

Best for: Websites for events, businesses, community groups, lodging, and eLearning are all examples of websites.

Price: Freemium starting at $75/license.

JetEngine Dynamic Calendar

JetEngine, a WordPress plugin for creating dynamic websites, has a flexible calendar widget for displaying event data such as photos, dates, locations, and costs. This widget is very customizable, allowing users to personalize it to their own needs. Users may tailor the weekday format, start the calendar from any month, and style navigation arrows, captions, and weekday labels.

In addition, the widget supports clickable events that take users to landing sites, maps, or booking forms. It allows the presentation of multi-day events while also allowing you to conceal previous events. The dynamic calendar has a flexible design for mobile devices and contains visibility rules and filtering options for event sorting.

Rating: 4.9/5

Features: Display various metadata in the calendar, add a map for more event information, filter out events, set up dynamic visibility, and sort and arrange the events.

Best for: Marketplaces, event websites, directory websites, eCommerce storefronts, and community websites are all examples of websites that fall within this category.

Price: $750–$999 for a one-time payment or $43–$888/year.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is one of the best WordPress calendar plugins for companies, with a robust online booking system. This plugin provides a smooth experience with its straightforward UI and adaptable calendar layout. Notably, it offers legend objects and month names in over 30 languages, increasing accessibility.

This WordPress calendar application allows you to combine several schedules into a single interface. By upgrading to the premium edition, you have access to features such as a bulk date editor and the option to sync calendars with sites like and Airbnb.

By clicking over select dates, site managers may enable visitors to alter specific calendars and acquire more event details, hence increasing user participation. A search widget and changeover days are also provided to help with bookings, leading to a positive experience.

Rating: 4.6/5

Feature: Create an unlimited number of calendars, user administration, tooltips while the mouse is hovered over, creating custom legend items, WordPress multisite functionality, backup and restore capabilities, import and export of iCalendar.

Best for: Accommodation websites, and service-based companies.

Price: Freemium licenses start at $39 per month.

My Calendar

Renowned for its simplicity and user-friendly interface, My Calendar stands out as a top-tier WordPress calendar plugin. Its functionality is straightforward, empowering users to effortlessly design personalized calendars categorized by authors, locations, or themes. 

This plugin excels in scheduling recurring events and enriching user experiences through custom templates and diverse widgets. The shortcode generator facilitates the creation of unique plugin views. 

Opting for the Pro version opens avenues for visitor-submitted events, providing monetization opportunities. 

Additionally, the plugin streamlines engagement by enabling direct blog post publication from the event editor. Importing events in .ics or .csv formats via file or URL further enhances its versatility.

Rating: 4.5/5

Features: Visitors’ event submissions, Google Maps compatibility, function for advanced event search, importing schedule events, support for many sites, shortcode creator.

Best for: Blogs, company websites, and community websites.

Price: Freemium licenses begin at $59 per year.

Calendarize it!

Calendarize it! stands out as a top calendar plugin for WordPress websites, with a plethora of add-ons. Its interoperability with top website builders like WPBakery speeds up template building, while interaction with translation plugins like Weglot simplifies the production of bilingual calendars.

After purchasing the license, users have access to free add-ons that expand the plugin’s features. The accordion-style upcoming events widget, an advent calendar, author filtering, an event countdown, and a ratings and reviews system are all noteworthy features.

Premium add-ons, designed with a focus on WordPress sites involved in online ticket sales, include sophisticated functionality for managing ticket transactions, processing payments, and personally advertising forthcoming events.

Despite the lack of a free version, the plugin offers a trial for customers to test its capabilities before purchasing. Users receive six months of support and access to future upgrades with the purchase of a license, assuring a dependable and feature-rich solution for event management on WordPress websites.

Rating: 4.5/5

Features: Over 800 Google Fonts are available in the visual CSS editor, taxonomy labels made to order, view of events on a map, panel for social sharing, WooCommerce and Eventbrite event tickets, sources of external events, events that need RSVP, and various payment options.

Best for: Blogs, event websites, corporate websites, and e-commerce sites.

Price: License starting at $29.


If you value versatility and visual appeal, EventON is an excellent addition to your WordPress site. This calendar plugin allows you to create an infinite number of events, with or without end dates or times, all of which are attractively presented in a nice and simple list.

EventON is feature-rich for both virtual and physical meetings, integrating smoothly with Zoom and Jitsi, offering an attendance mode, and generating event status reports replete with a stunning Live Now animation. Through user-friendly controls, the dynamic card interface facilitates the arrangement of event data.

EventON has a shortcode generator and different options for recurring events to simplify customization. Its auto-deletion option for prior events keeps the calendar neat and up to date. A reusable event organizer widget, health protocol standards, support for multi-day events, and compatibility with right-to-left (RTL) languages are all noteworthy.

Rating: 4.5/5

Features: The featured picture for events, single-day and multi-day events, modes of event attendance, shortcode generator with Zoom and Jitsi interaction, options for repeating events, developers will benefit from pluggable functionalities and icons for social sharing.

Best for: Blogs, event websites, eCommerce sites, and corporate websites.

Price: Freemium licenses begin at $25.

Events Manager

Events Manager is a premium WordPress calendar plugin that excels at the smooth organization of online events. Easily manage registrations for recurring and multi-day events with the reservations management tool, which allows you to approve/reject entries and export CSV data.

This calendar plugin, which includes BuddyPress support, adeptly organizes group events across many time zones, allows visitor event submissions, and provides event activity tracking. You can easily incorporate calendars and registration forms into your sites and posts thanks to the abundance of template tags and shortcodes.

The Events Calendar Pro edition unlocks premium features and add-ons, providing greater functionality. This includes the option to accept payments using common payment gateways like as PayPal and Stripe, as well as easy interaction with WooCommerce and the generation of promotional coupons and deals.

Users of Events Calendar Pro receive accelerated help via a special Pro forum, assuring rapid assistance. Furthermore, the commercial license includes one year of updates, guaranteeing that your calendar plugin is always up-to-date and efficient.

Rating: 4.3/5

Features: Simple event registration, creating recurring and extended events, booking administration, BuddyPress and Google Maps are both supported, All events’ iCal feed, WordPress GDPR compliance and data privacy, and various payment options.

Best for: Blogs, event websites, hotel websites, company websites, community websites, and eCommerce websites.

Price: Freemium licenses begin at $75 per website.

Final thoughts

Navigating the world of WordPress calendar plugins in 2024 necessitates a thorough awareness of your website’s requirements. The multitude of alternatives, all competing for the best WordPress calendar plugin title, emphasizes the significance of careful selection.

While researching the best WordPress calendar plugins, consider features, compatibility, credibility, and support to provide your WordPress site with a dynamic and efficient calendar solution in 2024.

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