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I write and curate content for Bluehost. I hope this blog post is helpful.
Are you looking at creating a blog, website or an online store? Bluehost has something for everyone. Get started today.

Time to get started creating your online store with Bluehost! Thanks to our integrated eCommerce features, you have access to a range of user-friendly tools that are designed to make your selling experience smoother and more successful than ever. We’re eager to give you a quick tour, walking you through all the features available to you. Let’s explore together! 

Locate your new store features in WordPress 

First click on ‘WordPress Hosting’ in your Account Manager. Under ‘Sites’ on WordPress, find the website you added a store to and click on ‘Log In’ next to WordPress.  

Once in the WordPress Dashboard, click on the Bluehost tab on the top left. Click on the ‘Store tab’ to view your store dashboard. Here you’ll see your store analytics. Scroll down a bit further to enable the plugins you want when you are ready.  

Add your products and services 

Click on Products & Services. Here you can add, manage, and import your products all on one page. Refer to this link for more details on ‘How to add Products & Services’. If you enabled any of the Yith Plugins, they we be here as well for you to manage.  

Set up deals with WonderCart! 

Click on the Sales & Discounts tab. Here you can create and manage sales and promotions for your store with WonderCart. Some campaigns you can create: Frequently Bought Together, Buy X Get Y, BOB, Free Shipping, and much more. Reward your customers for buying more!  

Don’t forget to enable the Bluehost exclusive YITH plugins 

From the Store tab, scroll down to Additional Features. Here you can enable the Bluehost exclusive YITH Plugins for your store! 

Get more help with WonderHelp 

On the top right of your WP Dashboard, click on the ‘?’. Ask our AI-powered Help Center any questions about WordPress and you will get a WordPress answer. This help center will quickly and easily walk you through any step and stay on the screen while you move through the dashboard until you are done.  

Now you are ready to build your store! Share your services and products with the whole world! 

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