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As a web professional, it can be challenging to organize and keep track of each client’s website, usernames, and passwords. Are you ready for a tool that’s going to make managing your client’s websites easier? Meet the dashboard that is designed to help web professionals manage all their WordPress sites in one place. Maestro is the newest initiative from Bluehost that is created to serve web professionals (WordPress website creators, designers, and developers) with better tools and features to streamline your website management process.

What is Maestro?

The Maestro dashboard can help you organize all your WordPress sites and categorize them by each individual client onto a single platform. Bluehost makes it easy to add individual client sites with one-click access to the WordPress Admin Dashboard and Bluehost hosting account. As you begin to grow and develop your client list Maestro can help you manage multiple accounts for each client. Maestro also provides the flexibility for any web professional to manage their sites regardless of who they host their website with.

How Can I Use It?

Maestro is free to use and can be accessed with your Bluehost username and password. After you are inside the Bluehost Maestro dashboard you will be able to quickly add, remove, or log into your client’s WordPress websites after they have approved for you to manage their website. With your Maestro account you can add any WordPress websites that you manage in addition to requesting access to websites hosted anywhere on the web. Managing your client’s websites has never been easier with Maestro! It was built with security in mind that also allows you to manage your client’s website without them having to share a password.

An Early version of the Maestro Panel

How to Add and Manage Websites With Maestro

The Maestro dashboard allows you to house sites with the following levels of access:

  • Sites hosted with Bluehost: You can be granted access to both the WP Admin and the cPanel, or just WP Admin.
  • Sites hosted elsewhere: You can only be granted WP Admin access.

It’s likely that for each site you currently manage on Bluehost or with any other hosting provider, you either created a separate hosting account yourself, or your clients purchased the hosting and shared their account credentials with you.

To safeguard the security of each account holder, we require that you be authorized to access a WordPress site through your Maestro account. This can be done two ways:

  • Secure Link: This mode of authorization is for websites hosted on Bluehost
    • Manage Hosting & WP Admin link: This will provide you access to the client’s Bluehost hosting account and WP Admin panel of the website.
    • WP Admin Only link: This will provide you access to the WP Admin panel of the website.
  • Secret Key: This mode of authorization will provide you with access to the WP Admin panel of websites hosted elsewhere.

Are you ready to start to dive right into managing your client’s websites? Sign up for your free Maestro account today!

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