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Do you want to create an online store? Wonderful! But where do you start? We know the first step to running an online business may be daunting. After all, there’s so much information available that it can be hard to figure out what you need. That’s why Bluehost and YITH have created the ‘Online Store’ and ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ plans. These eCommerce plans will make your life a lot easier! How? Read on to learn more!

What are the new eCommerce plans?

Both ‘Online Store’ and ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ bring together the power of WordPress, the versatility of WooCommerce, and the elegant simplicity of YITH plugins. So, what does this mean? Simply put, it means you have an all-in-one solution. The plans allow you to quickly set up your online store and sell your products anywhere and everywhere. 

But that’s not all! You can also schedule calendar appointments, ship new customer orders, and manage multi-channel inventory with the new eCommerce plans. In other words: everything you need to run a successful, online business.

Who benefits from the new eCommerce solution?

Everyone! It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of experience with eCommerce or none at all. These new plans will address the needs of every small business looking for an easy selling experience. That’s also why we chose to use WordPress. It’s a flexible and powerful tool that allows you to customize your store so it suits your needs. Plus, it’s an intuitive program, meaning you’ll quickly be able to work with it.

7 ways the new eCommerce solution will make your life easier

Now that we discussed the basics, let’s dive into how our new eCommerce plans will help you quickly set up the online store of your dreams.

Easy online store creation

The title says it all. With our setup wizard, you’ll be able to set up your own website in no-time! So, what does the setup wizard do exactly? It is an easy-to-follow guide that will ask you a few simple questions, so it knows exactly what kind of website you want to create. Within minutes, you’ll have a homepage, product page, and ‘About us’ page ready to edit and customize. 

If you want more features, such as payment processing, tax information, shipping and product inventory, then the wizard will help you set that up too. Our setup wizard has your back!

Access to WooCommerce and exclusive YITH plugins

After you’ve built a website, it’s time to customize it so it perfectly suits your needs. Our plans give you access to WooCommerce and YITH plugins. You’ll be able to completely personalize and customize your website, and make it unique! So, what plugins will you have access to? A lot! Namely: Payment Processing, Gift Cards, Appointment Bookings, Wish Lists, Shipping, Product Search/Filtering, and Customer Account Creation. You will have everything you need to build your online store.

Good to know: Both plans come with the WooCommerce and exclusive YITH plugins pre-installed!

Sell your products across multiple marketplaces

Your customers might be more active on Etsy or eBay instead of, for example, Amazon. Does this mean you have to juggle multiple accounts as you set up different online stores? Not at all! Our ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ plan allows you to keep track of everything. With this plan, you can manage your inventory from one centralized dashboard. You can see what’s happening at a glance, and easily keep track of your inventory without having to log into multiple dashboards.

Free domain and SSL

As is always the case with new Bluehost users, you will receive a free SSL certificate and domain. An SSL certificate means you will have a secure website that users can trust. And a domain is necessary if you want your website to go live!

Optimize your website with Yoast SEO

If you choose one of the new eCommerce plans, you also get access to the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin will help you optimize the technical aspect of your website, as well as help you create great and readable content. It has everything you need to start ranking in search engines, including a useful bullet point system that will help you optimize your site for the right keywords.

Easy and flexible WordPress theme pre-installed

To make your website easier to maintain, you’ll immediately have access to the Wonder WordPress theme. This wonderful theme allows you to customize your website however you like, by using a new block-based system. What’s more, it’s perfectly suited for all the other perks you will receive in our eCommerce plan, so everything will work together seamlessly.

24/7 support

And last but not least: The ‘Online Store’ and ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ include our readily available, 24/7 support. You’ll always have access to live assistance if you encounter a roadblock while creating your online store. We’re happy to chat and help.

Conclusion: a must for small businesses

From an easy-to-build eCommerce website to powerful connections with all the major online marketplaces, Bluehost’s ‘Online Store’ and ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ plans enable you to sell products anywhere and everywhere with confidence. You will have access to a lot of perks and plugins, allowing you to create an online store that truly stands out from the rest. So, take the first step now!

For more information on the ‘Online Store’ and ‘Online Store + Marketplace’ plans, including product features and details, visit

Tiffani is the Content and Social Marketing Manager for the Bluehost brand. She has a passion for creating engaging content, SEO and social media!

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