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Creativity and innovation are critical catalysts for growth, with platforms like WordPress providing the necessary infrastructure. These digital tools empower a wide array of creators—from entrepreneurs and bloggers to artists and online retailers—to not only dream but also to bring those dreams to life.  

Supported by Bluehost, a leader in WordPress web hosting, these creators are given the foundation to build, innovate, and thrive online. 

WordPress and Bluehost, founded in the same year, share a unique history. A shared commitment to empowering creators deeply connects their stories. This bond has only strengthened over time as both have supported and uplifted the creator community. 

WordPress as a cornerstone of the creator economy 

WordPress is a vital tool for creators, allowing them to innovate and express themselves freely. It has also been a significant force in the growth of eCommerce, with WooCommerce alone powering around 25% of all online stores. This has helped drive global eCommerce sales to new heights, providing creators with vital opportunities to reach wider audiences. 

The role of WordPress in empowering creators 

  • WordPress embodies the open-source philosophy, fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration. WordPress has cultivated a thriving community of developers and creators by allowing users to build, modify, and share their creations freely. 
  • WordPress serves as a powerful and flexible creation engine. It levels the playing field, enabling individual creators to compete with larger entities by providing the tools and support needed to succeed. 
  • The platform has significantly contributed to the exponential growth of eCommerce. By empowering creators to build and manage their online stores, WordPress has helped drive global eCommerce to unprecedented levels, providing a critical lifeline for many small business owners. 

Bluehost’s mission 

When creators can fully utilize digital tools, the balance of power in the economy shifts. Bluehost’s mission to empower people to harness the web aligns perfectly with WordPress’s mission to “democratize publishing.”  

It’s all about restoring power to creators, and Bluehost is dedicated to making that happen. 

In line with this mission, Bluehost announced its second annual Creators Awards last year. These awards recognize and honor the outstanding contributions of WordPress creators worldwide. The awards highlighted the best work from self-creators and creative web professionals. 

Announcement of the 2023 winners 

The 2023 Bluehost Creators Awards celebrated exceptional talent and effort in the WordPress community. Announced on May 29, 2024, in Jacksonville, Florida, this global contest recognizes creators across various fields, from business owners and bloggers to web developers and digital marketing agencies. 

The winners were selected from over 1,000 applicants from 94 countries. The 20 winners represented 11 countries, showcasing the global reach and diversity of the WordPress community. 

We are extremely thankful to our esteemed Jury who went through multiple rounds of rigorous evaluations across several months to finalize the winners. 

Self-creator winners: 

  1. Mike McAlister (United States) – OllieWP 
  1. Alexandre Recchia (France) – The Daily Packers 
  1. Zed Chiang (Thailand) – Moto Girl Thailand 
  1. Viola Sender & Sebastian Ahlers (United Kingdom) – Away to the City 
  1. Matthew McLaughlin (United States) – Miggle Fiend 
  1. Maany Silva (United States) – 10 Bucks a Room 
  1. Jesse Deol (Canada) – JD Photos 
  1. Taylor-Rae Collins-Headley (United States) – Thurman Perry Foundation 
  1. Anna Jaworska (United Kingdom) – Global Nomad Guide 
  1. Crystal Weflen (United States) – Stickety Cricket 

Creative web professional winners: 

  1. Marcus Burnette (United States) – The WP World 
  1. Asheesh Bhardwaj (India) – Artattackk 
  1. David Perez (Costa Rica) – Akind Consultancy 
  1. Alin Georgian Adam (Romania) – Match Themes 
  1. Atif Imran (India) – Arjuna Natural 
  1. Ahxandanish (Pakistan) – Ahsan Danish 
  1. Kolawole Adedire (Nigeria) – APVA Africa 
  1. Chetan Prajapati (India) – Lifestyle Group 
  1. Leslie Lothamer (United States) – El Programa 
  1. Amine Faiz (Morocco) – Tenor Group 

All winners are also showcased on the awards website at

Impact of the awards platform on the WordPress creator community 

The Bluehost Creators Awards continue to inspire and uplift the WordPress community, showcasing creators’ incredible talent and innovative spirit worldwide. The recognition and support provided by these awards help to drive further creativity and growth within the community. 

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the winners and participants. Your creativity and dedication are truly inspiring. Until next year – keep creating! 

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