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Scheduling posts in WordPress can give you the freedom to preload content to go live at specific times. The editor gives users the ability to meticulously control how content is published; whether immediately, or in the future. Within the editor, you have the ability to choose when your content is published on your site based on the month, date, and time.

Here are 5 steps to help you use the post schedule feature in WordPress.

1.) To access post scheduling, head over to the “Posts,” section of your dashboard then select “Edit,” on the draft you want to change.

2.) Once you’re in the draft, click on the “Document” option to the right. Once there you will see the Status and Visibility options below. 

3.) Use the date fields that appear to select your preferred publishing date and time, then click “Ok.”

4.)  You’ll select the blue “Schedule,” button and you’ll be prompted to confirm the scheduled date and time.

5.) After you confirm the scheduled time you can locate your scheduled posts on the post summary page of your dashboard.

When you use WordPress, time is on your side. You can use the post scheduler to schedule content in advance so your audience never misses a thing. Post scheduling can also be useful if you work with a team in which multiple members will need to access and review a new piece of content before it’s taken live.

For Users Seeking To Organize Content In Advance

WordPress gives you the option to schedule your content for automatic publishing. You can schedule an event to happen at a certain time, such as publishing a post on a specific date. However, it is important to understand how WordPress handles these scheduled events behind the scenes to avoid confusion. Scheduled events are stored in the database, and the next time you visit the website, WordPress will look to see if any scheduled events are due and trigger them. Because of this, scheduled events may not occur on the exact date or time you have scheduled them. This is a common issue for sites with low or infrequent traffic.

Publishing has never been easier, good luck creating content that sets your site ablaze!

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