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SEO (search engine optimization) is a necessary, ongoing process if you want to continue to get found on the major search engines. If you have already started with Bluehost’s SEO Tools and you are wondering where to go from there, look no further than the SEO Tools Grow plan. With SEO Grow, you will unlock even more features that are not available in the Start plan to elevate your SEO strategy. 

The SEO Tools Grow plan is perfect for those with an established website and who are looking to dig in further and improve their SEO. Here are three features of the SEO Tool Grow plan that will help set your website up for success.

  1. Receive a complete and custom SEO plan that includes step-by-step instructions

These tasks are going to be specific to your site and will help with everything, from making sure your site is mobile-friendly, removing duplicate content, updating your title tags, and much more. You will be able to update these tasks in no time because we will tell you exactly where to go and how to make the improvements. 

  1. Gain access into how your keywords and search rankings are improving 

With the ability to optimize up to 20 keywords and view 4 competitor reports, you can really focus on what keywords are working best for your website and how you stack up to the competition. These daily reports will be beneficial for you because you can make adjustments to your keywords based on what your competition is doing. 

  1. Get Real Time Notifications 

Receive real-time notifications when there is something that needs your attention. This will allow you to stay ahead and keep up to date with any important changes. The all-in-one dashboard will help you save time and monitor your site performance.

Upgrade today to the SEO Tools Grow plan and start increasing your traffic and stand out against your competitors. 

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