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If you joined us for The Blueprint Webinar: A Web Pro’s Guide to WordPress, we covered all the essential skills that a web professional would need to be successful online. We were joined by Core Developer Micah Wood who walked attendees through important tools like securing a website, and how to improve website performance.

Attendees were given an in-depth look at caching, various caching types, caching methods, and how caching provides a balance between performance and data freshness. Micah guided attendees through security measures they can take to protect their websites like multi-factor authentication (2FA) and password managers. He showed the proper steps for creating a staging site and establishing a staging workflow to save time. Micah also provided tools for using advanced resources like Git and WP CLI which attendees were enthused to learn about.

In case you were unable to catch the webinar live, we compiled some of the most popular questions attendees asked during the duration of the webinar. If you have any additional questions, please let us know in the comments below!

Many of our attendees were interested in how to use the Staging environment, we’ve provided the steps below to get you started!

Are multiple staging sites allowed?

On Bluehost, we have one staging environment. It is possible to create a whole new site and block it from search engines, but copying everything from production will be challenging. There are solutions that allow you to multiple staging sites, but it’s not the default on Bluehost.

Could you please explain the difference between using staging and

The difference between staging and the admin site is that staging is taking a copy of your site. You will have an admin area both on the live site and the staging site. You will also have a front end on the live site and the staging site, it is a complete copy.

When you login to WordPress on your live site you are taken to the dashboard and this also happens when you are on your staging. We always recommend looking for the indicated red “Staging Site,” label at the top of the site to indicate the difference.

Does cache perform the same function as RAM on a computer?

RAM could be used in caching, but RAM is essentially the memory on a computer and has to deal with ongoing and outgoing requests. Caching takes an allotment of the memory, RAM can be used in caching but is not directly associated with it.

Can you get hacked when caching?

Caching happens at many different levels. It is possible to get hacked through a misconfigured cache, but it is very rare.

What password managers do you recommend?

Lastpass and One Password are great password managers to consider when browsing your options.

In WordPress, how can I limit a role (another admin, presumably) from seeing eCommerce sales or customer data?

That depends on the eCommerce plugin used and how the permissions are set up for that plugin. It may not be possible with one plugin and possible to do with another. The “Members” plugin will allow you to inspect roles and capabilities and manage them accordingly.

Do you recommend a specific backup plugin, assistant, or process?

UpDraftPlus is our most recommended. You can backup locally or into a drive or web drive.

How do you schedule a backup?

Certain plugins, like UpDraftPlus, will allow you to schedule backups

Should our server aka BlueHost be our only backup system? What are others besides saving to dropbox?

No, we do not recommend being the only backup. UpDraftPlus is a great plugin option for backups. You can schedule backups and even backup locally or within a web drive.

Do you create your website first and then upload it to WordPress?

Staging is used for sites that have published in order to test how plugins/themes interact with each other.

Is Git free?

Git is a free downloadable that you run on your computer. GitHub is a hosting service that you can push a copy of your code to so you can access it from anywhere. GitHub charges money if you want to have private repositories (as opposed to public).

We can’t wait to bring you another year of webinars. See you in 2020!

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