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In 2019, nearly two billion people worldwide will make purchases online – nearly a quarter of the world’s population. There’s never been a better time to set up an online store, and a long and growing list of eCommerce platforms and tools make it easy for just about anyone to sell products, services, subscriptions, and more. Beeketing is an all-in-one marketing solution that integrates with all major eCommerce platforms, and it comes with an array of free and premium features designed to boost sales, improve conversion rates, and build connections with customers.

Essential Tools for Online Entrepreneurs

A successful online store needs key features that are common to retail enterprises of all kinds: a memorable name, a location, and the basics for shopping such as product displays, a shopping cart, and payment and delivery options. New online entrepreneurs can get these features in a variety of ways, from building a new website from scratch with eCommerce friendly themes and plugins for adding specific functions, to setting up shop on large hosted eCommerce platforms like Shopify. There are many ways to start building an eCommerce WordPress website

These platforms and tools aim to provide essentials for making sales and supporting customers—but as the world of online retail continues to grow and become more complex, e-store owners need other tools to help them stand out in a crowded marketplace and reach the ideal audience for their wares.

An online store that’s equipped with all the essentials for a fully functioning retail business can still benefit from a marketing toolkit designed to keep site visitors engaged and actually buying products. Beeketing is a customizable suite of eCommerce applications focusing on turning visitors into buyers, and buyers into loyal customers.

What Is Beeketing?

With offices in Vietnam and the US, Beeketing in its current form was launched in 2011 with the aim of providing marketing support to online entrepreneurs using all major eCommerce platforms. The basic Beeketing app is free to install in online stores using Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. It can also be integrated with the WooCommerce plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites.

The free version of Beeketing includes a suite of extensions designed to help online shopkeepers track and understand buyer behavior, encourage online sales, and chat with them directly on Facebook Messenger. Users can also buy premium extensions for more functionality at prices ranging from $19 to $30 USD – and premium Beeketing also offers a 15 day free trial. Users can download Beeketing directly from the app’s home site and sign up for additional features. Beeketing developers say the app has generated nearly $1.7 billion USD in extra sales for eCommerce entrepreneurs around the world. Here’s how it works:

Tools for Tracking Customer Behavior

Knowing what customers do when they visit your site is essential for fine-tuning sales copy, product pages, and more for maximum sales potential. Having a greater understanding of your sales history will allow you to make changes and increase conversion rates for your website. Many tools offer detailed analytics about visitor demographics and statistics, such as the rate of shopping cart abandonment. Beeketing also allows users to track a visitor’s behavior in the store and integrates all that information into a single user profile. This allows store owners to see what product pages a user views, whether any products are placed in a shopping cart, and whether, or when, purchases are made.

Promotional Tools for Every Stage of Shopping

Beeketing’s suite of free tools includes features for encouraging visitors to buy, or buy more, such as countdown timers, personalized coupons and a variety of tools for cross-sells, upsells, and promoting related products. Tools like Better Coupon and SalesPop can be customized for purposes such as promoting specials and sales, or personalizing offerings based on a visitor’s product views and previous buying behavior.

Easy Communication with Customers

Communication is key to building a loyal customer base. Responding to questions and resolving issues quickly helps to build a brand’s reputation, and two-way communication also builds relationships that drive sales. Beeketing includes integration with Facebook Messenger for quick, on the spot chatting as well as options for making voice and video calls without the need to reveal personal contact information.

Mail Support for Customer Contact

Email is a crucial tool for staying in contact with customers and keeping them engaged with a brand. Beeketing includes free and paid extensions for managing email lists, sending “Happy Email” special messages, and sending newsletters and sales updates.

Integration with Major eCommerce Platforms

Beeketing apps are supported by the Internet’s most popular eCommerce platforms – Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento. All that’s needed is to download Beeketing for the platform you’re using and add it directly to your store. From there, its various extensions can be customized to suit the needs of your site.

Beeketing also integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, the popular store building plugin designed for use with WordPress websites. From Beeketing’s home site, the app can be downloaded and installed on the WordPress e-store, where it can work alongside eCommerce-specific WordPress themes and the many available WooCommerce extensions for adding specific eCommerce features to a website.

In most cases, Beeketing can be installed with a few clicks. There’s no need for coding or development skills, and users can customize its features as they wish, but if problems arise, Beeketing offers round the clock customer support for a prompt response.

Beeketing is a safe and reliable eCommerce solution that ranks high in user satisfaction and customer support, and it can be added to online storefronts of all kinds with no need for design or development experience. This marketing platform helps to boost sales and retain loyal customers.

Whether you’re a solopreneur with just a few products to sell, or a more ambitious eCommerce enterprise, Beeketing’s suite of eCommerce marketing tools can help you understand the behavior of site visitors, make more sales, and keep customers engaged with your brand. Improve your conversion rates and online sales by testing out Beeketing today!

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