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As temperatures increase and the sunlight lengthens, WordPress is springing into the new season with updates and future plans. 

After releasing beta versions, WordPress has now debuted its 5.7 update. But that’s not the only upgrade. Along with this news comes a slew of updates, plus a look into the long and short-term future of WordPress. 

Read on to learn the latest WordPress news, including:

  • New major core updates and a Gutenberg landmark 
  • WordCamps in talks to commence in-person events 
  • A new WordPress podcast
  • A look ahead to bigger WordPress goals
  • The scope of WordPress’s reach on the web  

Introducing WordPress 5.7 + Gutenberg 10

Coming quick off the heels of version 5.6, WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza” debuted March 9, 2021. The major update comes with several exciting upgrades, including: 

  • Easier editor interface 
  • Custom code opportunities
  • Single-click HTTP to HTTPS migration
  • Lazy loading for iframes
  • jQuery cleanup

WordPress also celebrated the release of Gutenberg 10.0 that comes with a plethora of new features, tools, fixes, and experiments. 

Gutenberg marks its 100th plugin release in the four years since the beginning of the project. Core team member Riad Benguella says while it hasn’t always been an easy process, it’s been rewarding for all involved.  

Read more in our major core updates and Gutenberg posts. 

WordCamps Starting To Consider Safe In-Person Events

Just as much of the world is hoping to start to safely meet in person soon, WordPress is working on the possibility of in-person WordCamp events in the near future. A staple of the WordPress community for 15 years, WordCamps moved online in 2020.

Organizers are proposing decision-making checklists and holding events in areas that have better contained the 2020 pandemic, like Taiwan or New Zealand. 

For now, WordCamps will remain online. Check out the full schedule

As we wait for in-person WordCamps, there are many ways to take advantage of the virtual experiences. 

WP Briefings: A New WordPress Podcast 

In February 2021, WordPress launched a new podcast called WP Briefing designed for every type of WordPress user and contributor. It’s available on all major podcast providers. 

Hosted by WordPress executive director Josepha Haden Chomphosy, WP Briefing will dive into more than just code and updates. The podcast will strive to better understand the more significant WordPress community and driving philosophies behind the platform. 

So far, the podcast has covered a typical day for Chomphosy and the four freedoms of being open source, which includes the freedom to:

  • Use the program for any reason
  • Analyze and alter the program to suit your needs 
  • Dispense copies to assist other users 
  • Share your modifications with the community so more people can benefit from your alterations

Tune in to the podcast for a more in-depth approach to developing your WordPress website. 

WordPress Goals for 2021

During the 2020 State of the Word address, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg gave a broad look at the WordPress timeline for 2021. It includes:

  • Two major core updates (5.8 expected in July, and 5.9 in December)
  • Phase two of Gutenberg

As Chomphosy explains, these goals are broad and incomplete on purpose to give room for flexibility and ambition. As with any major software upgrade, it’s tough to predict how the intricacies will unfold. 

But in an effort to provide more direction for those curious about WordPress’s goals for 2021, Chomphosy cites three primary focuses: 

  • Full site editing to have complete control of editing elements on your website
  • More WordPress learning tools, including workshops, trainings, and self-guided opportunities
  • Better contributor tools to make maintenance easier for teams 

40% of the Internet Uses WordPress

WordPress has touted steady growth over the last few years, and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. 

Tech watchers W3Techs found that 40% of the internet uses WordPress. When looking at the top 1,000 websites, WordPress powers even more at 51.8%. This research is based on the top 10 million websites from Alexa and the top one million from Tranco

Furthermore, every two minutes, one of those top 10 million websites starts using WordPress. 

The WordPress CMS market share sits at 64.3%, and among new websites, it increases to 66.2%. 

Read more at W3Techs to understand the team’s methodology and measuring process. 

With its broad reach and popularity, WordPress proves it’s a powerful choice for your website. Stay up to date with all the latest WordPress news with Bluehost

If you want to take your WordPress website to a new level, sign up for a Bluehost hosting package or our Blue Sky service to get in-depth WordPress assistance today. 

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