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Welcome to the world of the best WordPress video themes, where creativity and practicality combine to bring your website to life.  

In today’s digital age, video content reigns supreme. This and with the correct WordPress video template, you can build a spectacular platform to exhibit your work.  

Whether you are a filmmaker, YouTuber, or video content producer, our carefully chosen collection of free video website templates and premium video WordPress themes will help you establish the ideal online presence.  

Explore our collection of the best video WordPress themes for aspiring artists or upgrade your site with our top-tier premium video WordPress themes.  

Whatever your style, we have got you covered with a complete guide to developing a visually interesting and user-friendly video website. These WordPress themes pair perfectly with a powerful WordPress hosting plan from Bluehost.

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What to look for in the best WordPress video theme?

  1. Responsiveness: A responsive theme automatically adapts the layout to match multiple screen sizes and devices, so your website looks fantastic on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This uniformity is crucial for a consistent user experience and keeping visitors engaged to your website. 
  1. Customization options: Look for a theme that allows you to change the style, colors, font, and other components to reflect your business identity and personal preferences better. A versatile theme helps you create a one-of-a-kind website that distinguishes itself from the competitors. 
  1. Ease of use: The best WordPress video theme should be easy to use, especially for individuals with limited technical knowledge. Look for themes with user-friendly interfaces and built-in tools that allow you to add, modify, and organize video content without extra plugins or technical experience. 
  1. Speed and performance: Your theme should be optimized for speed and performance, ensuring that your website loads quickly and functions smoothly. Slow-loading websites can result in high bounce rates and negatively affect your search engine rankings. Therefore, select a theme that values speed. 
  1. Type of company: The type of business you run or the purpose of your website are important factors in picking the best WordPress video theme. Different businesses and specializations may necessitate specialized features, layouts, or design components to effectively display their content. For example, a video portfolio website for a filmmaker will have different requirements than a video tutorial website for an online course provider. Make careful to select a theme that meets your company’s demands and effectively highlights your content. 
  1. Integrated features: Consider the features included in a WordPress video theme, such as video embedding, playlists, video ratings, social sharing, and user content submission. These features can enhance your site’s functionality and make it more engaging for visitors. Additionally, some themes offer monetization options like ad placements or subscription services, which can help you profit from your video content. Always evaluate the integrated features to ensure they align with your site’s goals. 
  1. Compatibility: Make sure the theme you choose is compatible with common plugins, page builders, and media players so that your website can work properly. In addition, check its compatibility with the latest WordPress version and browsers to provide a consistent user experience across platforms. 
  1. Support and updates: Choose a theme from a reliable developer who provides regular updates and dedicated support. This is vital for maintaining your website’s security and functionality over time. 
  1. Budget: Your budget is another important thing to consider. While there are many free video WordPress themes available, investing in a premium theme will give you advanced functionality, more customization possibilities, and dedicated support. 

Top 9 free WordPress video themes 

1. Neve 

Neve is a versatile WordPress video theme designed to cater to small businesses and e-commerce websites. It is available for free, but premium options provide additional benefits, such as page builder integration, one-year access to customer support, and theme updates. Neve simplifies website creation with a variety of design templates, including Video Blog and Video Agency. This makes it the perfect choice for video-focused startups and small enterprises seeking robust functionality. 

Ratings: 5/5 

Best for: Small enterprises, startups, and online retailers

2. Astra 

Astra is a streamlined video WordPress theme ideal for blog creation, e-commerce, and establishing a video portfolio. The premium plan includes all the features available in the free version, along with comprehensive one-on-one training sessions. As one of the top video WordPress themes, Astra is an excellent choice for novices looking to develop a website for professional or personal endeavors. 

Ratings: 5/5 

Best for: Both professionals and bloggers

3. VPress Video 

VPress Video is a sleek, mobile-responsive WordPress video theme with a minimalist design. It is available for free, but the premium version offers additional features. This video-centric WordPress theme is an excellent choice for businesses and agencies aiming to establish a polished and professional video website. 

Ratings: 4.5/5 

Best for: Companies and organizations 

4. Rosa2 Lite 

Rosa2 Lite stands out as one of the top video WordPress themes for crafting online menus. As a highly popular free food WordPress theme, it is perfectly suited for establishments such as bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants, making it a go-to choice for those in the food industry. 

Ratings: 5/5 

Best for: Small food-related companies 

5. Vlogger Video Blog 

Vlogger Video Blog is a flexible, social media-focused WordPress theme available for free with a premium upgrade. This theme is perfect for video creators starting a blog or a website for their business. 

Ratings: 5/5 

Best for: Video bloggers and filmmakers 

6. Ananya 

Ananya is a versatile video blog theme designed for personal websites, offering free usage and a convenient one-click installation. This video-centric WordPress theme is an ideal choice for content creators passionate about food, travel, and photography. 

Ratings: New

Best for: Bloggers 

7. Seos Video 

Designed for showcasing video series, films, and various video content, Seos Video is available for free, with a premium upgrade option. The premium plan includes additional features, including video post customization, animations, and widgets. This theme is an excellent choice for videographers seeking to develop a portfolio website. 

Ratings: 3.9/5 

Best for: Videographers 

8. Music and Video 

Music and Video is a versatile video theme designed for crafting a portfolio website. While the theme is accessible for free, there is also a premium version available. This theme is an excellent choice for musicians and video producers seeking a multi-purpose WordPress video theme. Note that the pricing on their website is in euros, so currency exchange rates may fluctuate. 

Ratings: New 

Best for: Music composers and video producers 

9. ExS Video 

ExS Video is a top-notch video WordPress theme that can be downloaded for free, with the option to purchase the ExS Video Pro version. Premium users can enjoy all free features in addition to Google Fonts, animations, and custom widgets. This theme is ideal for bloggers and freelancers in search of a minimalist WordPress theme to suit their needs. 

Ratings: New

Best for: Bloggers as well as independent contractors

Top 11 premium WordPress video themes 

1. Vlog 

Vlog is a WordPress theme designed specifically for video sharing. Priced at $59 for a regular license, and suitable for a single website, it comes with a variety of features such as flexible layout combinations, one-click updates, a built-in translator, and a dedicated support team. Vlog is an excellent choice for content creators in search of a robust WordPress theme capable of managing intricate video projects. 

Ratings: 4.9/5 

Best for: Videographers and vloggers

2. Soledad 

Soledad is a minimalist WordPress video theme that can be purchased for $59 with a regular license. The theme includes text translation, a page builder, complimentary plugins, and professional support. Ideal for novices, Soledad offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features for those seeking a video blog theme. 

Ratings: 4.8/5 

Best for: Writers and shop owners

3. VideoBox 

VideoBox is a WordPress theme tailored for video sharing and podcasting purposes. Priced at $73/year, it comes with automatic updates and access to technical support. This theme is an ideal choice for content creators in search of a robust solution to manage their video and audio projects effectively. 

Ratings: 4.8/5 

Best for: Video producers and podcasters

4. VideoRev 

VideoRev ranks as one of the top WordPress themes for developing video websites. With a $59 regular license, users receive theme updates and six months of technical support. It is an ideal choice for experienced users seeking a robust theme for extensive video projects. 

Ratings: 4.8/5 

Best for: Experts in creating video content

5. Newspaper 

Newspaper is a highly sought-after theme for news, magazine, or review websites, available for $59. It includes theme updates and technical support, making it an ideal choice for those looking to build an impressive video website without any coding expertise. 

Ratings: 4.8/5 

Best for: Bloggers

6. Oshine 

Oshine is a versatile WordPress theme designed for both business and portfolio websites. Priced at $69 for a regular license, it includes theme updates and technical support. This theme is an excellent choice for freelancers developing a portfolio website or business owners creating an eCommerce platform. 

Ratings: 4.8/5 

Best for: Business owners and freelancers

7. Inspiro 

Inspiro is a highly sought-after theme for developing a video-centric website. Priced at $69, this WordPress theme includes automatic updates and tech support access. Inspiro is a great WordPress theme for photographers and filmmakers looking to establish a professional video website. 

Ratings: 4.6/5 

Best for: Cinematographers and photographers

8. Betube 

Priced at $49, Betube is cost-effective and includes features like Google Maps integration, built-in video widgets, and exclusive Google Fonts. It is perfect for vloggers and video producers looking to monetize their websites. 

Ratings: 4.4/5 

Best for: Video creators and vloggers 

9. Vlogger 

Vlogger is a WordPress theme tailored for video courses, tutorials, and video blogs< Available for a $49 regular license, it includes updates and six months of technical support. As one of the top video themes, Vlogger is an ideal choice for modern vloggers seeking a contemporary WordPress website theme. 

Ratings: 5/5 

Best for: Vloggers 

10. Tusant 

Tusant is a remarkable theme tailored for both audio and video content. The regular license is priced at $69 and includes one year of updates, premium support, and tutorial access. After the initial 12-month period, renewal is required to continue receiving updates and support. Tusant is an ideal choice for podcasters and musicians seeking a dependable theme to showcase their audio and video projects. 

Ratings: 4.5/5 

Best for: Music artists and podcasters

11. Event 

Event is the leading WordPress theme for entertainment websites, costing $59 per year. It includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, regular updates, and technical support. This theme is an excellent choice for organizations and agencies looking to share films and events. 

Ratings: NA

Best for: Businesses and organizations 

Benefits of including videos on your website 

  1. Improved user engagement: Videos are often more entertaining than text or photos, capturing your audience’s attention and encouraging them to spend more time on your site. By using WordPress video themes and templates, you can create a visually appealing website that maintains user interest and fosters engagement. 
  1. Higher conversion rates: Videos can clearly communicate your message and showcase your products or services in an engaging format. This may influence your visitors’ decision-making, leading to better conversion rates and more purchases. 
  1. Improved SEO: Search engines favor websites with rich media content, including videos, which can boost your site’s search engine ranks. By combining videos with a WordPress video template, you may improve your website’s search engine rankings and generate more organic visitors. 
  1. Better brand recall: Videos are a powerful storytelling tool that can better represent your business’s personality and values than words or graphics. A well-crafted video on your website can make a lasting impression on visitors, increasing brand memory and client loyalty. 
  1. Increased social sharing: Video content is more likely to be shared on social media platforms, increasing your brand’s visibility and reaching a wider audience. By introducing videos into your website with WordPress video themes, you can encourage users to share your content and increase traffic to your site. 
  1. Simplified complex concepts: Videos can make complex subjects more accessible to your audience. Using a WordPress video template to add instructional films or product demonstrations on your website allows you to deliver vital information to visitors in an easy-to-digest style. 
  1. Mobile-friendly content: Videos are a mobile-friendly type of material, making it easily accessible to users of smartphones and tablets. By incorporating videos into your website utilizing WordPress video themes and templates, you can cater to the rising number of mobile visitors while also providing a fluid surfing experience across all platforms. 

Final thoughts: 20 Best WordPress Video Themes 

Whether you’re a videographer trying to highlight your work, a vlogger hoping to share your experiences, or a company owner looking to leverage multimedia content to engage your audience, the ideal WordPress video theme is waiting for you. 

Remember to consider the factors covered in this post. With the correct theme, you can develop a visually appealing and user-friendly video website that leaves a lasting impression on your viewers. 

So, dive into the world of WordPress video themes and start your adventure to create a spectacular video-centric website that stands out from the rest of the competition.  

Your future viewers are waiting! 

WordPress video themes FAQs

What video file is best for WordPress?

The best video file format for WordPress is MP4, due to its good quality with smaller file sizes. It is also widely supported across various browsers and devices.

What is the video format in WordPress?

WordPress supports various video formats such as MP4, WebM, and OGV. However, MP4 is the most recommended for its compatibility and compression efficiency. 

How big can a video be on WordPress?

While WordPress itself does not impose a specific size limit on video files, it is recommended to keep videos under 50MB for faster loading and better performance. You can also use external video hosting platforms like YouTube or Vimeo to embed larger videos on your site. 

What is a Richer WordPress theme?

Richer WordPress theme is a responsive, multipurpose theme designed for businesses, portfolios, and e-commerce websites. It offers various customization options, layouts, and features that enable users to create a unique and professional-looking website. 

How can I install a video theme on my WordPress site?

1. Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard
2. Go to Appearance > Themes > Add New. 
3. Search for the desired video theme or upload a file if you have one. 
4. Click “Install” and then “Activate” to apply the new theme to your site. 
5. Customize the theme settings, layout, and design as per your requirements. 

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