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To make room for more and more websites as the internet continues to grow, ICANN is releasing hundreds of new top level domain names in the next year that can make your website more customizable than ever. Bluehost has officially launched five of these new top level domains, or nTLDs, with plans to release many more in the near future. You can now register .GURU, .PHOTOGRAPHY, .EMAIL, .COMPANY, and .TODAY from the domain manager in your control panel. And, we have plans to release a lot more nTLDs in the next month.

UPDATE: Now, over 60 nTLDs are now available to register with Bluehost. Register a domain that really reflects your website with nTLDs in categories such as business, services, technology, culture, education, food, lifestyle, music, art, travel, real estate, even shopping. We will continue to add more nTLDs as the year progresses.

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These nTLDs work just like .COM, .ORG, or the many others you already know, only they’re much more unique! Use the nTLDs to get the best domain name you’ve always wanted and take advantage of the fun, new, industry-specific domains. Or if you already have a domain you love, be sure to register it with the  nTLDs to protect your brand and maximize traffic to your site. The nTLDs are a great way to let people know exactly what your website is all about.

To register a new TLD, simply visit the domain manager in your control panel and search for the one you want.

Your results will feature our most popular domains that you’re probably already familiar with, as well the available nTLDs. You can select your nTLDs from the list, or view by category.

And, if there’s an nTLD you’ve seen ICANN release that Bluehost doesn’t yet offer, we’ll point you to our trusted partner, to help.

Grab your new domain now and keep an eye out for more nTLDs that we’ll be adding throughout the year!

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