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When you buy or register a domain name, one of the most important factors to consider is which extension to attach to your domain. In terms of global popularity and recognition, the .com domain extension is second to none when comparing your different options in the domain name registrar. Many search engines—not to mention users—add .com as the default domain extension whenever someone looks up websites. These top-level domain names are recognized around the world as being the most common domain name extensions, however they are not the only ones.

However, there are many different domain extensions you can choose, from .net and country-specific extensions—such as .us or .uk—to industry extensions such as .gov and .edu, to others such as .io—popular in the tech field—.info, .biz, .org, and many more.

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Why buy a .org domain?

As someone who wants to launch a new website, why should you opt for a .org domain extension when there are so many other choices—especially considering that the .com extension is the global favorite?

There are many cases in which a .org domain can work better for you than many of the alternatives. It all comes down to what kind of website you plan to run and the types of services or activities you intend to offer. Here are a few cases where having a .org domain extension might make sense for you:

Fostering credibility from day 1

There is a certain level of sentimentality and trust attached to .org websites. This extension is popular with charitable causes and, in general, are not used for commercial purposes. Whatever the sentiment might be, if you want to establish trust, then you should consider buying a .org domain. You will still have to do a lot of work to gain your visitors’ confidence, but beginning with .org as your website’s extension is a step in the right direction.

When running non-profits or charities

The .org extension is an abbreviation of the word “organization,” which makes it a great extension for websites that are non-profits or work for charitable causes. A majority of the world’s most-recognized charity organizations, such as the Red Cross (, the WWF (, and Facebook’s (which, interestingly, is branded with their .org domain name) all use .org extensions. This little detail alone can help send the right message that the organization behind the site is not concerned with making money and is working for a noble cause.

These are two of the most important reasons you might want to consider registering a .org domain. However, if your site is more commercial in nature, you might be better off buying a .com domain. Aside from the fact that most customers tend to search for companies’ websites by adding .com to the name they’re searching, research has also shown that .com sites rank higher on search engine results pages than other domain extensions.

How to buy a .org domain

Let’s now look at how you can buy a .org domain. Here is how you do it on Bluehost:

Note: .org domains on Bluehost cost $8.99 per year, while .com, .net, and domains cost $11.99, $12.99, and $11.99 per year, respectively.

Before acquiring a domain name on Bluehost, you will have to register for a Bluehost Web Hosting Account. Once you’re signed up with our web hosting services, you can register a domain in two different ways: from the “Register” subtab or the “Domains” page.

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Via the register subtab

If you are registering a domain from the Register subtab, you can complete the domain name registration by following these steps:

  • Go to your Bluehost control panel and input your login details to gain access
  • Navigate to the “Domains” tab and click it
  • Locate the “Register” subtab icon and click it
  • Input the domain name that you have chosen and add the .org extension
  • Click “Check” to see if your desired domain name with the .org extension is available
  • Click on the green tab to add the domain to your cart
  • Beneath the cart, at the far right, click the “Next” button to proceed
  • A payment portal will pop up, where you can input your payment details to complete the purchase

Via the domains page

Alternatively, you can purchase a .org domain on Bluehost from the Domains page by doing the following:

  • Login to your Bluehost control panel
  • Scroll to the “Domains” tab and click on it
  • Navigate to the “Domain Search” box located at the left and input your chosen domain name, including the .org extension, in the “Find your domain” field
  • Locate the “Get started” button and click on it
  • To add the domain to your cart, click the green cart button
  • Beneath the cart, located at the far right, click “Next”
  • A payment portal will pop up, so input your payment details to complete the purchase

Now that you understand the domain name registration process, it’s time to choose the perfect name! Our web hosting services make it easy for you to register a domain name quickly so you can continue on and create your site. To learn more about domain name extensions and our hosting plans, check out our blog or talk to one of our helpful representatives today.

Common questions about .org domain names

What are .org domain names typically used for?

A .org domain extension is commonly used for websites of non-profit organizations, charities, educational institutions, and other entities focused on promoting a cause, mission, or purpose for the public good.

Can I buy a .org domain name if I run a for-profit business?

Yes, you can buy a .org domain name today, even if your website is a for-profit business!

Are there any specific requirements for registering a .org domain name

Contrary to popular belief, there are no specific requirements for registering a .org domain name. It is open for registration to individuals, organizations, and businesses without any restrictions on non-profit status.

Is a .org domain name credible?

Yes, a .org domain is generally considered credible as it is commonly associated with non-profit organizations, charities, and educational institutions, often conveying a sense of trustworthiness and legitimacy to online visitors.

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