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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) rolled out in October 2020 and replaced Universal Analytics (UA).

GA4 brings intelligent analytics, better tracking and detailed reports for you to enhance your website.

What does it mean for you?

Read on to learn more:

Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics 4: New Features to Dig Into

Final Thoughts: Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics is one of the best web analytics tools out there. It analyzes website traffic, displays website performance and provides unique insights into the customer usage patterns.

With Google Analytics, you can assess your website performance after implementing changes and tweak your marketing campaigns accordingly to get the best results.

And you get all that for free.

Google Analytics 4: New Features to Dig Into

With GA4, Google Analytics provides:

  • Smarter AI-powered insights and predictive metrics
  • Cross-platform tracking
  • Better integration with Google ads
  • Intelligently organized reports
  • More intelligent tracking for future-proofing your business
  • Codeless event tracking

Smarter AI-Powered Insights and Predictive Metrics

Churn probability in GA4.

GA4 incorporates machine learning and AI to provide actionable insights.

With its intelligence framework, GA4 offers personalized suggestions and alerts you if something needs your attention — if there is a surging demand for your products and services.

Three important predictive metrics introduced in GA4 include:

  • Purchase Probability — probability of a 28-day active user to purchase in the next seven days
  • Churn Probability — the chance of a 7-day active user to become inactive within the next seven days
  • Revenue Prediction —  expected revenue in the next 28 days from 28-day active users

Using these predictive metrics, you can create targeted campaigns and increase the conversion probability, leading to better ROI.

Cross-Platform Tracking

Instead of tracking web and app interactions separately — like before — GA4 permits you to measure both at the same place.

It tracks users across devices. If a person views your website from two different devices, GA4 will count it as one person — instead of two people, as was done before.

With GA4, you can view the results of your marketing efforts across all platforms in one place. You can see the performance of individual platforms and decide the platforms where you need to concentrate your efforts.

Better Integration With Google Ads

With GA4’s integration with Google Ads, you can create customized audiences to reach your customers. You can analyze how your audience reacts to your marketing efforts and tailor your campaigns accordingly, increasing purchases and ROI.

For example, if a couple of your target users complete a purchase within the app, GA4 will automatically remove them from the lists and stop targeting them with the previous ads.

Intelligently Organized Reports

Every business relies on its customers.

GA4 caters to this reliance by basing the reports around the customer’s entire lifecycle instead of platforms or devices. It helps you receive better insights into how customers engage with your business.

You can:

  • View how your customers find your business
  • See their entire life-cycle in the same place: from acquisition to retention
  • Choose the part of the customer’s journey you want to view — to adjust your marketing campaigns

As people’s needs and market trends change, this feature will play an important role in analyzing customers’ needs when creating campaigns.

Cookie-less Tracking

Most current tracking methods require cookies to track user data. But with privacy laws strengthening in most of the world, it is becoming difficult to track users using cookies.

The day isn’t far when it will become impossible.

GA4 provides an alternative.

According to Google, GA4 uses machine learning and AI to fill in the gaps in data due to cookie restrictions.

It future-proofs your business. You can rest assured that you will continue to have access to essential visitor data.

Codeless Event Tracking

GA4 tracks on-site and in-site events — like scroll time and video playtime — in real time without any coding.

By default, it tracks most of the basic events. You can also create custom events. You can create and track up to 300 events per property.

Final Thoughts: Google Analytics 4 — New Features To Enhance Your Business

Google Analytics 4 is the future of web analytics. It tracks user data intelligently using AI, provides analytics based on customer life cycles and helps you tailor-make your campaigns according to your audience.

All of these combined give you higher chances of conversion and ROI and future-proof your business.

Have you tried GA4? Share your experience with us by tweeting us at @Bluehost.

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