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A well-reported news story has the power to change the world. Investigative journalists spend time and resources thoroughly researching a topic, and then they turn it into compelling content for their readers.

It’s a challenging feat to achieve. When investigating a story, journalists amass a mountain of data in interviews, reports, images, documents, and audio. 

Google is making their jobs more manageable with the introduction of its newest offering. Google’s Journalist Studio is a compilation of tools aggregated to help reporters manage, organize, and optimize their data. 

As its name suggests, the suite targets journalists, but businesses can take full advantage of these tools for their content creation. Journalist Studio can also help with other tasks, including administration, marketing, data analysis, and research. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What Journalist Studio is
  • New Google tools: Pinpoint and The Common Knowledge Project
  • How to use Journalist Studio for your content
  • How Journalist Studio can help in other aspects of your business 

Introducing Google Journalist Studio

For the last two years, Google’s team has collaborated with newsrooms to assemble Journalist Studio. The suite aggregates Google’s offerings and introduces new tools to help journalists and others sort through information and collect data. 

Google’s goal was to help reporters by providing and optimizing its search function, machine-learning technology, and artificial intelligence. 

Journalist Studio groups together tools that Google has released over the last couple of years, including: 

  • Dataset Search
  • Flourish
  • Data Commons
  • Google Trends 
  • Google Data GIF Maker
  • Fact Check Explorer
  • Project Shield

The hub also groups access to Google’s widely used applications, including:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Drive
  • Recorder
  • YouTube
  • Google Translate
  • Google Scholar

Two New Journalist Studio Tools

With the introduction of Journalist Studio, Google is also rolling out two new features. 


Pinpoint helps users quickly locate key information within large amounts of data. Users can upload hundreds of thousands of documents, such as:

  • PDFs
  • Images
  • Emails
  • Audio files
  • Handwritten notes 

Pinpoint will sort through all uploaded documents and identify the most frequently mentioned terms, people, organizations, and locations. It does this by using Google Search, Knowledge Graph, optical character recognition, and speech-to-text technology. 

This tool will help users search more efficiently and faster than selecting terms one by one. Plus, Pinpoint groups similar phrases, like “lunar” and “moon,” for example.

Pinpoint has already been used by publications, including USA Today and The Washington Post. Request for access is now available. 

The Common Knowledge Project

The Common Knowledge Project helps users visualize and shape data about their local communities. Data Commons supplies the data, which is compiled from sources including the FBI, U.S. Census, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Users can use the tool to create interactive graphs and charts from thousands of data points. The infographics can then be used in stories and shared on social media. 

The Common Knowledge Project is currently in beta previews as Google gathers more feedback. 

How Journalist Studio Can Help Your Content 

Content marketing is an essential force for businesses to harness. The better the content, the more people come to your website, and the more conversions can happen. 

Journalist Studio helps you create better, more valuable content for your customers. Consider it as a new toolbox. Sure, you might have the familiar Google Docs and Google Maps. But taking advantage of Google’s other tools can unlock new creative opportunities. 

Fact Check Explorer can be a useful resource for verifying information. Google Data GIF Maker can help bring your data to life. Pinpoint can help you research topics that will appeal to your readers and pick out keywords for SEO, for example. 

Sprout Social reports 64% of consumers want connection from brands. Quality content can make your website a place of knowledge for customers. It builds trust in your brand, and more trust helps to make the sale

Journalist Studio: More Than Just Content 

While Journalist Studio will help with content, it has several other features that can assist other parts of your business. 

With Recorder and the speech-to-text function in Pinpoint, you can record meetings then get them transcribed instead of taking notes. Pinpoint can also help with analyzing trends. You can upload marketing information and research to gather valuable data. 

The Common Knowledge Project can be useful for target audience research. Businesses can analyze their communities and find out more about the populations best suited for their company. 

Take time to explore the tools in Journalist Studio, and see how they can help your business grow. 

Google released Journalist Studio to provide a suite of tools for reporters to more effectively do their jobs. Those tools help more than just reporters and can easily be harnessed to help your business grow. 

You can apply Journalist Studios tools to enhance your business by creating better content, data analysis, market research, and various other administrative tasks.

Have another idea of how to use Journalist Studio for your business? Let Bluehost know in the comments below!

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