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Google broke the news that it’s dissolving Google Domains and that soon over 10 million domains will transfer to Squarespace. This is a significant change, especially considering Squarespace isn’t the cheapest place to manage a domain.

If you’ll be affected by the shutdown and are considering moving your domain elsewhere, you’ll appreciate this step-by-step guide on how to transfer a Google domain to Bluehost. In addition, you’ll catch up on the latest developments and how they affect you.

The Google Domains shutdown: Explained

Google Domains will be handled by Squarespace.

Google Domains’ beta stage ended in March 2022, and it’s unclear why it’s already shutting down and reviving as a Squarespace service. You’ll see changes starting in late 2023.

Squarespace is acquiring all of Google Domains’ assets; for the next three years, it will become an exclusive provider to anyone purchasing a domain via Google. Squarespace will also offer and manage Google Workspace subscriptions.

Google Cloud Domains is also affected by this change, but Google’s Cloud DNS and other cloud networking products are not.

When the Squarespace deal finalizes, your Google domain will transfer to Squarespace without any input needed. In contrast, Google Domains’ email forwarding, domain forwarding, nameservers and other services will immediately stop functioning and must be activated by another provider.

After the change, your domain management tools will be from Squarespace. Your Google Workspace services will be managed by Squarespace as well.

Notably, you can transfer your domain to any other registrar before or after the changes occur.

Why transfer your Google domain to Bluehost?

There are a few reasons to look for a domain registrar besides Squarespace.

It’s very convenient to have your domain and hosting settings accessible from a single, intuitive website dashboard. But you can’t import your existing website to Squarespace, making it discouraging to transition unless you enjoy rebuilding all your pages from scratch.

And while Squarespace will honor your domain pricing for the next 12 months, prices may increase afterward. Moreover, Squarespace’s domain pricing is more expensive compared to other registrars.

Squarespace’s domain pricing is more expensive compared to Bluehost’s.

So if you’re looking for a domain registrar that offers ease of use and affordable prices, switch to Bluehost.

Registering your domain with Bluehost comes with many perks:

  • A free domain or domain transfer for new accounts.
  • Competitive pricing on dozens of domain extensions.
  • In-depth domain management from the intuitive Bluehost dashboard.
  • Automatic renewal so you never lose your domain.
  • Domain forwarding to redirect visitors where you want them.
  • WHOIS domain privacy so your sensitive information stays safe.
  • 24/7 expert customer support to help solve any problem, any time.

If you’d like to capitalize on these benefits, the following tutorial outlines the easiest way to transfer your Google domain.

How to transfer a Google Domain to Bluehost, step by step

Transferring your Google domain to Bluehost takes four steps.

Transferring a Google domain to Bluehost is quick, easy and simple. Let’s dive right into how to set up and manage your domain with Bluehost.

1. Preparing to transfer a domain

Before you start the domain transfer process, there are several steps you’ll need to take to ensure everything goes smoothly.

First, note that some restrictions may prevent you from transferring your domain to another registrar.

  • Some domain extensions require transfer authorization.
  • If there is a pending admin action from Google against your domain, you must first resolve it.
  • Avoid transferring your domain for 45 days after renewal, as you could lose your renewal year due to the ICANN auto-renew grace period policy.
  • If you purchased or transferred your domain within the last 60 days, you must wait. This is due to a transfer lock mandated by ICANN, the organization that coordinates domain accessibility across the internet.

Second, note that Bluehost accepts transfers from an array of domain extensions: .com, .org, .net, .biz, .us, .co and .info.

Step-by-step process to transfer a domain from Google Domains to Bluehost

An overview of the process is below, but if you scroll down even further, we will include screenshots and additional context as needed.

  • Sign in to Google Domains.
  • Click the name of the domain that you want to transfer.
  • At the top left, click Menu Menu and then Registration settings.
  • Under “Domain lock,” make sure your domain is unlocked.
  • On the right of “Transfer out,” click Get authorization code.
  • Select To a different domain registrar.
  • Click Continue.
  • Login to your Bluehost account
  • Enter EPP Code
  • Wait for domain transfer to complete

Step 1: Sign into Google Domains by going to and clicking on My Domains.

transfer domain from google domains to bluehost step 1

Step 2: Click the name of the domain that you want to transfer.

transfer domain from google domains to bluehost step 2

Step 3: At the top left, click Menu Menu and then Registration settings.

transfer domain from google domains to bluehost step 3

Step 4: Scroll down to the Domain Registration tab, look for “Domain lock,” and make sure your domain is unlocked.

transfer domain from google domains to bluehost step 4

Step 5: On the right of “Transfer out,” click Get authorization code.

  • Select To a different domain registrar.
  • Click Continue.
  • Copy the transfer code (and keep it safe)

Think of the transfer code, also called the authorization or EPP code, as an extra layer of protection for your domain.

It’s a unique ID assigned to your domain by Google Domains, helping pinpoint exactly who’s in charge of it. This special code is essential when you’re ready to transfer your domain to Bluehost, and it’s there to make sure nobody can hijack it.

Quick note: If you see this alert, you will be unable to transfer your domain at this time

Step 6: Log in to your Bluehost control panel. You’ll still have Domain Manager access even if you don’t have an active hosting account.

In cPanel, click the Domains tab on the left, then Transfer. Enter your domain name — leaving out www. — then click Continue.

Access your domains in the Bluehost dashboard.
Image Source

Now enter your EPP code. An admin verification code will arrive in a confirmation email; check the email address associated with your domain. You’ll need to enter that code into the control panel as well.

Input the EFP code you received.
Image Source

You’ll have a chance to purchase domain privacy and SSL, set up auto-renewal and update your nameservers if you haven’t already.

Pay for the transfer, and the process will begin.

Step 7: Wait for domain verification

Wait for the domain to transfer, which can take up to five days. You can check your progress by logging into Bluehost, clicking Domains > Transfer and checking the Details.

If the process doesn’t complete successfully, it’s time to troubleshoot domain transfer issues.

  • Did you enter the EPP code correctly? Was the code expired?
  • Did you leave privacy protection on? Is your domain info incorrect?
  • Is your domain still locked?
  • Did you register or transfer your domain less than 60 days ago?
  • Did your payment processor chargeback or fail?

If these questions don’t give you any clues, contact Bluehost’s 24/7 support team to get a solution.

Step 8: Manage your domain with Bluehost

Manage your domain within the Bluehost dashboard.
Image Source

Once the transfer is finished, confirm that it went smoothly and your website works correctly. You can check your new domain status from Bluehost’s dashboard. If your website is down, make sure your nameservers are updated.

Manage your DNS records and other domain settings within the hosting provider dashboard.

In particular, re-enable the features you used with Google Domains, such as domain forwarding and email forwarding.

If you used Google Workspace with your domain, consider signing up for a Google Workspace subscription via Bluehost. You’ll get access to Google’s productivity tools and an email matching your domain, which integrates with Bluehost’s dashboard.

Contact our award winning support team if you get stuck, or would like to speak to someone directly!

Final thoughts: Transfer your Google Domain to Bluehost today

Google Domains will change very soon; if you wish to transfer to a different new registrar, now’s the time to act.

Registering your domain with Bluehost is an intuitive and effective alternative to Squarespace. It’s easy to set up or migrate your old Google domain, and our elegant control panel lets you manage it without fuss. This helps minimize the disruption Google Domains’ shutdown is causing.

If you want the convenience of keeping your domain and hosting services managed all in one place, consider signing up for web hosting from Bluehost. Browse plans for websites of all shapes, sizes and know that getting set up is effortless.

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