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A website is no longer a commodity — it’s a necessity for anyone who wants a professional online presence.

But creating a website can be time-consuming. Even if you go the easy route and use a website builder, you still need to invest time in building your website.

You have to manually create every page, add copies to those website pages and source photos. Besides that, you also have to set the website style guide template for your fonts, colors and more.

What if there was a better way?

It turns out there is — Quick-start smart templates from Bluehost Website Builder.

In this guide, we’ll explain what Quick-start smart templates are, why you should use them and how they can save you time when creating your website:

What Is a Website Template?

Defining Quick-Start Smart Templates

Quick-Start Smart Templates — How To Use a Website Template

Quick-Start Smart Templates: Benefits of Using a Website Template

How Quick-Start Smart Templates Save You Time

Final Thoughts: How To Use a Website Template: Guide to Quick-Start Templates

What Is a Website Template?

Website templates consist of pre-designed page layouts that simplify creating your business website. You have preadded elements on the page. You can drag and drop images, text, buttons and more to customize the page as you need. You can also rearrange elements to make the website unique.

Defining Quick-Start Smart Bluehost Templates

Bluehost Website Builder has plenty of features and functionality to help you build your website quickly and efficiently.

One of those key features is the Quick-start smart templates. These HTML templates are completely customizable themes you can use to build your website the way you want. You will find them similar to WordPress themes.

Quick-Start Smart Templates — How To Use a Website Template

Using a website template, you can avoid HTML, PHP, Javascript, jQuery and CSS code.

Here’s the process:

1. In the Bluehost Website Builder’s interface, click on the Menus & Pages tab to access the Quick-start smart templates.

2. Click the New Page button. You will have several webpage templates to choose from.

Using a website template within the Bluehost Website Builder

3. To use a new template, select it and click the Add Page button. Once the page has been created, you can customize it. Each template offers several layout variations.

4. Add sections to the Quick-start smart template if you want to provide more information on your homepage or any other page. (For example, you can add a review form to encourage visitors to leave their reviews without you needing a plugin.)

5. You can also customize the styles. You can change the background color, add a pattern, or decorate the template easily.

Picking the Right Quick-Start Smart Template Is Vital

Before picking a Quick-start smart template, you should know that they’re not interchangeable. If you use a website template and change your decision later on, you can’t switch it out for a different one on the go.

Instead, you’ll have to delete the page and start over.

Quick-Start Smart Templates: Benefits of Using a Website Template

We’ve covered what Quick-Start Smart Templates are and how you can use them.

Let’s look at why you should be using them. A website template helps with several things:

1. Design Taken Care Of

Quick-start smart templates are pre-built page layouts. This means the design part of individual pages is taken care of for you.

You don’t need to worry about where each element should go or what elements to include. You get a ready-made basic content layout you can work with without spending countless hours browsing other websites for inspiration.

2. Several Layout Options

Templates, and specially Quick-start smart templates, come with several layout options to choose from.

If you’re unsatisfied with the original layout, scroll through the variations to find the one you like. In other words, you can customize it to get something you love.

Template layouts in the Bluehost Website Builder

3. Add Sections on the Go

Adding sections using the Bluehost Website Builder

You can always add sections to a page built with Quick-start smart templates.

You can add sections anywhere you want. And since there is no limit to how many sections you can add, it’s easy to create a truly unique design.

Customizing sections in the Bluehost Website Builder

4. Makes Mobile Optimization Easy

More than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. It’s important that your new website looks good and maintains a high-quality appeal no matter what device your visitors are using.

Quick-start smart templates help with that as they are mobile-optimized — they look great on both desktop and mobile devices.

5. Saves Time To Focus on Your Business

If you’re starting from scratch, building a website can be time-consuming. You can save your precious time by using website templates.

You can focus on your business. You can start marketing your startup on social media or use SEO (search engine optimization) to get initial traffic and get the ball rolling.

Or you can spend the time you saved creating new offers, bringing your existing customers to your online store and conducting market research to learn how you can improve your current products and services.

You can also explore networking and collaboration opportunities to increase your brand awareness, reach new customers and build better customer relations.

How Quick-Start Smart Templates Save You Time

Quick-start smart templates save you time by helping you create your website quickly:

1. You Don’t Have To Start From Scratch

When you use a Quick-start smart template, you don’t have to start from scratch. The template gives you ideas — what to include and how.

You also don’t have to wonder about the best way to layout the elements as the template handles that for you. The only thing you must do is replace the demo content with your photos and text.

2. Website Design Time Is Cut in Half

With the help of the templates, your web design and web development times are cut in half.

Simply drop your content into the placeholders, save your changes and hit publish to ready your own website.

With Bluehost Website Builder, you can launch a website in a matter of days.

3. Built-In Content Ideas

Writing content for your website is one of the most time-consuming parts of the process.

But the web templates from Bluehost Website Builders have placeholder content you can use as a starting point for your copy.

4. Stock Image Library

When using Bluehost Website Builder, you can use our built-in stock image library.

Enter a few keywords that describe the photo you’d like to use and browse through the results.

You can not only find images for your website, but you can also apply basic edits to customize the image per your requirements.

You can crop the image, adjust brightness and contrast and even add text overlays. This saves you the hassle of downloading the image from stock image websites to edit it on your computer and then reuploading it to your website.

5. You Don’t Have To Learn Design

Lastly, while you don’t have to be a designer to build a website, it’s important to understand the basic principles of good design. But when your to-do list is already full, the last thing you want is to learn design.

With Quick-start smart templates, you don’t have to learn design. They have been designed by graphic design professionals. You can focus on launching your website quickly.

Final Thoughts: How To Use a Website Template: Guide to Quick-Start Templates

Quick-start smart templates from Bluehost Website Builder make it easy to build your website in a matter of days, not weeks. You can customize layouts and templates to create your dream website.

If you’re ready to use a website template and start building your website, check out Bluehost Website Builder’s pricing plans to find the right plan for you.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

FAQ on Website Templates

What is a website template, and how can it benefit my online presence?

A website template is a pre-designed layout that simplifies website creation. It provides structure, design elements, and functionality, saving time and effort. Templates ensure a professional and visually appealing online presence without the need for extensive design skills.

How do I choose the right website template for my specific needs?

Consider your website’s purpose, industry, and target audience. Look for templates with features that align with your content and goals. Prioritize responsive design, user-friendliness, and customization options.

Are there specific platforms or website builders compatible with templates?

Yes, popular platforms like WordPress support website templates. Each platform has a selection of templates designed for their system, simplifying the customization process.

What’s the importance of responsive design when using a website template?

Responsive design ensures your website adapts to various devices, providing an optimal viewing experience. It boosts user engagement, encourages longer visits, and contributes to higher search rankings.

What are common mistakes to avoid when working with website templates?

Avoid overcomplicating your design, neglecting mobile responsiveness, and straying from your brand identity. Regularly update your template and plugins to ensure security and optimal performance.

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