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If you own a business with employees, 2021 hasn’t been a kind year.  

Over 4.4 million workers left the American workforce in Sep. 2021. You may have lost some of your most valuable employees as well.  

This might have complicated supply lines for you and prevented you from serving your customers. 

Not to worry. With millions of people out of work, you have a unique opportunity to add new members to your workforce. To succeed, you need to advertise open positions in your company. And you need to learn how to write a job posting.  

Let’s see how to build better job posts that attract high-quality applicants and rank in search results.  

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

What Makes a Good Job Posting? 

How To Write a Great Job Posting 

What Are the Best Practices in Writing a Job Summary? 

Where To Post Your Job Listing 

How To Write a Job Posting on Social Media

How To Find Qualified Applicants 

How To Promote a Job Posting

Final Thoughts: How To Write a Job Posting for Your Ideal Hire

What Makes a Good Job Posting? 

A good job posting sells your company as the ideal place to work for highly qualified professionals. It shows that you reward competence and performance while supporting individual growth. 

The more you focus on how to write a job posting, the better talent you’ll recruit.  

Let’s look at some principles to follow when writing a job posting. 

How to write a job posting — What makes a good job posting (infographic)

Good Research 

Before writing a job posting, conduct research and determine what the market wants. As a hiring manager, using research analysis will make your posting competitive.  

Use your results to brainstorm new ideas worth adding to your posting. 

Easy Language and Tone 

Stay formal, but keep your tone friendly. Use easy-to-read language. It will help you keep your job posting clear and direct.  

Many prospective candidates scan your postings before taking an interest. Avoid fluff to make it easy for them to stay.  

Company Culture and Values 

You want employees who share your beliefs. It’s one key indicator of their success in your office environment. Great candidates will always apply for positions in companies with similar values. 

Good Structure 

Keep your postings short and use a readable structure to improve the overall experience of potential applicants.  

To keep your post lively, break down your job advert into sections. Use subheadings and cut down on unnecessary descriptions. 

How To Write a Great Job Posting 

Man Writing on Sticky Notes on a Wallboard, How to Write a Job Posting
  1. Job title 
  2. Company overview 
  3. Position summary 
  4. The benefits of the role 
  5. Job description 
  6. Qualifications and ideal candidate 
  7. Additional information 
  8. Contact information 

To learn how to write a job posting, you need a structure to follow. A structure helps you focus and provide relevant details. In every job posting, here are some key components to include.  

1. Job Title 

Your job title is the first thing an applicant sees. Keep it upbeat and to the point. Catchy titles will send plenty of suitable candidates your way. 

A clear title should be enough to attract your ideal candidates. Use clear titles like “SEO Manager” or “Junior JavaScript Developer.” 

2. Company Overview 

Give your potential applicants an overview of your organization and your work culture to help them decide if they want to work with you.  

Showcase your unique office environment that motivates employees and promotes career growth. 

3. Position Summary 

Use about three to five lines to give potential job seekers an overview of the tasks they’ll encounter on the job. Your prospective employees should get a general sense of your job requirements, and that’s what the summary does.  

4. The Benefits of the Role 

This section gives your potential employees a compelling reason to apply.  

According to a Glassdoor study, over 67% of applicants want salary details in job postings. Hook them in with an attractive salary range, benefits, and perks. The more rewarding your benefits, the more applicants you’ll attract.  

For instance, if your company buys new equipment for new hires, mention that. Many potential employees will find that offer attractive. Other rewards may include paid vacation days, catered lunches, or even an office with a magnificent view.  

5. Job Description 

In bullet points, list all the duties your potential employee will perform. Lists help you capture all the details. Also, it allows applicants to skim through your posting with ease. They’ll get a sense of the responsibility and workload of the position.  

You can include all day-to-day tasks, extensive projects, and other activities. 

6. Qualifications and Ideal Candidate 

Using bullet points, outline the skills and experience candidates need to qualify. Prospective applicants will get a sense of the skillset required to succeed in that role.  

You can make some qualifications mandatory and mention other preferred qualifications as well. 

You can also describe the qualities you desire in your potential employees. If certain traits and habits make a job seeker ideal for your organization, mention them. 

7. Additional Information 

To help potential job seekers further, add a section that gives them additional information they might like.  

You can guide them on applying or describe any training or tools you offer. Also, mention other critical things like: 

  • Your application deadlines 
  • Job locations 
  • Work-from-home options 
  • COVID-19 policies your company follows 

8. Contact Information 

In the final section of the job ad, add your contact information. Include an e-mail address or phone number. Add links to the application form and your company website.  

What Are the Best Practices in Writing a Job Summary? 

Here are some guidelines to follow if your want consistent results with every job posting. 

  • Include all necessary details in the job summary. Include all the job duties and responsibilities set aside for your new employee.
  • Include applicant competencies and must-haves early. It helps potential hires determine if they fit your company.
  • Use friendly and conversational language to keep the job summary relatable. It will keep job seekers engaged and make their expectations clear.
  • Make your employment terms clear. Let potential applicants know if your position is part-time, full-time, or remote.
  • Talk about company culture and values. Doing this helps potential candidates relate to your company. 

Where To Post Your Job Listing 

Now that you’re all set and ready to go with your job listing, where should you post it? 

Let’s look at a few options:

  • LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest professional social networks. It has over 800 million members. If you’re looking for potential employees with high qualifications, LinkedIn is the way to go.
  • Indeed is another outstanding global job board. It receives over 250 million unique visitors each month. You can post jobs, search for resumes and run paid job ads.
  • Another excellent place to list your job openings is on your company website. Besides helping you hire new employees, it also drives traffic to your website.
  • Google Jobs is another excellent option. It collects job postings from across the web and helps applicants find you directly.
  • Just like Indeed, ZipRecruiter is a job board. On ZipRecruiter, you can upload your job posting for free.   

Here’s why you need a company website with a targeted content service for your new employees and potential candidates. 

How To Write a Job Posting on Social Media 

iPhone Showing Social Media Icons for job postings

Statista shares that over 90% of users access the internet via their phones. For this reason, social media presents a huge opportunity for your business. If your want to know how to write a job posting on social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, here’s how to go about it: 

  • Make it clear that you’re hiring. Use graphics and images that display “We’re hiring!” to catch the attention of potential job seekers.
  • Keep it straightforward. Many social media users have short attention spans. Use a concise post to capture their attention before they scroll down.
  • Include important information. Add the job title, responsibilities, and preferred qualifications. And give the user a clear call to action.
  • Use your company’s culture and values in your job posting. It’s an excellent way to sell your company. It also tells candidates why working for your company will be a fulfilling experience. 

Find out why your business still needs a website in this social media age. 

How To Find Qualified Applicants 

Networking Event With Plenty of People Talking, Ideal for Finding Qualified Applicants

There are plenty of places to find qualified applicants. For your job post, here’s what we recommend:

  • Referrals — Recommendations from family, friends, and co-workers can lead to some of the best hires you could ever make.
  • Application Tracking Systems — It manages the application process and eliminates unqualified job candidates, keeping only the qualified.
  • Networking events — Conferences and seminars connect you with professionals from different fields. They can also connect you with potential partners, consultants, and future employees.
  • Writing effective job postings — Low-effort job postings often attract low-effort applications. Write something that will stand out to attract the best talent. 

How To Promote a Job Posting 

Once you’ve learned how to write a job posting, it’s time to get it out there. So how do you do that?  

  • Use website traffic to send your users to your job posting.  
  • Post your job search on job boards like Glassdoor and Indeed.  
  • Pay for ad placements on social media websites like LinkedIn or Instagram 
  • Share links across different social media platforms.  
  • Use SEO to optimize your job postings for search engines.  

Learn how you can use Bluehost’s SEO Tools to improve the ranking of your company website.   

Final Thoughts: How To Write a Job Posting for Your Ideal Hire 

With this guide, you have learned how to write job postings that attract top talent into your business for the future.  

A touch of personality with your company voice and tone helps your job posting stand out and attract the best talent. Don’t forget to link your company’s website. It showcases your professionalism and authenticity.   

Don’t have a company website yet?  

Check out Bluehost’s Website Builder to start building your new website today. 

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