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The success of your business website depends on converting casual visitors into engaged customers, but a stunning 75 percent of visitors who browse your site without taking some kind of action never come back. That’s why lead generation is a key component of any successful marketing campaign – and why a WordPress website that is equipped with tools for opening channels of communication with new website visitors can convert those visitors into fans, clients, or customers.

To boost traffic and increase conversions, WordPress website runners can choose from a variety of WordPress plugins for building email lists, creating opt-in forms, and more.

Here’s a look at 10 of the most versatile and effective WordPress plugins for lead generation.

Who needs lead generation

Lead generation is a broad marketing term for a variety of strategies that do just one thing: attract people who are interested in whatever product or service you’re offering, with the hope of turning them into buyers. Successful lead generation usually involves a combination of these strategies, which can include things like building an email list, offering a lead magnet – a free item in exchange for an email address, and adding contact forms and landing pages to the site.

If you’re selling something, offering a service, or simply hoping to raise awareness of your site and your brand, you need some form of lead generation to draw website visitors in and keep a connection with them.

Choosing a WordPress lead generation plugin

Thousands of WordPress plugins for carrying out various kinds of lead generation tasks are available from the WordPress plugin directory and from third-party developers around the world. Some are free, some are paid, and some offer a combination of free and paid options that unlock more features. In some cases, the WordPress plugin is a means of connecting your site with the plugin’s web application, where most of its lead generation features can be managed.

The plugins you select for handling your site’s lead generation depend on your goals and the purpose of your site. Some plugins are dedicated to providing just one specific kind of functionality, such as a landing page or contact form, while others include a range of features that can all be managed from a single dashboard. Some are dedicated WordPress plugins, too, but others are fully functional web applications that are accessed through a plugin that you install on your WordPress site. These and other factors, such as cost and compatibility with your version of WordPress, will play a role in choosing the right lead generation plugins for your site.

In general, a robust WordPress lead generation plugin should have a few essential features, including:

  • Mobile responsiveness. Look for plugins that are optimized for mobile devices – the source of over half the web traffic in the world. You need a mobile responsive website if you want your site to be able to rank and appear on search results.
  • Integration with email services. The most popular lead generation plugins can integrate with most of the web’s leading email marketing services, such as Klaviyo and MailChimp. This makes it easy to create and send forms, newsletters, and lead magnet content.
  • Customization options. The best plugins include options for customizing lead generation items, such as forms and landing pages to match the look of the parent site, including a collection of templates for each function.

With these considerations in mind, here is a rundown of the most popular and efficient lead generation plugins for your WordPress site.

The top 10 lead generation plugins for WordPress

1: Optin Monster

wordpress lead generation plugin


Optin Monster is a fully functioning web-based app that operates from its own dashboard via a plugin that connects with your WordPress site. Optin Monster includes a long list of templates for a variety of lead generation tasks, such as creating opt-in and contact forms, building email lists, and offering digital content. Optin Monster is also a leader in “exit intent,” technology, which triggers a popup or other form that appears when a visitor is about to leave the site. Optin Monster is available by subscription, with multiple plans available for business and personal use.

2: Hustle

wordpress lead gen plugin hustle


Hustle is a comprehensive marketing plugin for WordPress, focused on enhancing mailing list building and converting site traffic. It simplifies lead generation with easy-to-set-up opt-in forms, marketing popups, and a variety of pre-designed templates suitable for different campaigns like Black Friday or newsletter signups. This tool also supports social sharing, allowing users to grow their social media following. Hustle is designed for both the Classic Editor plugin and Gutenberg WordPress editor, making it a versatile and effective tool for online marketing and audience engagement.

3: Sumo (formerly SumoMe)

wordpress lead generation plugin


Sumo is a popular plugin for WordPress that helps with creating sign-up forms and managing email lists. Available in both free and premium versions, Sumo includes a variety of templates for creating scroll boxes, welcome mats, and other kinds of opt-in forms, and integrates with leading email managers such as AWeber and MailChimp for WordPress hosting.

4: WP Forms

wp forms lead gen plugin for wp


From the creators of Optin Monster, WP Forms is a premium WordPress plugin that is dedicated to creating forms of all kinds, including contact forms, subscription forms, and payment forms. With multiple templates and a drag and drop editor, WP Forms integrates with multiple email providers and offers built-in spam protection and security features.

5: LeadPages


LeadPages is a web-based application that is integrated into your WordPress site via a plugin. LeadPages features a range of page building templates for creating landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages and more, along with tools for delivering digital assets as lead magnets. LeadPages integrates with most email providers and is available on a variety of monthly plans.

6: Jetpack CRM 

jetpack crm - lead generation tool


Jetpack CRM is a practical and user-friendly CRM tool specifically designed for WordPress users, focusing on increasing profitability and improving business interactions. This CRM is particularly advantageous for its simplicity and practicality, tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of users, including eCommerce sites, agencies, freelancers, startups, non-profits, and local businesses.

Key features of Jetpack CRM include:

  • Customizable Ownership: The CRM is fully installable on WordPress, giving users complete control and ownership of their data.
  • Affordability: It offers a free base with optional, value-driven extensions, eliminating hefty monthly fees.
  • Versatility in Use Cases: Jetpack CRM is adaptable for various business models, from eCommerce to local businesses, making it an ideal choice for a diverse range of entrepreneurs.
  • Comprehensive Functionality: It serves multiple purposes, such as an invoice plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce, a client manager with a Client Portal, a lead generation tool, and a billing system. It integrates seamlessly with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal.
  • Efficient Management Tools: The CRM facilitates creating and sending quotes and invoices, tracking transactions, and managing business payments, all within WordPress.

Jetpack CRM positions itself as an effective and easy-to-use CRM solution, aiming to simplify CRM processes for WordPress users and enhance their business efficiency.

7: Chatbot for WordPress


This is a chatbot WordPress plugin that enhances visitor engagement and conversions on websites. It’s designed for easy integration and real-time customer interaction, providing several benefits:

  1. 24/7 Chat Availability: Engages visitors at any time, even outside business hours.
  2. Customer Conversion: Converts visitors into paying customers effectively.
  3. Lead Generation and Qualification: Automates lead generation and qualification processes.
  4. Visitor Engagement: Engages visitors and gathers critical feedback.
  5. Email List Growth: Aids in expanding email lists and subscriber bases.
  6. Interactive FAQ: Educates customers and guides them through queries.
  7. Appointment Setting: Facilitates booking appointments directly via the chatbot.
  8. Lead Notification: Alerts the sales team about potential leads.
  9. Universal Visitor Interaction: Engages every website visitor.
  10. Automated Customer Support: Provides 100% automated support.

Use-cases include lead generation, appointment booking, automating data collection, replacing live chat teams, and survey/feedback collection. The plugin is praised for its ease of setup, effectiveness in onboarding, and its ability to simplify workflows.

It is used across diverse industries, including freelancers, real estate, education, healthcare, e-commerce, and many more, proving its adaptability and wide applicability. Key features include a drag-and-drop builder, no coding requirement, 50+ templates, integration with Google Calendar and Zapier, and GDPR compliance. Additionally, it offers multiple triggers, spam blocking, SMS verification, email notifications, and live metrics, making it a comprehensive tool for enhancing website interaction and customer engagement.

8: Brave

brave lead generation tool for wordpress


Brave Builder is a powerful and user-friendly WordPress widget builder focused on optimizing conversions through popups, lead generation forms, sticky bars, and sidebars. It features an intuitive drag-and-drop editor with various elements like text, buttons, images, forms, and more, enabling the creation of unique popups quickly.

Key functionalities include:

  • Versatile Popup Creation: Design a wide range of popups such as newsletter opt-ins, contact forms, sticky headers, sidebars, lightboxes, modals, and EU cookie notices.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Enhance WooCommerce stores with upsell, cross-sell, and related products popups.
  • Easy Targeting: Customize who sees the popups, along with when and where they appear.
  • Advanced Forms: Build various forms like newsletter opt-ins and contact forms effortlessly.
  • Customizable Display Frequency: Control how often popups are shown to avoid annoying visitors.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: Design separate mobile versions of popups or use autoscaled versions.
  • Animations and Custom Code: Add animations and integrate custom code or shortcodes.
  • Integrations: Connect with numerous newsletter services like Mailchimp, HubSpot, and more.
  • Performance: Optimized for minimal site impact, loading assets only after page load.
  • Analytics: Track popup views, clicks, and form submissions for better insights.

The free version includes essential features, while the PRO version offers advanced functionalities like multi-step popups, more form fields, Zapier integration, automatic email replies, and more elements and presets. Its unique selling points are unlimited popup creation without performance compromise, built-in advanced forms, and the ability to display content from other plugins.

9: Popup, Optin Form & Email Newsletters for Mailchimp, HubSpot, AWeber – MailOptin

popup optin form for lead generation on wordpress


MailOptin is a versatile WordPress plugin serving as a form builder and popup maker, designed to enhance email newsletter subscriptions, lead generation, and sales. It offers a variety of optin form types, including lightbox popups, in-post subscription forms, notification bars, slide-ins, and sidebar widgets. These forms are easily customizable with the intuitive popup builder, allowing for quick creation of visually appealing lead generation campaigns.

Key features include GDPR-compliant popup optin forms, spam protection through Honeypot and reCAPTCHA (in the premium version), and after-conversion actions like page reload or redirection. MailOptin also excels in email newsletters, offering automated new post notifications, email digests, and one-off broadcasts with scheduling options. These features ensure subscribers are regularly updated with new content.

The lite version of MailOptin includes essential features for list building, with a premium version offering extended capabilities. Additionally, MailOptin integrates with a wide range of email marketing platforms and CRMs, making it a versatile choice for WordPress users looking to expand their email marketing efforts.

10: Newsletter

newsletter wp plugin for lead generation


The Newsletter plugin is a comprehensive email marketing solution for WordPress, designed for effortless list building and email campaigns. It offers a user-friendly drag-and-drop composer, enhancing campaign creation. Key features include unlimited subscribers and newsletters with detailed tracking, spam checks using blacklists, Akismet, and captcha, and adjustable delivery speeds. It supports WPML, Polylang, and Translatepress, ensuring all messages are translatable directly from the admin panel. GDPR compliance, advanced targeting, customizable subscription widgets, and seamless WordPress user registration integration are notable aspects. It also includes a PHP and REST API for developers, SMTP compatibility, customizable themes, a status panel for mailing capabilities, and compatibility with various SMTP plugins. Additionally, it allows for subscriber imports and supports both HTML and text versions of newsletters.


The success of any business website in today’s digital landscape hinges significantly on its ability to convert casual visitors into engaged customers. With an alarming 75% of visitors not returning if they don’t interact on their first visit, the importance of lead generation cannot be overstated. WordPress, as a versatile content management system, offers an array of plugins specifically designed for this purpose, enhancing the potential of websites to attract and retain customers.

Lead generation in 2024 involves a mix of strategies tailored to attract and engage potential customers. Utilizing WordPress plugins for this task is not just a convenience but a necessity for businesses aiming to expand their reach and improve their conversion rates. These plugins vary in functionality, from building email lists and creating opt-in forms to providing comprehensive CRM solutions and interactive chatbots, catering to a wide range of business needs.

Optin Monster, Hustle, Sumo, WP Forms, LeadPages, Jetpack CRM, Chatbot for WordPress, Brave, MailOptin, and the Newsletter plugin stand out as some of the most efficient tools in this realm. Each offers unique features like mobile responsiveness, integration with email services, and customization options, making them indispensable for a robust lead generation strategy. The choice of plugin should align with a business’s specific goals and website requirements, considering factors like cost, compatibility, and the range of features offered.

Ultimately, integrating these powerful tools into a WordPress site can significantly boost traffic and conversions, turning passive browsers into active participants and loyal customers. In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead with effective lead generation strategies is crucial for any business looking to thrive online.

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