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Backup and Restore File or Folders with Site Backup Pro tool



Site Backup and Restore helps protect account files, databases, email accounts, email forwarders, and filters from loss. Restoring files is quick, simple, and easy. Backups are created automatically daily, weekly, and monthly. Users can download a copy of their entire site for safekeeping any time they want for peace-of-mind.

The free version backs up the data, but users cannot restore databases. The Pro tools give users the power to restore any file(s)/database(s) necessary. It grants them the ability to restore either all databases or a specific database. This extends to files, where customers can restore individual files or folders. This is helpful if only one of their sites was affected by something, and they don't want to restore unaffected content.

Note: This article applies to Legacy accounts only.  All-new Rock accounts (except for basic) will use CodeGuard. Please see Restoring Backups with CodeGuard for more information.

Site Backup Pro Features 

Automatic BackupsMakes a daily backup copy of a website to prevent data loss
Daily, Weekly, and MonthlyWith long, medium, and short term backup archives,
you have a greater chance of finding the version you are looking for.
One-click RestoreRestore files automatically by replacing current files with the backed-up versions.
Quick and EasyOnly three steps to recover files
Restore Databases and TablesEasily restore MySQL databases. You can also select individual tables to restore.
Recover Single or Multiple Files

Quickly recover only the file or files needed

Download .zip Archives of FilesDownloading a .zip allows customers to have instant, offline access to their files.

How to access and manage your Site Backup Pro

Accessing Site Backup Pro

To backup or restore your website files, you can use the Site Backup Pro tool, located within the File Management category of your cPanel.
  1. Login to your Bluehost account.
  2. In the Files section, open the Site Backup Pro tool.
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Managing Site Backup Pro

Choose if you would like to BrowseDownload, or Restore the files in the backup. 
  • Downloading a backup there will be a prompt to choose a date. Use the drop-down menu to select the appropriate date of the backup you wish to use. Next, choose the type of compressed file you would like to download, this could be a .tar or .zip file then click download now. 
    Note: If you are unsure which format to download choose .zip as all modern Operating Systems are able to open a .zip file.
  • Browsing the files, there is a drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner that allows you to select the date of the backup.
    Note: This feature is only available when Site Backup Pro is purchased.
  • Restoring files, a pop-up menu will ask you to choose which backup date to restore from.
    Note: This is the same process for the Home Directory option in Site Backup Pro.