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Redirecting Web Page

This tutorial will show you how to use the Redirects tool, which will allow you to redirect your domain names from within your Hosting account. This can be useful if you need to temporarily take a website down or direct visitors to a new website location.

Navigate to the Redirects page


  1. Log in to your Bluehost control panel.                    
  2. Click the Domains tab from the side navigation menu to the left.                    
  3. Next to the domain name you wish to update, click the ▼ icon next to Manage, then choose Redirects from the drop-down menu that appears.


  1. Login to your Bluehost control panel.
  2. Click the Domains tab, near the top of the page.
  3. Click the redirect sub-tab.

301 or 302 Redirect

From the add redirect menu, you will need to choose which type of redirect to use.

  • Permanent 301: A 301 redirect will update the visitors bookmarks and direct search engines to the new site.
  • Temporary 302: A 302 redirect will redirect the visitor or search engine, but will not update the bookmark and the search engine will continue to index to the original page.

Url to Redirect

  1. Choose your domain name you would like to redirect, using the drop-down menu.
  2. If you would like to redirect a single page or directory; you can use the text field following the drop-down menu to enter the name of the folder or file.

Destination URL

Enter the full URL of the page you will be redirecting to in the "redirects to ->" text field.
Note: You need to enter the protocol as well, e.g. http://, https:// or ftp://


WWW Redirect options

Select if you will be redirecting www. or not.

  • "Only redirect with www."This option will only redirect visitors that use www. as part of the URL
  • "Redirect with or without www."This option will redirect all visitors.
  • "Do Not Redirect www."This option will not redirect visitors that use www. as part of the URL

Wild Card Redirect

  1. Click the "Wild Card Redirect' if you would like to redirect to the same file on the new destination.
    Example: www.example.com redirects to www.example-destination.com
    • With "Wild Card Redirect": www.example.com/about.html will redirect to www.example-destination.com/about.html
    • Without "Wild Card Redirect": www.example.com/about.html will redirect to www.example-destination.com
  2. Click the "Add" button to create the redirect.

Note: If you are not hosting with us, or only have a domain name, you will need to redirect your domain name by updating the DNS.