Website Creation Advice: How to Create a Restaurant Website

Running your restaurant is incredibly rewarding. But to make a profit, you have to keep bringing in new customers.

One of the best ways to spread the word about your restaurant and put your delicious meals in front of new customers is through a restaurant website.

Figuring out how to create a restaurant website might seem difficult, but the task becomes easier once you know what goes into making a website.

This guide will talk about the benefits of a restaurant website, the essential features you need to include and how to make a restaurant website quickly.

Read on to learn:

Restaurant Website — Benefits

Essential Restaurant Website Features

How To Make a Restaurant Website

Final Thoughts: How To Make a Restaurant Website Using Website Builder

Restaurant Website — Benefits

Before we dive into creating a restaurant website, let’s discuss why you should do so.

Helps You Reach New Customers

One of the most important reasons for learning how to create a restaurant website is to help new customers find you.

When you optimize your website with keywords for your local area and improve your search engine optimization (SEO), your small business website can appear in local search engine results when someone looks for a restaurant in your niche.

Boosts Your Revenue With Online Ordering

Another reason you should embark on a restaurant website creation is that it lets you implement online ordering.

Online ordering makes your meals available to people who might not live in your immediate area. It also adds a revenue stream to your small business.

Stand Out From Your Competition

Lastly, a restaurant website lets you stand out from other restaurants in your area that don’t have a website.

Provide Visitors With All Necessary Information

With a website, you can provide potential site visitors with all the necessary information long before they set foot in your restaurant.

It can reduce the time spent on the phone taking reservations if you add online reservation booking.

Essential Restaurant Website Features

Now that we’ve covered why you should work on restaurant website creation let’s talk about what you should include before starting the steps of creating a restaurant website.

Every restaurant website should have the following essential features and functionality:

Meal Menu

The most important part of any restaurant website is the online menu. Your visitors want to know the type of cuisine you serve. They want to know the meals they can get and the budget they should have before they book a table at your restaurant.

Adding a menu section to your restaurant website.

Include images of your meals alongside your menu. Professional photos of your meals can help increase the number of visitors and reservations to your restaurant.


If you own a new restaurant, a map with your location and directions to your restaurant will save a lot of time for your potential visitors.

For starters, they will know where you’re located. And by including a map and directions, you save them the trouble of having to look it up themselves.

You can include the directions on your contact form page or add a section with a map to your homepage.

Hours of Operation

Make it easy for your customers to know when you open and close. You can list that information in the footer of your restaurant website and on your contact information page to make it easier to find.

Online Reservations

Adding an online reservation form will reduce the amount of time spent on the phone taking reservations. Plus, online reservations can ensure you’re never overbooked as a digital system removes the chance of manual mistakes.

Another benefit of online reservations is immediate gratification. If customers can book a table right then and there, they are less likely to search for another restaurant.

Reviews and Ratings

Reviews help build trust. They show potential customers that past customers have had a good experience and the food you prepare is good.

Your customers are more likely to order online or book a table if they read positive reviews.

If you receive any ratings or awards, mention them on your website. This will further position your restaurant as a great choice for a meal and persuade visitors to book a table.

Responsive Web Design

Lastly, make sure that your website is responsive. In other words, ensure it looks good on both desktop and mobile devices. More people are using their smartphones to browse the internet, so you must create a mobile-friendly user experience.

When you’re done building your website, check it on mobile phones and ensure text is easy to read, buttons are easily clickable and the ordering or reservation process is seamless.

How To Make a Restaurant Website

  1. Decide on Your Domain Name
  2. Buy Domain and Hosting
  3. Create Your Website Pages
  4. Customize the Styles
  5. Launch Your Website

Let’s go over the step-by-step process of how to make a restaurant website.

1. Decide on Your Domain Name

The first thing you need to do to make a restaurant website is deciding on your domain name.

The domain name is what visitors will type into the browser address bar to reach your website. It looks like:

Domain names cost as low as $10, depending on extensions such as .com, .co and .net.

Your domain name should be the same as your restaurant’s name. But if you find that your desired domain name is taken, you can try a different domain extension, add the word restaurant or include your location to your domain name.

2. Buy Domain and Hosting

Besides the domain, you’ll also need hosting — space on a data server to store your restaurant website’s data. In most cases, you can buy the domain name and hosting from the same provider.

Hosting prices vary from provider to provider. For example, Bluehost offers hosting plans for as low as $2.95/month for a 12-month term and includes a free domain with the package for the first year as well.

3. Create Your Website Pages

Once you’ve signed up for hosting, you’ll need to create your website pages. The easiest way to do this is to use a website builder for restaurants.

The best website builders let you use a drag and drop interface to visually build your website and save you from learning to code or hiring a developer.

Bluehost Website Builder

Our Bluehost Website Builder makes it easy to create your website with all the key features you’ll need and still have all the benefits of WordPress.

You can modify templates. You can create as many pages as you need, add sections for your location and hours, restaurant menu, phone number or create an online reservation system and so much more.

4. Customize the Styles

Once you’ve created a restaurant website, you’ll need to customize it to ensure your website conveys the atmosphere of your restaurant.

This includes using images of the restaurant’s interior, photos of your signature dishes and stories of your staff for the extra personal touch.

Customizing the appearance of your website with the Bluehost Website Builder

You’ll also want to customize the fonts used on your website to ensure all the text is easy to read.

Use your restaurant’s brand colors to customize the look of your website. This will reinforce your brand and make your website more recognizable.

Also, upload your restaurant’s logo to your website’s header area to instill brand recognition.

5. Launch Your Website

When you’re happy with the restaurant website creation process, it’s time to launch it officially.

Update your social media accounts with a link to your new website. Share a status update and invite your followers to check out your website. You can also offer them a discount or a coupon towards their next meal if they help you spread the word about your new website.

If you have a list of your previous customers, you can also send them an email and let them know about your new website and the ability to make reservations or order food online.

Final Thoughts: How To Make a Restaurant Website Using Website Builder

Making a restaurant website seems difficult at first. But once you know the features you need to include and tools you can use, you can launch a restaurant website and grow your online presence without coding.

Bluehost Website Builder simplifies making a restaurant website even further with its user-friendly, drag and drop interface.

Check out the plans to find the one that works for you, sign up and start building your best restaurant website today.

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