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Creating a website from scratch for your business can seem daunting. Even with platforms that make it intuitive to launch a website with coding, website design is still time-consuming.

But with the help of a website builder, it doesn’t have to be.

Using a website builder can save a lot of time in your design process. Here, we’ll discuss what website builders are, how they work, how templates work, the average cost, and our suggestion for the best website builder for small businesses. 

Keep reading to find:

Website Builders Mean You Do Not Need Coding Knowledge

Best Website Builder for Small Business Templates

Best Website Builder Pricing

Bluehost Website Builder for WordPress: Understanding Which Website Builder is Best for Small Business and Everyone

Final Thoughts: Best Website Builder for Small Business

Website Builders Mean You Do Not Need Coding Knowledge

Back in the early days of the internet, you had two options to launch a website. You could either climb the learning curve of HTML and CSS tutorials and build it yourself. Or, you had to hire a web designer and developer to build the website for you.

The first option was time-consuming. And the second one was often expensive.

But that all changed with the birth of website builders.

Website builders empower anyone to build a website without coding knowledge. They typically have a drag-and-drop editor interface that lets you drag elements onto the page and drop them where you want them to appear.

Some website builders also have a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) aspect. When you’re working with a WYSIWYG interface, you can instantly see changes on your website as you’re making them.

For example, if you add an image to your website, it will instantly appear on the page. That lets you see how the image looks and works with the rest of your website’s content. You can then move the image around until you’re happy with its placement on the page.

All of this is possible without you ever having to touch a line of code. You just have to drag and drop website builder elements where you want them to appear.

Popular website builders are user-friendly and empower anyone to build a website, even if they’re on a budget or just getting started.

It’s also worth mentioning that the majority of website builders work as a standalone platform.

Best Website Builder for Small Business Templates

Most website builders come with a library of templates that you can use as a starting point for your design. Website builders typically have a wide variety of template designs available.

Some templates are niche-specific, like templates designed for specific professions or hobbies. Others have a more general appeal targeting a broad industry such as service providers, online stores with e-commerce functionality, and course creators. 

Thanks to templates, you can save a lot of time building your website. Essentially, a website builder works like this:

  • Choose a template from your website’s builder library
  • Edit the built-in elements to add your own photos, videos, and text
  • Select customization options for the template’s colors, fonts, and other visual styles

When you’re happy with how your website looks, all you have to do is publish it.

Best Website Builder Pricing

Now that you know what website builders are and how they work, let’s talk about their pricing.

As we mentioned before, some website builders are standalone platforms. That means there’s a monthly cost associated with them. You pay monthly to use the website builder and all of its features.

However, you don’t have to worry about finding a hosting plan as hosting services are usually included with the builder.

The monthly cost varies from one site builder to the next. Typically, it ranges between $12-$40 per month, depending on the plan you choose during signup.

There are many options available, including Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, and even e-commerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce with shopping cart and customer support functionalities.

Simple website builders are cheaper than hiring a designer, but the cost for the platform is still higher than standard WordPress hosting plans.

Here’s the good news:

There’s a better solution, and that’s Bluehost Website Builder, which offers the full support of a content management system (CMS) while remaining accessible for beginners and pros alike.

Bluehost Website Builder for WordPress: Understanding Which Website Builder is Best for Small Business and Everyone

Bluehost Website Builder is a high-quality website creator that makes it easy to build a website without coding knowledge or hiring a developer. You can use its features by dragging and dropping content onto your pages.

Bluehost Website Builder lets you take advantage of all the combo power and flexibility that comes with, so you can rest assured your own website will be able to grow and evolve as your business does.

By choosing Bluehost Website Builder, you get a simplified website building experience along with these WordPress benefits:

  • Access to thousands of free WordPress plugins that serve as add ons for your website
  • The ability to add different features and functionality to your website
  • SEO tools that help your website get better search engine rankings and perform overall optimization for your online presence

How Bluehost Website Builder Works

Bluehost Website Builder offers total ease of use. All you have to do is choose a pricing plan that meets your needs. Bluehost will automatically install WordPress for you, along with the Bluehost Website Builder plugin.

Once the installation process is complete, you’ll be able to log in to your Bluehost Portal and start working on your website. You can edit the placeholder content, upload your images, customize the appearance, and more.

Customization options within the Bluehost Website Builder

You’ll also be able to rearrange the pages in your navigation menu, add more pages, add a blog, and delete pages or sections you don’t need.

Adding sections within a page in the Bluehost Website Builder

When you finish customizing your website and you’re happy with how it looks, you’re ready to publish it.

Bluehost Website Builder Key Features

An example of some of the customization options and sections you can add within the Bluehost Website Builder

Key features of the Bluehost Website Builder that elevate it as the best website builder for small business owners include:

  • A library of premade small business website builder templates that you can use as a starting point for your page design
  • Premade sections that you can use a drag-and-drop interface to interact with visually to add different types of content to a page
  • Full control over your website’s design so you can easily change colors, fonts, and even upload custom fonts
  • Ability to view your website changes as you make them
  • Access to unlimited free stock photos
  • Ability to upload unlimited images, videos, audio content, music, and more
  • Power to easily add a blog and manage your blog posts within WordPress
  • E-commerce website builder features and integration with WooCommerce to create your own e-commerce store
  • One-click WordPress access so you can easily switch between WordPress and Bluehost Website Builder

How Bluehost Website Builder Works With Gutenberg

While Bluehost offers dozens of premade sections, there will be times when you want to build a more custom layout for a page or section on your website. That’s where the Gutenberg editor comes in handy.

You can quickly switch from Bluehost Website Builder to WordPress and use Gutenberg to create a custom layout. For example, maybe you want to include a section with three columns and a heading.

Bluehost Website Builder doesn’t have such a section, but you can create it using Gutenberg. You can then switch back to the Builder to finish designing your website. That gives you more freedom over your website’s design and empowers you to create a unique look for your website.

Pricing for the Best Website Builder for Small Business

Bluehost Website Builder offers two different pricing plans.

The Basic plan is perfect for bloggers and personal websites. You can create unlimited websites and have access to 300+ website templates. It also includes:

  • Blog post management
  • A free SSL certificate
  • A free domain name
  • A free version of email marketing tools

The Basic paid plan starts at $5.95/month when billed annually.

The Pro plan is perfect for business websites and e-commerce websites. It includes everything from the Basic plan as well as the ability to add e-commerce features. It also comes with:

  • 30+ additional design templates
  • Custom domain name privacy
  • The ability to sell products without limitations
  • Integration with WooCommerce for online payments (such as credit cards and PayPal)
  • 10+ pricing and packaging templates

The Pro premium plan starts at $13.95/month when paid annually. 

Final Thoughts: Best Website Builder for Small Business

Website builders can save you a lot of time when you build your website for your small business, whether you’re a one-person startup or have an e-commerce site. But while builders are convenient, they also cost more than standard web hosting plans.

But with Bluehost Website Builder, you get all the convenience of a website builder and the power of WordPress at an affordable price.

Sign up for a Bluehost Website Builder plan today and see for yourself how easy it is to build a website for your small business.

Tiffani is the Content and Social Marketing Manager for the Bluehost brand. She has a passion for creating engaging content, SEO and social media!

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