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You’ve probably come across domain name extensions like .com, .net, .org, and .edu, right? They’re quite the big names on the internet! They’re everywhere and used by everyone across the globe. Because of this, it can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle to figure out where a website is based. But don’t worry, that’s where Generic Top-Level Domains, or gTLDs for short, come in to give us a helping hand.

Think of gTLDs as a sort of mixed bag of domain extensions. They’re not tied down to any specific countries or regions. They’re usually a bit longer than two characters, which gives them a little extra flair. Some of the crowd favorites are .com (which is usually used by businesses), .org (popular among organizations), and .net (typically associated with networks).

By taking a peek at a website’s gTLD, you can often get a pretty good idea of what the website is all about. For example,

  • .edu is the chosen gTLD for educational institutions
  • .gov is the badge of honor for government entities
  • .mil is the signpost for military websites

But what about .store? Well, this is where things get interesting. The .store domain name is like an open door, welcoming anyone from anywhere in the world. Cool, huh?

Owners of .store domains can be an individual, organization, or entity anywhere in the world. The .store domain name is equally available for private individuals to use, although it is largely utilized by e-commerce businesses.

Benefits of buying a .store domain name

While not as widespread as .com, .net, or .org, registering a .store domain along with your web hosting can deliver a host of advantages. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a .store domain.

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Identify as a Retailer or eCommerce Business : Presenting yourself as a retailer or e-commerce platform can establish a robust online presence. The e-commerce industry has evolved into a global powerhouse, affecting everything from consumer choices to business models and technological innovations. A .store domain helps identify your personal brand, company, or group as a part of this influential marketplace, regardless of your product niche.

Improve Searchability : When registering a name associated with online selling, your site becomes easier to discover. A .store extension, unlike generic domain extensions that everyone globally must compete with to register, aids your target audience in finding you. Moreover, a unique domain with a less-common extension can bolster your site’s search engine rankings with appropriate SEO. Consequently, for visibility and driving people to your online store, the .store domain extension can provide a distinct edge.

Boost Your E-commerce Business : The global impact of e-commerce is undeniable, and effectively promoting your online store can significantly influence the success of your business or personal brand. Regardless of your location, a .store domain can help promote your e-commerce business or personal brand, attracting more customers worldwide.

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Reasons to buy a domain name that is NOT .store

A .store domain can offer an array of benefits, but it’s not necessarily the golden ticket for everyone.

For starters, the online world tends to cling to what it knows. People trust what’s familiar, and right now, that’s .com. It’s the old guard of the internet, and venturing away from it could leave some users, especially those less familiar with tech, feeling uncertain.

Also, think about what your online presence is all about. If you’re more than just a retailer—if you offer services, share valuable information, or cultivate a community—a .store domain might feel too niche. A business that’s selling products, but also offering online classes and consulting, might resonate more with a .com or .net domain.

Keep in mind too that while a .store domain could potentially give your SEO and branding a boost, it’s not a silver bullet. True SEO prowess depends on everything from the quality of your content to the speed of your site, user experience, and how well it works on mobile.

So, even though a .store domain can be a powerful tool to showcase your online store, it’s crucial to consider these points and weigh them against your unique business needs and goals.

How to buy a .store domain

Buying a .store domain extension is straightforward. First, verify the availability of your desired domain name.

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You will see if the name you want is available and a few alternatives. After making a decision, you can register your domain name and select the hosting plan that suits your requirements.

Who is eligible for registering .store domains?

The .store domain extension is accessible to everyone, but are most frequently purchased by:

  • Individuals or organizations with an interest in eCommerce
  • An entity planning to create an online store for business or personal purposes.
  • Organizations wanting to augment their existing websites with an online store.

Should you buy a .store domain?

Before buying a domain and starting to create your website with a powerful website hosting plan, you need to choose a domain that encapsulates your brand and overall message. At Bluehost, we facilitate your domain registration process by providing all the resources you need.

If you’re looking to reach out to a broad customer base or want to strengthen your brand through an eCommerce store, consider registering a .store domain today.

Common questions about buying a .store domain name

Who is eligible to register a .store domain

The .store domain extension is accessible to everyone, including online retailers, small business owners, influencers, organizations, and more.

How does a .store domain affect SEO?

A .store domain has no SEO disadvantages compared to .com. Being unique and less common, it helps stand out amidst the competition, and with the right SEO strategies, it can improve your site’s rankings on search engine results pages, thus boosting visibility and traffic.

What are the benefits of a .store domain name

A .store domain name enhances your online identity as a retailer or e-commerce platform. It improves visibility, helps target audiences find your site easily, and associates your brand with the e-commerce community.

Is the .store domain name legit?

Yes, a .store domain name is absolutely legit. It’s a recognized gTLD, specifically designed for e-commerce businesses and online stores. It signals professionalism and commitment to providing an online shopping platform.

How can I purchase a .store domain?

To purchase a .store domain, you can go the domain page of Bluehost, check the availability of your desired name, and proceed with the purchase if it’s available.

Are there any restrictions or requirements for registering a .store domain?

Generally, there are no specific restrictions or requirements for registering a .store domain; it’s available to anyone, including businesses and individuals.

How can I secure my .store domain name from cyber threats?

To secure your .store domain, use strong security measures like SSL certificates, two-factor authentication, and secure password practices.

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  1. This is a bit ironic, because I have just been told by Bluehost that they can’t host .store domains.

    • Kyle Bombardier Reply

      Hi Drew, thanks for the comment. While Bluehost previously did not support the registration of .store domains, we are pleased to inform you that this has changed, and we now offer hosting services for .store domains. Let us know if you have any further questions!

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