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If you’re trying to pick the perfect top-level domain (TLD) for your new website, the .ws domain extension should be one of your considerations. Originally a country-code TLD for Samoa, the .ws domain appeals to a range of businesses and individuals worldwide. It’s a clever domain hack, where ‘ws’ can also mean ‘world site,’ ‘web site,’ or ‘web service.’ This creative twist broadens its appeal because it makes it a popular choice for those looking to exude a global or digitally focused-presence. 

Its ability to offer a fresh alternative to the crowded .com space makes it a standout choice. In this article, learn more about this TLD as we explore its pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right choice for your brand.  

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Key benefits of a .ws domain name 

Choosing a .ws domain name comes with benefits that can enhance your presence online. 

  • Global reach. As one of the global domains, the .ws extension is widely recognized and is not restricted by geographical or regional boundaries. This makes it perfect for companies with an international target audience. 
  • High availability. Unlike some popular domain extensions like .com, there are more options available with .ws. This means you’re more likely to find the exact domain name that truly matches your vision.  
  • Versatility. Whether you’re starting a personal blog, setting up an eCommerce site, or creating a website for your business, a .ws domain can work for all of these. It’s flexible enough to fit whatever purpose you have in mind for your website.  

Cons to a .ws domain 

While a .ws domain has its advantages, there are some drawbacks to consider. 

  • Confusion with other ccTLDs. The .ws extension might also be mistaken for other country-code top-level domains, such as the .ws domain for Samoa. This can potentially muddle your business’s geographical identity. 
  • Recognition issues. Since .ws is relatively new compared to established domains like .com or .org, it might not be quickly recognized or trusted by users. 
  • Perceived prestige. Some people might see .ws domains as less prestigious than more traditional domains, which could influence how they view your business’s credibility.  

Who should buy a .ws domain extension? 

If you’re considering which domain extension to choose, the .ws domain has evolved from its roots as Samoa’s country-code top-level domain into a versatile and globally recognized option. Here are the businesses that might find the .ws domain beneficial: 

  • Startups and tech companies. For new businesses in the tech sector, choosing a .ws domain can make a strong impression in a crowded market because it can help emphasize a modern and global outlook. The .ws can also stand for the word website
  • Personal brands and bloggers. If you’re building a personal brand or blog, .ws domain names can help set you apart. They’re memorable, have global appeal, and are ideal for freelancers and bloggers who are aiming to reach a wide audience. 
  • eCommerce businesses. Online stores can benefit from .ws domains as they suggest a broad, international reach. This makes it clear that your business accommodates consumers wherever they are located.  
  • Non-profit organizations with international aspirations. Like eCommerce businesses, international non-profit organizations can also use this domain. Using a .ws domain shows dedication to reaching out and serving global communities. It builds trust and recognition among volunteers and supporters worldwide. 

How to buy a .ws domain name 

Purchasing a .ws domain at Bluehost can be done in a few steps: 

  1. Visit our domain search tool to see if your desired .ws domain is available
  1. Type your preferred domain name into the search field and select the .ws extension from the dropdown menu. 
  1. If your domain name is available, it will automatically be added to your cart. During this step, you’ll have the option to add domain privacy to protect your personal information from being publicly accessible. 
  1. Once you’re ready, click Proceed to move to the next step. 
  1. Here, you can choose to add a web hosting plan to your domain purchase. Select a plan that fits your needs, or simply continue with the domain registration alone. 
  1. Finalize your purchase by following the on-screen prompts to complete the registration. 

Frequently asked questions about .ws domain names 

What is a .ws domain?  

A .ws domain is a top-level domain originally designated as the country-code TLD for Samoa but is now widely used globally for a broad range of websites. 

Is a .ws domain credible?  

Yes, .ws is a legitimate and globally recognized domain managed by the SamoaNIC. 

Why is a .ws domain popular?  

Its wide availability of names makes .ws a popular choice for businesses and individuals worldwide. 

What are the benefits of a .ws domain?  

It offers global appeal, versatility, and a high chance of finding the perfect domain name. 

What are the cons of a .ws domain?  

Potential confusion with other ccTLDs, lower initial recognition, and perceived lack of prestige compared to more established TLDs. 

Get your .ws domain now  

The .ws domain presents an opportunity for individuals and businesses that want to make a mark online beyond its origins as a country code top-level domain for Samoa. It has become a globally recognized option that suits many users, from tech startups and personal bloggers to major businesses. If you’re searching for a domain that breaks from the usual .com and has global appeal, a .ws could be what you need.

Get noticed online today and register a .ws domain. 

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