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Everyone needs a website in today’s day and age. Small businesses and freelancers need a website for exposure, and large businesses benefit from online stores.

But creating a website appears a daunting task — as building a website was once a complex and difficult task: You either possessed coding skills or hired a web designer or web developer who provided those skills.

Nowadays, creating a website is easy due to user-friendly website builders.

What are online website builders? And which site builder is the best for you?

Read on to find out:

What Is a Website Builder?

WordPress — A Popular Website Builder

Bluehost Website Builder — Built for Everyone

Final Thoughts: What Is a Website Builder? Bluehost Site Builder in WordPress

What Is a Website Builder?

Website builders are tools that empower anyone to create a website without coding. In other words, there is no need to learn HTML, CSS, or any other programming language.

Instead, you can use the website builder’s drag and drop interface to build your webpages. You can arrange the blocks or sections as you want. Most site builders also have easy-to-use customization options that let you use your brand’s colors and fonts to style your website.

Some website builders are free but require a separate hosting plan. Others have web hosting services and custom domain names included with the website builder.

Among these website builders, some suit small and simple websites, while others offer website designs for portfolios or e-commerce websites with shopping cart functionality.

Two popular site builders are WordPress and Bluehost Website Builder. Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer. website

WordPress is a CMS — content management system that lets you get your own website up and running in mere days. It’s the most popular website building platform that prioritizes ease of use and simplifies building any type of website; from websites for bloggers to large corporate websites.

You can even use it to sell products with full credit card support. WordPress is free to download but does require you to buy a separate hosting plan.

WordPress offers thousands of WordPress themes or design templates, making it a popular choice among small business owners who are beginners in the design space. Besides that, thousands of plugins exist that let you add any type of DIY functionality to your website.

You can download many free plugins and themes for free from the official theme and plugin repositories. Whereas, paid themes and plugins are sold through various marketplaces or individual theme and plugin authors.

But WordPress can overwhelm you with the sheer amount of features. All the extra features can be difficult to navigate for new users. If you are unfamiliar with SEO, navigating search engine optimization plugins can be a hassle, too.

Bluehost Website Builder — Built for Everyone

Bluehost Website Builder

Another example of a site builder for WordPress is the Bluehost Website Builder. It’s an easy-to-use site builder that lets you get your new website up and running quickly.

Unlike WordPress, Bluehost Website Builder comes with a hosting plan, so you don’t have to worry about finding a hosting provider.

The way Bluehost Website Builder works is simple. You start by choosing a plan that works for you.

Then, you enter details about the type of website you want to create, and Bluehost Website Builder creates your online presence with all the necessary pages. You just have to add your content elements, replace the photos, and customize the website with your fonts and colors.

Bluehost Website Builder integrates with WordPress and Gutenberg. You can build a good website using a simplified interface but still benefit from the power of WordPress, such as installing plugins and creating a blog.

You can switch between WordPress and Bluehost Website Builder with a simple click.

Bluehost Website Builder also comes with premade website templates and page sections that you can use to build your website. It offers customization options to style your website and built-in integration with a stock image library so you can always find the right photo for your website.

Final Thoughts: What Is a Website Builder?

Launching a professional website is easy with the best website builders like Bluehost Website Builder. Decide the website builder you want to use and create your website.

Look at the Bluehost Website Builder pricing plans. Pick the one that works for your budget, and start building your website today.

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