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These days everyone needs a website. As an individual you may want a blog to share your ideas, a portfolio to showcase your talent, or a web page to post your resume and job experience. As a small business, websites are one of the most important ways for potential customers to find you.
But how do you create a website? What if you don’t know anything about HTML, CSS or any other web-related technology? Well, that’s where web builders come in. Website builders are tools designed for non-technical users who want to create a website. They’re designed so you don’t have to know anything about HTML or CSS to use them!

What are Web Builders?

There are many different types of site builders. Some are designed specifically to create blogs; some can be used for websites; others can do both and even support eCommerce with shopping carts and more. Some site builders are open source, some use a freemium model (i.e., the basic edition is free while advanced features are unlocked with an annual or monthly fee), and some are only available as a fee-based commercial product. The better site builders include a wide variety of themes to give your website a unique look and feel. These themes can be specific to your industry or match the look and feel of your company’s logo and branding. Two examples of great site builders that we love here at Bluehost are WordPress and Weebly.

WordPress Free Website Creation & Hosting

WordPress is a popular open source platform that can create everything from simple blog sites to full-featured, multi-page websites. One of the biggest advantages to WordPress is that it is very customizable: there are countless templates and themes and is very extensible through many third party plug-ins. Most templates and plug-ins are free, while some of the more advanced templates require a one-time fee through template providers (like Template Monster or Theme Forest).

Weebly Free Website Creation & Hosting

Another example is the Weebly Site Builder. This website creation tool is super easy-to-use thanks to a powerful drag and drop editor that lets you easily create websites on any of your Bluehost domains. The free version is available standard to all Bluehost customers and includes all the core feature most users need to create a fully-functional website. A premium version adds unlimited pages and some more advanced features (e.g., an in-website music player, password protection for the website). A shopping cart and eCommerce tools can be optionally added to either version as well.
If you want to get a website up and running quickly, and be able to update it easily, website builders are the way to go. With WordPress, the Weebly Site Builder, and countless other tools that can be installed in one click with SimpleScripts, Bluehost has you covered.
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