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The holidays always provide downtime for people to rest and recharge before heading into the new year. With all the free time you’ll have during this season, this is  the perfect time to set goals and plot the next steps in your website journey.

Have you been itching to start a blog? Here are the 5 reasons you should get off the couch and start your blog this holiday season.

1.) You can save a ton with our awesome sale

The holidays can be a busy time for everyone looking to shop, which is why you have to capitalize on the awesome Black Friday sales headed your way. Why stockpile on clothes and tech devices when you can invest in your blog by purchasing a web hosting plan for your site. Bluehost is giving new customers the gift of a basic shared hosting plan for $2.65/monthly at a 36-month term. If you are just beginning your web building journey, a basic shared hosting plan is perfect for launching a blog site. Your plan includes 50GB of storage, 5 email accounts, and free domain and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) to keep your site protected. With a sale this great, there’s nothing stopping you from starting your blog.

2.) The holiday spirit will fill you with inspiration

Every great writer thrives off of inspiration that helps them create innovative content. The holidays provide countless options for the types of content you can create for a wide range of audiences. Use the holidays to your advantage by creating content that will be timely and resonate with people who are actively seeking posts, pictures, or media that is festive and fun. Blogs can be an interactive experience that reflects your personality and introduces visitors to what you are passionate about.

Here are a few examples of blog content people will enjoy:

  • Stocking stuffer ideas
  • Holiday gift guides
  • Favorite seasonal recipes
  • How to shop on a budget
  • Your favorite in-store sales

If your think tank is running on low, reflect on what excites or interests you during the holidays and get creative.

3.) You can work ahead and start on your New Year’s resolutions

You are already setting yourself up for success by launching your website before 2019. Look at the new year as an opportunity to create an plan to meet your goals for your blog. Time is of the essence when you are in the business of blogging, and you should get ahead of the curve by starting now rather than later. You can create plans for your blog based on how your blogs have performed during the holidays. Maybe you were experimenting with a certain theme or style for the holiday season and want to transition into a different format. You can use this time to lay the foundation for your site by creating blogs you enjoy and planning for your future content.

4.) You can create your content calendar at the beginning of the new year

Nothing is better for your blog than preparedness. You can use the holidays as a great time to evaluate the content you enjoyed writing. Before writing your content calendar, you should evaluate how much time you can devote to posting over the next year. By starting your blog now, you can set realistic goals for 2019. Writing out a detailed content calendar will help you develop a timely posting schedule and decide what type of content you plan to create. As you continue to build an audience over the holiday season, how often you post your content will be vital to your site’s success. Whether you enjoy an old-fashioned planner—like me— or a spreadsheet, there are various resources you can use to help keep you organized. Online management tools like Trello and Coschedule offer different prices and monthly plans to keep you consistent and on track with your goals.

5.) You’re off work and maybe have time to start writing

Being home for the holidays provides us with many opportunities to relax and take a break from work. However, in your spare time you can start putting your pen to paper and get some writing done. Blogs don’t have a set format, so you can practice different types of writing styles you may want for your site. A daily writing regime will help you get comfortable with your tone and assist in identifying who your blogs’ target audience will be. Your target audience is a major factor in how you write, therefore you should create content that will resonate with them and keep them coming back for more. Even if you end up with a handful of drafts, you are making a great first step in the direction of launching a successful blog.

Don’t let turkey and dressing keep you slumped on the couch, take a walk and get inspired by the magic of the holiday season. Whether you are a new Bluehost customer purchasing a basic shared hosting plan for Black Friday or Cyber Monday or a current user who is ready to take their site to the next level with different deals, the time to start is now. Your blog is ready to be launched, what are you waiting for?


  1. Karim Toulba Reply

    Thanks for sharing the inspiring article,
    You’ve just said it right. It’s never too late to start an awesome blogging career. And indeed holidays might be the perfect time to do so. I’ve started back in December 2015 and I was like wondering how to crush it. While I have got many ups and downs, I’m really proud of my blogging journey and earning potential I’m setting on right now.
    Thanks again for sharing and inspiring us,
    Keep it up guys!

    • Desiree Johnson, Content Specialist Reply

      Greetings Karim,
      Thank you for sharing your wonderful blogging journey, best of luck in the new year!

  2. ahrefs seo tools Reply

    thanks for sharing this appreciateable article
    its arise a zeal in the bloggers that never earned a money
    so again thanks

    • Desiree Johnson, Content Specialist Reply

      You are very welcome, best of luck in your blogging journey!

  3. Always find great articles on here and its always a pleasure to read .
    and in blogging we have to focus on content and how much time we spend on researching if we concentrate on how much i will earn then we cant suceed we do our work and always hard work gets paid off

  4. shivansh singh Reply

    Bluehost rocks.
    I used bluehost for hosting and also recomment peoples to use bluehost though my website.
    It’s cool.

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  6. Hi! very informative post, I read your posts regularly to enhance my skills

    • Desiree Johnson, Content Specialist Reply

      Thank you Ram, best of luck with your site!

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