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At Bluehost we understand the challenges that come with starting and running a business. We’re committed to helping startups and businesses large and small and are continually updating our products and services to provide our customers with everything they need to succeed. We’ve partnered with Google to bring every Bluehost customer the greatest tools and resources they need to boost their online presence and successfully run their business. By seamlessly integrating Google Apps for Work into our platform, we’ve given you the opportunity to bring the power of Google to your business, right from your hosting account.

Google Apps For Work

  • Gmail with your domainUse Gmail with your domain name and harness great spam protection, search, calendar integration and more.
  • Live communication: Enjoy Google Hangouts in high definition for up to 15 people at a time anywhere from your computer and mobile devices.
  • Work together: Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides make collaboration easy. Manage information in Google Drive and edit files together in real time.
  • Store and share: Google Drive syncs files on your computer to the cloud so you can share with coworkers and access them anywhere.
  • Sync schedules: Easily see everyone’s calendars and always find the perfect time for everyone to meet or video conference.
  • Work anywhere: Create, edit and share files on the go with mobile apps for your phone, laptop and tablet.

Why use Google Apps for Work Instead of Using the Free Apps?

The free versions of Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, etc. are great tools for individuals to use in their daily lives. But when businesses require more control, more collaboration and more professionalism, Google Apps for Work makes it possible. Not only do you get additional apps only available on Google Apps for Work, you also get the ease of Gmail with the professionalism of your own domain, additional storage across Gmail and Drive, increased collaboration by syncing calendars and files across users, enhanced security features, full administration for all user accounts, and more. Now that Google Apps for Work is available through your hosting account, it’s easy to sync it with the domain of your choice and start running your business better than ever.

Seamless Integration

Setting up your Google Apps account from right inside your control panel is easy and allows you to seamlessly configure it with your domain name. Billing is a breeze with your new Google Apps account and your hosting account all under one roof, including a money-back guarantee you can’t get anywhere else. Cancel at anytime for a pro-rated refund, no questions asked!  And of course you enjoy the 24/7 Bluehost support you’ve grown to know and trust.
To get started, simply log into your control panel and choose Google Apps from the Addons menu. From there you can choose how many users you’d like to add to your account and which domain you want to use, and you’re ready to go!

Want to learn more about Google Apps for Work? You can talk to an expert for free that can help you understand how Google Apps for Work can help you and your business! Just give us a call at +1 (855) 676-2128.
We’re excited about our partnership with Google and this chance to bring our customers the best web hosting along with the resources and tools they need to make their business as successful as possible. Use Google Apps for Work today!

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